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♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Near the great Red Desert.

message 2: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Jepzail conoscenza hasn't been traveling for very long, it felt like ages but it'd only been a few days since leaving Spector.
J walked into the dust plains looking for something or someone to help him with his quest for knowledge.

message 3: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) Aeron walks the dust plains with his walking stick. His back bent over he is slow and makes little progress. However he knows his journey as he has walked it many times, even memorizing the number of steps.

message 4: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) As Japzail continued his steady jog over this barren field he noticed an elderly man walking by himself with a walking stick, J quickly rushed over to offer his assistance, "good sir, are you alright?"

message 5: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) " I am mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind a healthy body. Though age has blinded me and crippled my body I remain alright as you ask."

message 6: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) J looked at this old man with admiration "It's lovely to meet you, my name is Jepzail Conoscenza, would you allow me to assist you to your destination?" he asked not liking the idea of this old man traveling alone

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "Ah Conoscenza. Knowledge in the common tongue. If you are of pure intention and bear me no will ill I see no reason why not."

message 8: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((ha ha, you picked up the meaning of that :P))
"Good sir i am a scholar, i would not wish harm upon any, and it's good to hear others with knowledge enough to know the meaning of my name" he said impressed

message 9: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "I am knowledgeable of all the tongues of men. In any case it is good to meet a humble scholar. I remember the simplicity of those days."

message 10: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) J almost couldn't believe his luck, he'd found one of the people that could help him learn all he could ever want "would you be willing to educate such a young scholar?" he asked hopful

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Mark (ToasterMic) "Oh yes. It is a good refreshment of my memory. Tell me the answer to this riddle. In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two. ‘Do it’ says the king, ‘for I am your lawful ruler.’ ‘Do it’ says the priest, ‘for I command you in the names of the gods.’ ‘Do it’ says the rich man, ‘and all this gold shall be yours.’ So tell me-who lives and who dies?"

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((Game of thrones quote :D))
J thought for a moment contemplating the riddle, "Is it the power of the law wielded by the king? no, If he was a holy many then he might save the priest, but he was a sell sword, so he would go for the money right?" he thought out-loud. "no that's not right" he thought harder and an idea came to him. "it depends on where the power lies, for the answer could vary depending on who is asked, for the sell-sword could kill them all or he could kill none or he choose one to survive"

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Mark (ToasterMic) ((I know. Steal from it all the time ha ha. Read all the books.))

Aeron smiled.

"There is no answer young student. You see Power resides only where men believe it resides. It is a trick. A shadow on the wall. Consider it your first lesson."

message 14: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) J realized his mistake, he thought there had to be an answer, it wasn't a hard lesson to learn but it was one most people missed. "i think i understand" he said trying to assure himself that he would remember this lesson.

message 15: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "What would you learn from me my young student?" Aeron said continuing to walk slowly on his cane.

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Remembering his formalities back when he was young he replied "Master, i would learn all you would be willing to teach"

message 17: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "Very good. Perhaps you can read to me. I do miss reading."

message 18: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) "master, i have no books with me" J said thinking he would be making more notes than reading, "maybe there will be some at our destination" still wondering where they were going, but knowing they had traveled far for such a short time.

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((Mate?))

message 20: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) (Sorry been busy a bit lately and have forgotten about goodreads)

"Indeed. Tell me young man how many books have you copied by hand? I remember I spent ten years transcribing the histories and stories of these seven kingdoms from ancient scrolls turning to dust. Often I had to research what was history and myth."

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) "Master, I have yet to copy more than a dozen books myself, for in Spector we have many a men who fulfill their day with that task" J said feeling slightly ashamed that he had done so little, "I have spent most my time reading and learning what others have to teach"

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Mark (ToasterMic) "Ah yes the great scribes of Spector. Tell me have you heard of master Ch'Vyalthan? He was a colleague of mine while I was in Spector."

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((Is he an actual character?))

Jepzail looked forward as they continued "Ah yes, master Ch'Vyalthan, he was a wise scholar was he not? I never had the privilege to study with him myself but I did hear of his expertise" J said remembering the stories he heard as a child, "I do not know what has come of him but i have heard of him Master"

message 24: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) ((No Game of Thrones reference ha ha.))

"Yes he was a great man. Perhaps he has passed by now, though he was slightly younger than me. He possessed a rather rare book. Written by an archmaster many hundreds of years ago. It was named "The founding of the seven kingdoms and the first seven kings." A treasure he kept under lock and key. I hoped you would read it to me."

message 25: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Jepzail felt a little stunned, "That book was a rare one? i never would have known" he said remembering the day he saw it "i remember it in the halls of the Spector library" he said as they reached the top of another dune

message 26: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) Aeron laughed slightly.

"If master Ch'Vyalthan knew his ears would be red. That book is one of the rarest in this world. There are only three. All of them hundreds of years old. They are from records that were considered ancient even then. But no matter. Perhaps we can save it and copy it. Tell me first though young man what is your background? Who are your family?"

