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Guardians as slaves?
Anna Anna Oct 20, 2012 03:37PM
I am posting this question here because I am just starting the third book in the series- but I wanted to know if anyone else is as bothered by the place of Guardians in the Vampire Academy world as I am. So far in the series, I see them as slaves, and as an under class to the Moroi- which is basically acknowledged in the books. What drives me nuts is that no one in the series has a problem with this. It is seen as justified since the Dhampires cannot exist without Moroi- but how on earth is that a justification for slavery!? It irritates the crap out of me while I read that no one in the series seems to be aware of this blatant injustice and I keep wanting to scream at the Guardians to wake up and start fighting for their rights. Aside from a brief reference to this issue in the second book, it basically has not been addressed at all so far. Thoughts?

THe Dhampirs are told from birth that their life is less valued than the Moroi "They come first". When Dimitri says that they don't always come first Rose thinks something like "that's treasonous". That's pretty slave like.

The Dhampirs would care if they'll called bloodwhores since the Moroi have power over them (all the Kings and Queens have been Moroi never any Dhampirs) and even some other Dhampirs treat ones who've decided not to become Guardians like crap. Hell, the ONLY TIME Rose cries in the series is when the entire school thinks she's a bloodwhore she even mentions that being called bloodwhore is the worst thing for Dhampirs

I think your question brings up what a fine line there is between slavery and an intense sense of duty. I think that in order to classify something as slavery rather than duty there needs a feeling of unfairness of someone in the slave position (outside of the slave position is optional and less necessary). If they feel it's their duty to protect someone to the death then that is their choice and not slavery.
From the perspective of the book- I can see what you're talking about, but disagree with their categorization of slave. They have choices to make. In many of the books you learn about other Dhampires who choose another way of life. (The perspective of Moroi or Alchemist or other Dhampires is another story.) They make a choice to serve and guard, rather than be forced into a decision.
From the perspective of our lives today, slavery does seem to apply because we really are quite cozy and sure that no one is going to break down our door, catch us and kill us just because they're evil. In a smaller society element like the world Richelle Mead set up, it seems like a more aggressive protective role is necessary. Compare this to other vampire novels like House of Night where the vampire community is no longer hidden from humans and has mostly passed the sensitive phase of incorporating a new species into everyday life, and you see that their security is still a priority but less aggressively felt than the security of Vampire Academy. One could make an argument that would equate the Sons of Erebus to the Guardians in that they are in the business of protecting and sacrifice themselves because "they come first". They must not fail and if they do they must be harmed themselves otherwise they look negligent. They have their role in life, and most choose it as the best option for themselves and that intense sense of duty. It is needed and they fill that role.
For the record, I see nothing wrong with those who feel that duty to protect others (ie- armed forces, etc.) and I appreciate all that they contribute with their service.

S.L.J. Except that people in the armed forces actually get the choice. Guardians get that stuff hammered into their skulls from the cradle. They a taught fro ...more
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Anna Yes! its the illusion of choice, not real choice.
Oct 28, 2012 05:54PM

I always thought of them more as drones. Like ants. Ant drones can't reproduce with each other, just like dhampires...ironic. :P

um i say both the opinions are right. i think they give up freedom in some way 'they come first' so the guardians do have to give up some rights like what rose and dimitri could really never be together and still guard lissa but i also think they do have a choice. but say they dont choose the guardian role they are referred to as 'blood whores' would you want to be called that for the rest of your life? so i wouldnt refer to them as slaves but i do see where you are coming from

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I think the issues in Dhampires/Moroi relationship in VA world you mentioned are addressed somewhat more extensively in later books in this series.

How do you see them as slaves? Being a Guardian is their job. What rights have been taken away from them?

I'm not sure what "injustices" you are referring to. Most of the guardians seem to think this is their duty and take pride in their work. Those who don't want to pursue it don't have to. Also not sure what "rights" you want them to fight for?

ya, i mean they don't have to do it...but still.

I disagree. They don't even consider themselves as slaves. And they do have a choice. Some raise a family and live peaceful lives such as Dimitri's family. But rose and her friends want to do their job and protect the moroi. they like their job, and many of them have close relationships to their moroi, like rose and lissa. this is discussed more later on in the book!

i think you should be able to choose but i dont think necessarily they are really doing slave work?

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