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Why the heck is this book so expensive?!

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Janaye I really fail to understand why this book is so expensive. Following the links provided by goodreads to b&n and the prices were absolutely ridiculous! $84.98 on one and $84.66 on another. Amazon had it for $25.99 which is much more reasonable but still pretty high for a book. Also, one of the listings on Amazon had it for $76.48.

So can anyone please shed some light on this dilemma for me? It appears to be a very interesting book but the fact that it is so much will definitely keep me from buying it unless it holds the secrets to the universe.

Brenda The price is reflective of how hard it is to find and has nothing to do with whether or not the book is good. When you initially posted this, the hard copy version must have been pretty rare. Now that it's available as an ebook, the cost is $2.99 but the paperback/hard cover prices are still between $10 and $20.

I've read the book and it's OK. It's definitely not worth anything over $3. :)

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