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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments We created our characters & have played them a bit before...

Shae -
Demetri Jay Lee | Female | Teacher | 29, although she insists that she's only 23 | Additionally wears glasses
Students, beware. Demetri is intolerant of anything other than absolute quiet and concentration when she's in charge. In class, she's strict and unmerciful. However, part of it is just an act. While she does tend to go over the top as a control freak when she's a leader, she's not nearly as bad as she pretends to be. She mainly acts cold-hearted so that the kids will actually listen to her when she speaks. It upsets her greatly when nobody will hear what she's saying, especially when they're younger than her.
She transforms when she leaves the school grounds into a quiet and secretly caring person (although she denies this), who enjoys nothing more than lounging around in the sun drinking coffee in her purple pajamas. Sort of like a cat in that way. She has the habit of over react to things happening around her, which helps explain why she's going so far with her act during school hours. She's not really sure how to talk to others about her emotions, and hates accepting help from others.
Demetri was born with her twin sister to to a nice upper-class family in a beautiful neighbor hood. Life went smoothly, good friends, good house, good everything. Until she was in college herself, and fell in love with a boy there. However, so did her twin. Demetri and her sister were different, her sister was outgoing while Demetri just... wasn't, but somehow they got along well and fell for the same person. The boy never knew how Demetri felt, only how her sister did, and eventually, he fell in love and married her twin. Demetri, after college, ran off, hating the idea of seeing the man she loved marry her sister. She had a major in teaching and was able to get a job at this college, and this is her second year there. Her family has tried to contact her, but Demetri cut off all communication to them, wanting time to deal with this on her own and start over in this town.
-->Flawed (view spoiler)<--

Tray | Male | Rebellious Student | Unknown age (approx.) | Pays his own way here, will he get kicked out? Chances are no... Hopefully Tray won’t impress the teachers too much or too little or his part scholarship goes ZAP!
ou see that charming smile? No you don’t? That’s because he frickin’ lost it. If you think guys can’t suffer abuse, you’ve been lucky enough not to meet Tray. Tray seems cold & distant at first, with a short temper. He has a hard time connecting with people, but he can be nice & has an answer for everything which has made people sometimes do a double-take. He’s very observant & soft spoken , you almost never know but if he gets angry all Hell breaks loose. There’s rage & then there’s screaming, accusations, cursing, rebellion & danger. So, yes, he is a rebel- but he’s mysterious, quiet & smart- normally calm, he goes calm down & won’t hold a grudge. Sometimes he only implies apologizes because he’s worried it won’t sound sincere. The abuse has ended many of his relationships with girls because they just won’t put up with it. It would have been worth it. Afterwards he's incredibly sorry and sometimes even breakdowns, with he didn't mean to.
He’s a boy with a plan, and a clear idea of what he wants, in order not to forfeit his luck he never rushes into a situation without thinking things over. He is kind, attentive and can comfort you through anything- he’s easy to place your trust in... Although he shouldn’t be, being a great liar, which gives him the ability to hide his emotions quite well. He has his moments of 'Nothing should be a secret' and he'll tell you anything you want to know. He often prefers to be alone, or in a small group.
He has been training almost all his life in jujitsu and is now a black belt and is one of the best in the whole community. He strives to have goals & succeeds with them. He can be a bit rebellious about it & has never been the best behaved. His past has really shaped the way he reacts to people and the things around him.
So about his life that made him this guy that has suffered & will always suffer... He grew up with no father-figure and all he had was his mom. His mom was an ok mom, she wasn't the best. Life was OK besides their struggle with money, before his Mum’s boyfriend came on the scene. Tray had already learnt to fend for himself a lot, but there was always food in the fridge & parties to sneak out to.
Seth wasn't the greatest guy and at first, just verbally abused Tray's mom and sometime hit her. After a few months Tray’s mom got pregnant with Seth's kid and Seth wouldn't hit her, so switched to Tray. He ended up even paying compliments to Tray’s mother, as he could now verbally & physically hurt Tray. He once almost went too far & sexually abused him, but Tray managed to protect himself. Tray always was acting tough, but in reality was terrified of Seth. Seth would whip him with a belt if he made even the slightest mistake, say...cooking breakfast or cleaning the house. When people asked Seth'd just have him say he fell out of his tree house...again. He didn’t even have a tree house. Tray still denies the abuse because he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him. He usually slept on benches or under porches, always keeping his gun in his backpack. He’s really nothing less than snappy, sarcastic, closed, and clever as can be. He’s fast to grasp the meaning of a situation and act on it, often with positive effects. He also inspires others easily as he seems to naturally motivate himself – his charisma and accomplishments are infectious. Nothing scares him & he’s creepily amazing at playing mind games. He started smoking, but told himself he didn't need to and that he'd be okay, that he just needed to calm himself and think before he did anything.
He can get involved with the worst of people quickly and he has a way of hiding the pain and hurt. And this is by being very harsh at times & quite insensitive- with the strange immunity to sadness he seems to have, it often appears that he thinks anyone who's suffering from negative emotions is silly and childish for not being positive. He likes to make people believe he is hard to figure out, but he is only playing with them. He can be a right three year old sometimes! He is protective of his feelings and doesn't like to be used. Yes, it’s surprisingly upbeat, but it’s really quite sweet. Inside, somewhere, he's just insecure about himself.
Tray never really escaped this abuse, he just escaped the home. Because of the environment he was in, he never really learned to respect himself or have others respect him. He didn’t learn that his Mum was just weak, which is why she’s never chucked Seth out. One day he met a hitchhiker & he left with him, it was a boy, but they were only friends. Tray sends his Mother meaningless postcards, settles for easy pickings & breaks and enters into other people’s houses, making the hitch-hikers life harder. So the hitch-hiker brought Tray here mid-semester & used a stolen credit card of Tray’s for them to send the education bills to.
He then cut up the stolen credit cards in front of Tray. One semester later, the credit card was cancelled & the Head considered chucking Tray out, but this place was doing something amazing to Tray & they couldn’t bear to chuck him out. So the nicest teacher decided to tell Tray he could stay partly on scholarship, but he’d have to pay some of the money & rent. Tray got an honest job which he doesn’t ever feel the need to steal from as he just about makes ends meet. Even if he does have problems, the staff love him & he can be honest with them.
-->Flawed (view spoiler)

