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Where those people live

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((all good, thanks))

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Saskia collapsed on the bed and sighed.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) ((its alright))

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Akira walked in and froze when she saw another girl there

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Saskia sat up.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "He-llo."

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She stared at the girl and grinned. "Hello, m'love," she said cheerfully.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Akira sat down on her bed and stared at Saskia

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Saskia raised her eyebrows, pushing her hair out of her face. "You okay, lovely? You look like you've never seen another person before..."

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "I-I have."She replied "only...they weren't alive."

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Saskia tried to keep her face serious but then let out a soft laugh. "Well, don't worry, I'm all living." She yawned and suddenly morphed into a panther, stretching herself on the wooden floor.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Thats not what I meant."Akira mumbled and looked at her in her panther form ,her head tilted slightly

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Saskia looked up at her. "So what is it you do?" she asked.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Akira shrugged and turned away

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Saskia morphed back into a human and put a sweet smile on her face. "Listen to me, sweet cheeks. I can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. You decide." Her eyes were dark though her voice was light.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Excuse me,"She slowly turned towards Saskia her eyes blazing like fire "is that a threat?"

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Saskia stood up, eyes flashing. "No. That is a warning." The fae part of her made all of the objects in the room tremble.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) A slow evil smile spread across her face and the temperature of the room rose several degrees "I hguess I should have you know,that I don't like to be threatened or warned,yeah?"

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Saskia folded her arms. "And I don't take sadistic lunatics very well either, sunshine." She wasn't bothered about the temperature. All she had to do was morph into something that could cope with it. "Now," she said, breathing deeply to keep her temper under control, "I have been a nice person and warned you what will happen, even if I can't control it. Because I can't. I think it's time to start over, don't you?"

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Imediately Akira's bed burst into flames and she struggled to keep herself from burning anything else,Saskia has gotten her emotions going haywire,and her inner phoenix was itching to kill

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Saskia ignored the fire and kept her gaze. A little part of her relaxed and she began to smile, and then laugh. "We're going to be great room mates, setting each other off like this," she said, laughing, and flopping back on bed. "Well, I'll make a deal, you don't kill me and I won't kill you." Her anger dissipated.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Saskia's bed burned next and Akira replied "Don't give me any reason to kill you and I won't"

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Saskia jumped off of the bed and with a flick of her hand, brought over some water to put the fire out. She shook her head, grinning. "Blimey, you're a little ray of sunshine, you, aren't you? Anyway ,bit to busy to die at the moment, so yeah, I'll try not be... well, trigger the more sadistic side of you." She fought to keep her own temper in check.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Hmpth."Akira turned away from Saskia and stared out the window murmuring a thanks as her temper slowly erased

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This sent Saskia into peels of laughter. Okay, her mood swings were a little erratic, but hey, it was better than when her temper got hold. "Well, you're something to do with fire, I guessed that."

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "I'm a phoenix."She murmured "I'm emotionally unstable,I'm used to no one being in the same room with me,which is why I was surprised to see you here."

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Saskia nodded. "Fair enough. I'm part fae and shape shifter. And yeah, I flip out pretty easily." She ran a hand through her hair.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Not as bad as me"she smiled softly "I'll kill anything in sight."

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Saskia laughed. "Well, I definitely don't go that far. I just...lose it. My mood swings are bad, I guess you could say."

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Hmm,interesting."Akira murmured

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Saskia gave her a pointed look. "Sadly, sunshine, it isn't something anyone can really use against me."

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Whoopie,I don't care."

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Saskia laughed again. "Right, Little Miss Sunshine, what's your name anyway? Just in case I kill you and they need to write it on your grave stone. And visa versa, obviously." Her eyes twinkled.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Akira St.Claire."

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"Saskia Thomas."

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "I don't need your name when you die I'll just write on your grave "the bitch who couldn't stand a chance."

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"Well, sweet cheeks, with that lovely display of manners over, it's pretty obvious you got some confidence and social issues going on, so I'll just leave you to it." Saskia rolled her eyes and began to unpack.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Akira scowled and also began to unpack.

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Saskia tucked everything away and then stood up. "Right, Little Miss Murderer, you want some privacy? Because I'm going out. I'd invite you but I'm not really in the mood for a sarky, rude, homicidal retort." Her mood had taken a sudden drop and with that she swung out of the cabin.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Can I come along?"Her voice was soft and kind

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((Follow her to the forest, she's in there))

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