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Vickie McKeehan (WestCoastGirl) | 5 comments Murder, Romance, Suspense. Start The Evil Trilogy for just 99 cents on Amazon

Excerpt from Just Evil:

Tucking his keys in his jacket pocket, he pushed open the door to the bookstore. Once inside he glanced at the rows and rows of neatly organized books, at the people milling around the aisles. He decided she wasn’t even working here today. The aroma of coffee had him drifting toward the coffee shop where a busy crowd lingered, some with their noses stuck in a book.
And then he saw her.
She stood behind the counter working the espresso machine, her back to the entrance. He’d recognize that silvery blonde hair anywhere. Dressed in jeans and a white cropped T-shirt, she moved with graceful efficiency doing two things at once. When she turned around to wait on another customer, Jake’s attention moved from her body to her face. He noted the heat of the machine gave her skin a healthy, golden hue, as well as making wisps of hair curl around her face. He watched her full mouth move as she tried to dissuade the flirtatious attempt of an obviously infatuated teenage boy of about fifteen trying to act much older by ordering a double espresso. Jake couldn’t blame the kid his efforts. A year of being away from her, of missing her, had him fighting for control to keep from embarrassing himself in front of a room full of strangers.
Seeing her again energized him. The nerves slipped away.
While he stood a couple of customers behind the teenager, he worked on his opening line. He’d say something clever and funny, something about old times. He’d be smooth, confident, self-assured. He was after all, a highly intelligent software developer, an entrepreneur who’d made millions. The nerves were back, enough to have him second guessing this whole scene.
He watched as she took the money from the customer ahead of him and counted out change. When she turned to help the next customer, he was face-to-face with her, she looked up, met his eyes, and blinked. Shock registered on her face. She started to say something. He knew because her mouth moved but nothing came out. In the next instant, he saw annoyance simmer in those jade color eyes. How had he forgotten her eyes, the darkest shade of green he’d ever seen?
And they were boring holes through him.
“You snake-in-the-grass son of a bitch.”
So much for sweet-natured, he thought, as he opened his mouth to speak, but the only word that slid out from the software genius was a weak, “Hey.”
Before he had time to say anything more, she snarled, “You come crawling through my door after a year? Why are you here?”
He quickly regrouped. “Getting coffee.” He hadn’t choked like that since he’d struck out with bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth back in high school. The man standing behind him asked, “Hey buddy, do you intend to order any time soon? Some of us have things to do.”
Out of desperation, Jake simply grunted, “Uh, I’ll take a regular.” Damn, this was not going well.
In a clipped, angry voice, she fumed, “I’m sure you want that to-go since to-go is what you do best.”
“For here?”
She turned back to the tray to lift a ceramic cup. She fumbled with the pickup and it slipped out of her hands, dropped to the floor and shattered. He heard her mutter something. Then he watched as she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and filled another cup before setting it down on the counter with a slosh. “Surely the black-hearted cheapskate bastard would like a pastry to go with that.”
“Ouch. What do you recommend?”
“That you stay on your side of L.A. and I’ll stay on mine.” But he ignored her and calmly started scanning the array of pastries in the glass case. She huffed out a breath of impatience when she thought he was taking too long, and grumbled, “Oh for God’s sakes, order the apple tart, everyone knows it’s the house specialty.”
Jake gritted his teeth and got the apple tart. After paying, he took his purchase over to a vacant table by the window, sat down next to a guy reading his paper—and waited.
Thank God she was busy was all she could think as she filled orders and tried to ignore him sitting at a table by the front window. The distance gave her time to get her balance back. But every few minutes, out of the corner of her eye, Kit looked his way, and wondered why he couldn’t have choked to death on sushi over the past year. Or why he couldn’t have lost every strand of hair on his stupid head. Life just wasn’t fair.
But even as she seethed, she didn’t like herself very much when she kept looking over at that six-two frame, staring at his familiar crop of black hair. He’s just an idiot man―she decided― with expressive blue eyes. Thinking about his eyes pushed her back to a time, unwillingly, back to her awkward teen years and her first dip into the one-sided pool of teenage love. But it wasn’t a shy girl admiring the man’s tanned, lean body but rather a full-grown woman who’d never been able to ignore the way this particular man filled out a pair of jeans.
Okay, she needed her head examined, but it would have to wait. She needed to find out why he was here in San Madrid. He hadn’t driven in traffic for two hours in the pouring rain on a Saturday morning to see her. That much she knew. After leaving her high and dry without so much as a phone call, she at least deserved an explanation.

http://amzn.to/xhwYH0 Just Evil
Just Evil by Vickie McKeehan

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