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments Looking at his watch, Tray noticed it was 6.30... Hadn't he be meaning to do something? 7 o'clock. 7pm, what was I going to do then? He remembered after a few minutes thought- Ms Lee. He'd saved himself from ditching her & causing embarrassment to himself. Walking to the gates, Tray played with the zip on his jacket. Slide up, slide down... UP! Down. Up. Doowwwnn... It was immature but kept him doing something other than messing his hair up. He had a habit of that, running his hands through his hair until it looked like an unbrushed mess. And he wasn't a boy that wanted to look as if he'd been dragged through a bush backwards...

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri walked purposefully up towards the direction of the school, her hands stuffed into her coat pockets for warmth. The evening air was chilled, and she had never been someone who could tolerate the cold. The thought of her and Tray's earlier argument irritated her, and so did the fact that she hadn't won that very argument. She took a deep breath as the gates and Tray slowly came into view over the horizon. As she got closer, she gave him a brief nod, and as much as she didn't want to admit it, she was curious with what Tray would have to say.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments Tray smiled at her nod in his directions, "Evening Miss... Quite cold isn't it? Don't analyze this. Don't think anything, just take my hand. You can keep your eyes open if you don't trust me, but closing them might help," He said holding his hand out towards her.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri blinked in surprise, wondering what he was trying to pull. Her hands pushed deeper into her pockets, feeling wary of the kid she'd only met a few hours ago. She had little idea of who he was, and who knows what kind of person he could be! Plus, she wasn't sure if being seen holding hands with a student would look good in the principle's eyes. Favoritism and all that. "Why should I?" She asked him, meeting his eyes with her own. Before he could answer, she let out a sigh, giving him her hand. Whatever Tray said, she was certainly not going to close her eyes.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "You're ana-." He began to give her a warning, his steely eyes focused on her wary face, but she'd taken his hand before he could spit it all out. He blinked & began jogging, pulling an unexpecting Demetri with him. Adrenaline pumped in his blood & he felt a rush of cold air hit his face. Turning to Demetri, he was able to run backwards while shielding her from the sharp cold. A rebellious grin formed on his face & he threw back his head in wonder, feeling grateful for Demetri trusting him. "Thankyou," He whispered, his voice carrying in the wind...