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) "Master, my family is not of Nobel blood, my family name is 'conoscenza' we are a simple farming family, my father and older brother tend to the farm while my mother always encouraged me to learn the art of the scholars, and so my journey began" Jepzail told Aeron, remembering his life in the Village

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Mark (ToasterMic) "I see. My family was noble. The gods were cruel when they tested my commitment to the order of masters. They waited until I was old. The news came in a letter. The end of my house and the death of my family. They killed my brother's son and his son and his poor son. Even the little children and babies. I could do nothing. I was helpless, newly blind and frail."

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((Aemon xD))

"Master you do not seem helpless to me, before i came along i could imagine you walking across this vast plain with ease" he said thinking of how this man could continue when so much was against him, even his own body

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Mark (ToasterMic) ((I know, I'm such a rip off merchant ha ha. I need to get off now though, I'll write a response tomorrow.))

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((s'all good mate :) i kinda feel proud when i notice and remember the quote :3 ))

message 32: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "You compliment me. My body continues to fail me and yet I still walk. Now the thing you need to understand about kings is..."

message 33: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Japzail followed his master, knowing they had almost reached the end of the dust plains, "Master are you alright?" he asked when Aeron paused for to long enough to make J think that was the end of his sentence.

((Didn't get that reference :/ ))

message 34: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "Hmmm? Oh yes. I aplogize."

He points to his head.

"Old." He smiles.

"Now...Kings. I can tell you about kings. The thing you need to know about kings is... For the past eighty years I have known...Truly known more kings than any man alive or dead. They are complicated men but I know how to serve them and how to teach you to serve them if you wish."

((Ha ha its okay its an obscure one.))

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) "Master, i know it would be improper to say this, but I'd rather learn your knowledge of the world, of science and what your research would have taught you" Japzail said feeling no need to serve any king personaly

message 36: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "Ah science and research. I did a little of it myself. No major breakthroughs I must tell you. My studies have given me insight that have saved many lives. I am no tinkerer though. I would see men waste their lives playing with machines that would work for a brief moment and then break into a thousand pieces."

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) "But master, those brief moments bring the biggest of rewards" Japzail retorted knowing that someone truly wise would know that for fact, "even if life is short and each brings a small victory, those victories add together and create a masterpiece" he said truly believing that if he put his life to it, he could be the one to bring such greatness

message 38: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "I would expect such an answer from a Spector boy." He smiled.

"The nation of inventors. I did see these things they called masterpieces. Impressive I grant you but they were not my calling. I spent my time in research with the afflicted. I studied the body."

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Jepzail smiles taking it as a compliment, "Master, i began my journey in search of knowledge, healing is a most noble art and it still contains must knowledge i know nothing of, learning the art along with the knowledge i seek would please me greatly" he said in an attempt to reassure Aeron that he was still interested in learning from him

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Mark (ToasterMic) "Excellent. So tell me, a man stumbles into your office with a terrible wound to his leg. A gaping wound that bleeds heavily. What is your course of action?"

message 41: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Jepzail thinks for a moment, this puzzle was different to those he was used to, "i suppose one must, If the wound is not infected, burn the flesh to seal the wound but if an infection exists, i suppose amputation would be the proper method" Jepzail thought about it still, he didn't know if that was correct but it sounded like the logical steps "I assume he would also need something to bite during the process"

message 42: by Mark (last edited Jul 25, 2013 06:36AM) (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) "It would be better to clean the wound first, treat it with a herbal paste and sew it shut than to burn the flesh. Amputation, while the safest road is overrated. I have found cutting away the corrupted flesh and burning it with hot wine will work most times. Combined with medicines I have been given lavish reward for saving a man's arm rather than leaving him a cripple. Also I have found milk of the poppy flower works better than a strap of leather for the patient."

(Not a doctor so kinda winging it here.)

message 43: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((I don't think you'd be able to clean a wound if it was bleeding heavily))

message 44: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) ArcaneSage117 wrote: "((I don't think you'd be able to clean a wound if it was bleeding heavily))"

((Oh yeah I'll edit it in the morning I need to be off now.))

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((Same here :/ night mate))

message 46: by ArcaneSage (new)

ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Jepzail followed listening to his explanation and they walked over another dune, "but Master, if the wound it truly gaping, how would you be able to cut out and corrupted flesh that might be close to the bone?" he asked also wondering of the effects of milk of the poppy, because he'd never seen it used before

message 47: by Mark (new)

Mark (ToasterMic) Aeron explains about how to stop bleeding and washing wounds, applying medical pastes. He also explains how milk of the poppy acts as a strong anaesthetic to the patient.

"Do you understand?"

(Read my post in spam/chat for why I've been away. Also rather than bluff my way through medical techniques I hope its okay I just wrote that summary.))

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((yeah it's cool mate))

Jepzail nodded slowly as he worked through it, they'd covered alot of ground through Aeron's explanation and Jepzail had been listening intently to every detail hopping he fully understood, "I think so, but i would have to test it to know for sure" he said knowing that experience was the best form of education

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) ((:3))

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ArcaneSage 117 (ArcanSage117) Jepzail led Aeron over another dune, he didn't need any help but J felt better knowing he could help him get there, once they reached the top of the dune Jepzail saw something of in the distance, "Master it won't be long now, i can see something up ahead"

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