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Tarn arrived, engaging in pleasantries with the gatekeepers whilst he waited for Ava to catch up.

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Niran Ava finally caught up with Tarn,"Heavens, how fast do you walk?". She placed her hands on her hips and then glanced back to see if there was anything or anyone that might be following.

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Tarn turned away from the guards, "I am swift as a deer, my wildflower." He followed her gaze, "Did you also realize we did not walk alone?"

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Niran Ava suddenly turned back to Tarn," Yes, something is coming". She turned her body fully towards the forest and looked aside to Tarn," We may have to kill a few", she smirked a little because she was a warrior, she did not mind killing at all.

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Tarn faced turned to disgust. "If these vermin think I shall stand by idly as they befoul my lands and the lands of my father, then they have earnt my steel." He turned back yo the gatesmen. "Bandits! Seal the gates, and throw me a weapon, I care not what." They replied calmly by dropping down a steel longsword.
Knowing that they must strike soon, or not at all, the bandits emerged howling from the woods.

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Niran Everything happened so fast, all of a sudden a fool from the wood emerged and was running towards her. She got her knife out from behind her back and dodged him as he tried to swipe her head off with a sword. "Fool!", she shouted. She grabbed his wrist and bent it so that it was broken, the stranger screamed in agony and growled at her like a wild animal. She suddenly let go of his hand and swift and fast the knife had cut his neck open, blood pouring from him like water from a river. She stood there and watched as the stranger fell to the floor.
"Death by ignorance", she muttered.

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As the raiders charged towards them, Tarn stood calmly at the eye of the storm. They doubtless recognised him, for they swarmed around him with nets and wicked blades. He drew back his cloak to free him to wield the longsword in a two-handed grip. A raider yelled at him and sliced clumsily towards him. A subtle change of footing and a contemptuous slice left the man trying to hold his intestines in place. Another two attacked simultaneously. He parried both deftly of his back foot, before lunging forwards, then swinging his blade backwards, leaving the pair mortally wounded. More came, and he defeated them with all the grace and dexterity of one who'd spent years learning their craft. Soon their were seven bodies around him. Tarn stood in their midst, calm and silent.

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Niran Ava watched what had happened with Tarn.
"Do all princes know how to fight like that?", she asked, impressed. Suddenly a wild forest radar came running and screaming towards her. One thing you should never do is scream while your opponent is facing to other way.
She swiftly turned and lunged her foot out towards his throat, sending him flying back and choking on the ground. She knelt before him and then quickly stabbed him in the heart.

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"Only those with nothing better to do than learn how, wildflower." He looked around, the last bandits had been put to flight. "The vermin are routed. And may I comment on the way you yourself fight? You are the epitome of straight-forwardsness. Take that how you will." Tarn laughed.

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Niran Ava smiled and said," I shall take that as a compliment, dear Prince". Ava looked around to see that most of the wild forest pack had been killed. It was a shame really, people lost due to stupid topics. She stood up, her hands covered with blood and her knife covered with blood.

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"So, wildflower, what say ye? Ought we enter the fort as the heroes we truly are?"

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Niran "Heroes? No. Nothing more than good fighters, prince, I came only to escort you", Ava said, she cleaned her knife with a leaf on the floor. She looked at the prince and bowed, elegant and poised. "Your father ordered me to escort you, that is the only reason I was in the woods. I am sorry that I lied", Ava said softly.

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"That is not entirely a surprise. My father does so like to keep an extra pair of eyes on me. And if not heroes, what are we, humble, certainly, but to the people who live here... We have saved countless lives this day. If we had not raised the alarm the bandits would be in the city, pillaging, killing, raping as their foul hearts desire. So wildflower, humour me, and forget about your duties to my father." He paused. "Do you like music, do you play or dance, sing maybe?"

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Niran Ava stood there as she watched the prince. She did not have to explain that she was not a hero," They were killed because of there stupidity, do your fathers men not do as they might have done? Rape, pillage, take away the women". She looked down once more to see the man she had killed, he looked like he might have had a family also, people to protect.
"I do not dance, dear prince", she gave him a look that suggested she hated it in fact.

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"You have no taste for festivities? A pity, they people here feast aplenty. And I have no care for my fathers men. It is truly a pity you choose not to appreciate the arts, I would've played at the feasting, upon my lyre, but not if it wouldn't please you."

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Niran Ava laughed and looked at the Prince," I say I do not dance, it does not mean that I hate watching. I love music, and I also love the singing. I love what the kingdoms festivities contain". Ava stared out somewhere far and continued," The laughter, the drinks, it is all good and well to me".

