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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 54 comments Mod
Here you make your charactor, sorry for the wait, my computers broken, and i can only get on for about 2 hours a day.





Weapon of choice(( If fights)) :



Adrianisawesome | 29 comments Mod

Age: 13-14

Appearance: black hair ,dark tan skin , brown eyes ,5,5 wears a brown jacket all the time over a different color shirt each day ,carhart blue jeans and tennis shoes

Personality: Depends who he's with

Weapon of choice(( If fights)) : (( ok this is alot so if i were you GET CLICK'EN))
Ruger Lcr .38
Hk Usp .45
Mossberg 500 12 gauge
and lastly the sniper rifle .270
along with these are a variety of sharp objects such as swords ,knifes ,axes etc.
Companions:Mostly his friends he was seperated from his family and lost

Extra: has his dad's Harley Davidson motorcycle with him

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 54 comments Mod
Name: August

Age: 17

Appearance: He has messy brown hair with green eyes, not quite tan but not quite pale skin, And is tall. He also only usually wears a green hoodie with black pants and black shoes. He also alwaya wears an amber pendant with a scorpion in it.

Personality : He used to be a very kind and warm person. unfilled the infection began. Now he dosent open up to anyone, but he does write our his true feelings in various jearnols.

Weapon of choice: Something of a green pickaxe with one pick bigger than the other. It also has a spike at the bottom.

Companion: He trys not to make companions.

Extra: He was in crawford for a while but left almost immediately seeing the evil there. Ever since hes been living in tall buildings, moving when their are no zombies around it. he wants to find a ship or boat to get to Mexico or something. Anywhere but there. He also has a black honda motercycle.

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 54 comments Mod

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 54 comments Mod

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Cinderia (Icarusandthedjinn) | 54 comments Mod

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