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A Matter of Time
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Magical Silver Candlesticks [s]

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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Shelton | 3 comments I read this book sometime between 1989 and 1991. I can't remember the author's name or the title of the book. Here's as much of the plot as I remember:

The opening scene is set in Old Testament times. A young Jewish woman who is pregnant but not married is being kicked out of her father's home and the family is having something like a funeral rite for her, as she is "dead to them".

At some point, the setting cuts to more modern times and tells the story of a modern woman. I can't remember the details of her story at all.

So, throughout the book, it bounces back and forth between the ancient and modern women's stories. In the end, the modern woman is some sort of descendant of the ancient woman. At some point in the book, special silver candlesticks become important. They look like intertwined ropes, and at the end the ropes "undo" themselves magically. I can't remember why or how.

Thanks in advance!

message 2: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) This was an adult book, not for teens?
Do you think it was new or newish at the time you read it, or could it have been an older library book?
Do you remember anything about the cover?

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary Shelton | 3 comments I think it was an older book when I read it. I know I'd just been to a book store and had purchased several books out of the bargain bin, and I think that was one of them. I know it was hard cover, but I can't recall what the dust jacket looked like. I remember two intertwined "S's", which may have had something to do with the author's name, but could have also been an illustration that had something to do with the intertwined rope look of the candlesticks.

message 4: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2030 comments Mod
Maybe A Matter of Time? I think it focuses more on the modern woman's story, but "flashes back to the first century show a namesake Sarah who goes through hard times, and in the end, Baraak and modern Sarah reunite ...to solve ancient mysteries buried in a still-extant silver candlestick."

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary Shelton | 3 comments That's it! Thanks so much, Andria!!!!!!

message 6: by Andria (new)

Andria (airdna) | 2030 comments Mod
You're welcome! Glad I was able to help. :)

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