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Tarn's face lit up. "Good, it is settled then. Guard! Fetch my lyre!" He returned to face Ava. "It seems the festivities have started. Take care to avoid any bragging, drunked, off-duty soldiers. Enough blood has been spilt this day. The guard returned with his lyre, as much a thing of beauty as the music it promised to produce in Tarn's deft hands. It was plated silver, with a golden dragon etched into the side, with sparkling emeralds for eyes. "After you, milady wildflower."

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Niran Ava was in complete wonderment of the instrument, she stepped forward until she was close to the Lyre. She touched it, grazing her fingertips gentle and softly over every bit of it.
"Wow, it's beautiful", she said, laughing awkwardly. She looked back up at Tarn and asked in surprise," You play this?". She would have thought he did not play anything at all.

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"Yes, I play this." He deftly ran his fingers across the strings, producing a short but melodious glissando. "I believe we have kept the feasters waiting. I, as is only right, shall have an honoured place at the table of whatever lordling or commander lurks her. Escort or no, I would be pleased if you deigned to join us at my side. You truly deserve it."

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Niran Ava was shocked at the generous outburst, not that the prince was horrible throughout the journey. She looked at Tarn with her lips parted and her slightly wide," You want me to attend with you?", she asked, hesitant.
"I'm honoured, dear Prince. I would love to attend the feast with you", she smiled, she bowed her head slowly and could not help but to give Tarn a mischievous smile as she arose.

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"If you are to escort me, I shall at least take the liberty of enjoying your company." He turned and walked into the feasting hall. The room quitened, and the herald cried out: "The Royal Prince Tarn Kolaris!" Tarn whispered something to him. "And his guest Ava Staretson!" Tarn held out his hand to Ava and beckoned for her to take it.

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Niran Ava could not help but to get caught up in the midst of all of this, she felt as if she were a princess. People gasped as her name was called out, not because she was anyone special but simply because she was just another girl. Easily replaceable.
She looked at Tarn and placed her hand softly in his, she picked up her unflattering dress that was not flawless. It was a long skirt with a brown corset and a white under shirt that revealed her shoulders.
"It would be my pleasure, and my honour", Ava whispered to Tarn, but mostly talking to herself.

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Tarn himself was still wearing his armour and verdant cloak, but the people accepted it from their Prince and hero. He led Ava gently by her hand to the table. He walked slowly and with a leisured grace as he approached his seat, and made a show of letting Ava sit first.

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Niran Ava gulped slightly as she saw the crowd of people. She leaned over to Tarn and said," Is this what usually happens when you come back from the forest?". She smiled and looked out towards other people, she felt like she could watch the festivities forever.

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"I am a Prince, and not unloved. There was like to be feasting merely to celebrate routing those bandits, and with a royal to honour, then there must be a feast." He addressed the people, "People of Bellurn! You do me honour with your feasting; let it begin!" He turned back to Ava, "You may be seated," He whispers as he himself takes his place at the table.

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Niran As soon as Prince Tarn spoke and told them they may begin the feast, they very much did. The music played, people danced and laughed, they drank away and they enjoyed themselves. Ava looked down at her seat and then nodded, telling herself that she should sit.
"Is it hard to..rule a kingdom?", she asked, looking out at the people of Bellurn enjoying themselves most deeply.

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"I wouldn't really know, but it was once that that the greatest fortress a prince can have is his people's affection. Father rules. My brothers are brought up to be kings, I, at best, may lead a portion of our armies to war, or rule in my brother's absence." When he brandished his magnificent lyre once more, the table around hushed to listen. He did not disappoint, playing skilfully and evocatively. His fingers a blur at times, and delicately precise at others.

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Niran The feast went quiet and everyone stopped what they were doing, just to listen to Tarn play his Lyre. Ava sat still and relaxed, she felt as if she could feel every emotion and movement put into it. She closed her eyes for a second to be welcomed by darkness and music, she breathed in and out calmly. She reopened her eyes and focused on how Tarn played with elegance and emotion.
"Yes, the affection of the people is important", she barely whispered," You have it already ".

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Tarn's music flowed through the air, a palpable mix of emotion and talent. When at last he finished the piece, the hall was truly silent, for half a moment; then the hall erupted in cheering and shouts of 'Encore!' Tarn bowed and took his seat. "Thank you all. I shall play again later, but for now, I find myself with hunger: let us eat!"

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Niran Ava clapped and cheered along with the rest of the people of Bellurn, she smiled widely because of how perfect this scene seemed to be. It was filled with friendliness and having a wonderful time. Ava looked at Tarn and said," Prince, that was amazing. Not only did you have the affection of your people but I also think you have a few admirers", Ava laughed and nodded her head towards a bunch of girls whispering and looking at Tarn.

