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message 1: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) Outside and street area:


message 2: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria sat down in a booth in the corner, sighng.

message 3: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) Revin looked up from a corner table as then new arrival came in, and then turned away with a muttered curse of frustration when he recognized her.

message 4: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria didn't notice him yet. She rubbed her tired eyes and slumped down a bit, not wanting to stand out.

message 5: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) A waiter next to Revin suddenly tripped over a sprawled form on the floor, most likely passed out in his own drool from the effects of ale, and if the girl hadn't seen him now, she was surely going to notice him from that commotion.

message 6: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria looked up, hearing yells and hoots of laughter. She saw the guy she had seen before, not knowing his name. "Hey?! You?"

message 7: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Oh yes, me," Revin said sharply.

message 8: by Elke (new)

Elke "What are you doing here?" She asked, crossing her arms and leaning against the couch.

message 9: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "It's a tavern," Revin said, "I didn't think people got interrogated for their reasons in patronizing one."

message 10: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria chuckled and shrugged. "You have a point."

message 11: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "So then why are you still here?" Revin asked bluntly.

message 12: by Elke (new)

Elke "Because I'm here," she shrugged, looking at him. "Why do you wanna know?" She asked curiously.

message 13: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "I want you to leave me alone," Revin said darkly.

message 14: by Bad Wolf (new)

Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) Ravvena slowly walked In. How did one ask for a job?

message 15: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria rolled her eyes at him. "Hey, may I remind you that I was here first," she told him, not impressed. She crossed her arms.

message 16: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) Revin glanced at the new person walking into the tavern, and suppressed a few curses. Why were all these girls coming into here while he was in it?
"I saw you come in," Revin said in a dangerously soft voice, "You were not here."

message 17: by Elke (new)

Elke "Well.. I didn't notice you then," she mumbled, looking up at him. "So what do you want? You could've just ignored me," she sighed softly.

message 18: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "If I remember correctly," Revin said pointedly, "And I do, you came to me."

message 19: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria blinked.. and then rememberd. "Oh gosh, I'm really forgetful sometimes," she mumbled. "Sorry," she said, biting her lip.

message 20: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Yes, quite," Revin said, taking another drink of ale as she squirmed inwardly in front of him.

message 21: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria sighed. "I noticed you because that waiter tripped. It was a really funny sight," she chuckled.

message 22: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Yes, the people in this place are quite clumsy," Revin agreed.

message 23: by Elke (new)

Elke "So, you don't have to answer this but... why are you here?" she asked curiously, looking in his eyes.

message 24: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Drinking," Revin said slowly, like she was blind, "Why else?"

message 25: by Elke (new)

Elke She shrugged. "A rendezvouz with your lover?" she teased, grinning softly. Then, she sighed. "I don't know what the hell people do in here but there are a lot of different things."

message 26: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "That's true for sure," Revin said, his face growing dark as she mentioned a lover.

message 27: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria shrugged again. "I'm going to get a drink as well. ... Wanna join me?"

message 28: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "No thanks," Revin said, lifting his mug, "I've got my own already, but go ahead and leave."

message 29: by Elke (new)

Elke Maria nodded. She went to the bar.

message 30: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) (so now what lol)

message 31: by Elke (new)

Elke ((Lolz, I have no clue? You come up with something! XD))

message 32: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((Um...I'm blank haha. and darn I have to go now XP I'll try to think something up for tomorrow lol))

message 33: by Elke (new)

Elke ((Haha okay! Bye! xD))

message 34: by Bad Wolf (new)

Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) Ravvena stood silently in the corner, staring at her feet as she fought with herself.

message 35: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((I'm baaack! any ideas on what you guys want to do plot wise?))

message 36: by Elke (new)

Elke ((Hate or love or friends? Lol))

message 37: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((Revin is just trying to stay alive hahah so right now..its hate for him lol))

message 38: by Elke (new)

Elke ((Haha okay ^^ maybe she asks him to help her with finding her past, you know, because she's technically royal))

message 39: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((Hey that's cool! Because the guy that rules his old kingdom, he knows him.))

message 40: by Elke (new)

Elke ((Yeah! Could you start lol))

message 41: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) ((Um...Can you? hehe))

message 42: by Elke (new)

Elke ((Yup)

Maria finished her drink and went over to his side. "Look. I need help," she told him. "Just hear me out okay."

message 43: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) Revin glanced up at her again, anger in his face, but then tersely nodded his head.

message 44: by Elke (new)

Elke "I need help from someone who knows his way around. Do you?" She asked.

message 45: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Depends on where you're going," Revin said carefully.

message 46: by Elke (new)

Elke "I don't know yet.."

message 47: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) (gtg I may be back)

message 48: by Elke (new)

Elke ((Okay!))

message 49: by Bad Wolf (new)

Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) Ravvrna sat quietly, sipping her drink

message 50: by Tabi (new)

Tabi Card (Tabi_Card) "Then I can't help you," Revin said bluntly.

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