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Name (girls take their father's name, plus daughter, boys take their mother's name, plus son):
Crush, etc.:

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Name: Kestrel Poweldaughter
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kestrel is very small and thin. She looks younger than she actually is. She has long, curly, reddish-brown hair that is usually in a braid. She has small, delicate features, with quite a few freckles and a nice face. She has large blue-green eyes. She's about 5'2".
Personality: Kestrel wants to be free. She is very free-spirited, and can often be found sitting in the fields or on a cliff, just overlooking everything. She's very intelligent. She can be rather quiet sometimes, but that's only because she's thinking very hard about something. She's not shy, but not boisterous, either.
History: When Kestrel was only two years old, her mother died falling off of a cliff in the quarry. Her father, terrified of the same fate happening to his youngest daughter, forbade Kestrel from ever stepping foot in the quarry.
Family: Her father, Powel, and her older sister, Dahlia, 18.
Crush, etc.: Open.
Pet(s): Three goats, Merry, Pippin, and Lady, and a cat, Isis.
Other: She lives on Mount Eskel.

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мєgαη ♥ღ❀ [ωє ∂ση’т нανє тσ тαкє тнιѕ, вα¢к αgαιηѕт тнє ωαℓℓ] ♥ღ❀ | 912 comments Mod
Name: Lynthea Deriantdaughter

Age: 15 years

Gender: Female





Personality: Added when I start roleplaying

History: Secret!

Family: Mother and father both dead

Crush, etc.: OPEN!

Pet(s): A cat named Lynny

Other: -

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GOURI | 55 comments It's babydoll!

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Can I make Christiana, Juliana?

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Any preferences for Christiana, Juliana? And are her and Brigitta twins, 'cause they're both 14?

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Name: Christiana Kethandaughter

Age: 14

Gender: Female


Christiana looks much younger than she is. She has red wavy hair and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Her complexion is very pale. She is very small, slight and often overlooked. Her fingers are very nimble and she's agile and lithe. Her limbs are a little lanky on such a small figure. She has an almost permanent frown on her face, leaving her eyebrows to be creased a lot. Her hair, when she's angry, can be full of static electricity.

Personality: In her personality, Christiana couldn't be less like her kin if she tried. She's very tough and gutsy. She's reckless and witty, always ready for an argument with a quick comment. She's a little clumsy and forgetful, and has very selective hearing. Unlike her sister Brigitta, she isn't too pleased about the academy. Christiana doesn't want to be a princess; she wants to prove that females are just as good as males. She detests feminists and hypocrites. She's a thinker, a philosopher, she makes sense of strange things, but this Princess Academy is the one thing she isn't able to make sense of.

History: When Christiana was a kid, her sister Brigitta fell into the quarry and suffered mild mental damage. When Brigitta was healing, Christiana was almost always by her side. When Christiana was eight, her mother died giving birth to her son, Nathan. Deep down, Christiana loves her little brother but part of her blames him for her death. Christiana spends a lot of time in a quiet green area near the top of the mountain, thinking. She doesn't even share this time alone with her closest sister, Brigitta. She found it when she was eleven and began going there at least once a week, leaving her to come slightly apart from her siblings.

Family: Kethan Aliason (father), Elena Thumpeldaughter (mother-dead), Rachel (sister, age 18), Harrison (brother, age 16), Sera (sister, age 12), Brigitta (sister, age 14), Ella (sister, age 15), Nathan (brother, age 6)

Crush, etc.: Open


Other: She's a mountain person

Is that OK, Juliana?

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Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments Name: Erika Merricdaughter

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personality: Erika is very cheeky. She's always bright and bubbly, never frowning. She can always make a great joke for whatever you say. She has a fear of spiders. She is really free and wild.

History: the only notable thing is that when she was 6, she woke up to a spider on her face. Her family is slightly poor, so she hunts for food.

Family: Her father, Merric, her mother, Elys, and her sister, Mika (14 and open)

Crush, etc.: open

Pet(s): A pet wolf named Miles who helps her hunt.


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Ciara  | 251 comments I'll make one soon!

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Ciara  | 251 comments Name: Selena Blaisedaughter
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Selena is average height for her age and skinny, but with a rather curvy figure. She has shiny brown waves of hair and warm eyes.
Selena is very pretty but would never admit it.

Personality: Selena is, of all things, friendly. She loves having company and hates being alone for a long amount of time.
She is humble about compliments she receives. Selena is also very well educated and is quite smart; but does not know much when it comes to being a Princess.

Family: Father, Blaise
Mother, Lilian
Brother, Will
Brother, Jeff
Brother, Mason.

History: When Selena was born, her family was happy. They had a lovely home, plenty of food, and just enough money to live comfortably.
However, some years later when Mason was born, Lilian fell ill and Blaise lost his job. The only money supply came from Lilian's amazing cooking; but now that she was sick, she could no longer work.
For a long time, about two years, the family were barely getting by. Blaise did some some jobs in the village to get money for food.

Eventually, Lilian recovered, and she began cooking again. The family slowly got back on their feet, and Blaise regained a job. The pay was small, but ti was something.
When Selena found out she would be attending the Princess Academy, her family were delighted for her; but also anxious. WOuld their daughter be married off to a prince and never seen again?
Selena vowed to keep in contact with them.

Crush: OPEN

Pets: Selena has owls and a kitten called Diamond.
She looks after all animals that cross her path, including this dog that never leaves her alone:
He answers to Bear (don't ask! :)


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