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"No doubt." He directed a look in their direction, to appease them. "It is not the first time I have caused women to turn their heads and whisper. I care little for their love, save to me as their Prince and Protector. Look, our food is arrived, allow me to cut you a joint." He reached across the table, pulling a long-knife from his sleeve, and cut a Queen's share for Ava, offering it to her.

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Niran Ava raised her eyebrows and laughed lightly when Tarn spoke of the women admiring him.
She saw him pull out a knife from his sleeve swiftly and carefully, she raised her eyebrow at him suggestively.
She looked down at her meal and sighed," I am already stuffed just by looking at it", she joked. She looked up at Tarn and bowed her head gratefully," Thank you, kind Prince". She wasn't used to all the luxuries or even the advantages of being a friend of a royal family member.

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((Contextualise: 'Suggestively' please, I don't quite get your meaning, so I shan't post until I do, sorry))

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Niran ((When I say suggestively I mean she's wondering what he is going with a knife in his sleeve. She's looking at him suggestively because she is thinking that he shouldn't be carrying a sharp object where it can harm him))

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"Eat, wildflower." Tarn spoke softly, his voice nonetheless carrying over the raucous festivities. "Truly, for all my charm, I do not enjoy being here. I love my people, understand this, but I bear no love for this place. So eat, wildflower, and enjoy it, but know that I cannot be truly happy whilst I am here. I don't think anything could change that, not food, not wine, nor the shallow embrace of an admirer, loving Tarn the Prince; not Tarn the boy." He left his own plate bare, and slid the knife again into its hidden sheath within his sleeve.

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Niran Ava looked at him...sympathetically? Sadly? She didn't know. She felt as if he did not feel as if he belonged in his own kingdom, which must have felt so horrible and cruel.
"No one said you had to feel as if you love this place to be prince, you are a well prince. You act as if they are your blood, you act as though this place is your home, your heart. It seems to me, you are doing what you must do. And that is more noble and honourable than being king", Ava reassured him.

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"King? Whom spoke of kingdom? I shall not be king; perhaps that is only right. A king must be feared as well as loved, and I sincerely doubt I could make a good king. I cannot stay here long, but as much as it pains me to remain, it pains me to leave my people. Mayhap I shall not leave so soon."

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Niran Ava could not believe Tarn was saying he would not be a good and fair king," I do not believe such words are coming from your mouth, I believe you'd be an amazing king", Ava smiled. She looked around at the people laughing and dancing, it was all she wanted, it was peaceful. "Your people are very special, maybe it is them, maybe it is their royal family that have made them this way".

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Tarn quickly moved the conversation away from himself, "Yes, my father truly has been a great leader, and has brought our people into somewhat of a Golden Age, even if he and I often fail to see eye to eye." He stood and addressed the masses, "A toast to our king, without whom none of you would be able to get so drunk on such a regular basis. Long live the King!"

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Niran Ava laughed as Tarn made his speech. She raised her glass of wine with the rest of the people and also cheered," Long live the King!".
There was a moment of silence where everyone drank and all you could hear was the sound of gulping. Ava looked at Tarn and smiled," A great king", she mumbled to herself.

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Tarn heard, but ((I'm just guessing here)) misunderstood, "He truly was. And my brothers shall be, as they are blood of his blood, as I am." Soon after, the feast was finished, at least officially; the hall was still half-filled with drunkards and ill-thought couples. Tarn turned to Ava, eyes sparkling as they reflected the many fires warming the halls.

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Niran Ava wondered what the Prince meant by the pass tense, but she did not press any further. It was non of her business nor was it her place to ask. The evening had slowly come to a halt, but a evening that she would never forget.
She looked at Tarn to see him looking at her, she arose from her seat and clasped her hands in front of her.
"Dear Prince?", she asked.

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Tarn took Ava's hands, "My wildflower, you have the hands of a queen."

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Niran (( it's okay ))

Ava looked down at her hands, she smirked and gave Tarn a mischievous look.
"The hands of a Queen, why Prince, what is a queens hands supposed to look like?", she smiled and grinned up at Tarn.

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Tarn replied elooquently, "I could not have said until I gazed upon thine, wildflower."

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Niran Ava laughed softly.
"How charming", she smiled. She looked at him and bowed her head," Thank you, Tarn". She looked around at some of the people, most were drunk and behaving idiotically. But it amused Ava. She looked back at Tarn and said," I think we should retire for the night".

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"We?" Tarn replied, smiling inanely. He had been nursing various fine vintages over the evening, and had - very slightly - lost his usual mental focus.

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Niran "I-I did not mean we as in together, in the same chamber", Ava blushed wildly and stuttered. She shook her head out and laughed slightly," Don't try and twist my words". She smiled at the prince, for everything.

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Tarn drained the last of a sweetwine on the table in front of him. "My apologies, wildflower, I fear I have drunk too much for my own good. I would humbly have your forgiveness."

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