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri was caught by complete surprise as he tugged her forward, enough so that it took her a few moments to figure out how to react. The wind roared in her ears as she struggled to get into the rhythm of the forced jog. She was about to say something, perhaps pull her hand away or demand that he let her free, or maybe just to inquire what he was doing. But the grin on his face stopped her from spilling the words out into the open air. "Um, you're welcome." She let out instead, more than slightly puzzled over the turn of events. Why was Tray so overjoyed? She couldn't understand it. Was he plotting something?

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments Tray was wondering how many rules the lecturer would be willing to break when, "Whoaaaaoopps!" The two words were one, as Tray's foot banged into something behind him, twisting his food & bringing him to the ground. He left go of Demetri's hand mid-fall, but wasn't sure if she'd be able to catch her balance... He found out a micro-second later, but didn't take it in, as he was trying not to act like he was in pain. His whole body felt sliced open from the spine & a hot, searing pain wound its way into his skeleton.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments "Tray!" Demetri let out, watching as Tray fell backwards onto the ground, his hand holding hers just long enough that she found the ground coming forward to meet her face. Her hands instinctively came in front of her to catch her fall. She couldn't help but cringe as pain shot up from her wrists, the cold seeping into her uncovered palm. She slowly pulled herself back up into a sitting position, appreciating the fact that she'd only fallen next to Tray and not on top of him. She looked over towards him with steely eyes, taking in the expression on his face, "How badly does it hurt? Don't bother lying to me, Tray, it's disrespectful." She demanded, mind instantly starting to analyze the situation at hand.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "Disrespectful?" Tray spluttered. "Sorry about that, do your hands hurt?" Looking at her he realised how slow he'd been to take it in... He didn't want her to be thinking he was weak and focusing on him. Not one bit. He held out a hand to her as instruction to help him pull him up.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments "No." She lied, standing back up. "And you still haven't answered my question." She remarked grabbing Tray's hand and pulling just enough for him to stand back onto his feet. "So I'll ask again, how badly does it hurt?" She demanded.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "Quite a bit. Just a little 'quite', I'll live." The sides of his mouth quirked up into a smile and he winked at her. Being pulled onto his feet it was clear he'd injured himself more than a 'little', as he swore. Refusing to show regret for having used a foul-mouthed expression in front of a lady, "I'm glad you're not hurt," plain & simply he said.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments She watched as he attempted to stand, her concern quickly morphing into irritation. "I thought I told you not to lie to me." She snapped before taking a deep breath to calm herself down. "Weren't you the one asking me to trust you? How can you expect me to trust a liar?" She pointed out, stuffing her hands back into her coat pockets, her wrists still sore from the fall.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "I don't lie all the time." Tray defended himself, a line creasing downwards in his forehead. He let go of her hand as she yanked it away, each finger losing contact with his, but not all at once. "And you know what?" Tray asked, running a hand down the nape of his neck & wincing, "I will just lie back down so it doesn't hurt as much." At that, Tray sat down on the floor & leaned back, so he was supported by an uncomfortable log. He was hoping she wasn't analyzing it- or he'd be worse off.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri sighed, feeling exhausted and at a loss for what to say. She sat next to him an appropriate distance away, back leaning against the uneven log. "Are you going to be alright? I'm not going to have to call an ambulance or get the school nurse or anything, am I?" She asked him, shifting to try and find a less painful way to lay against the log. "What were you planning on doing, anyways?"

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "Just have a fairly crazy night- get you to let your hair down. I don't really plan..." Tray confessed, giving her a sheepish grin & interlocking his hands together, trying to keep them warm. "I didn't plan on looking so weak you think hospital is at all necessary." He laughed bitterly & ran his eyes over the teacher. "Pain passes anywaaaaaay." Tray tried to sound convincing in his statement.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments She narrowed her eyes at him, taking in his expression, "You're not very good at answering questions. Make sure to work on that, it'll make the tests much easier." She remarked, finally coming back up to a stand when she failed to find a comfortable way to sit. Besides, it made her feel more powerful when she had to look down at someone.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments Tray's theory was that she was going to walk off, annoyed with him. Wasn't she nice? He tried not to show his annoyance when he spat out, "Bye". Sounding fed up, Tray began whistling. It made the look Demetri giving him to bounce off him, when he was being an actual fake. You can say jerk as well, if you like. Tray wasn't used to treating people with authority with any more respect than those without so was he creating a problem for himself? Yes; he was blind to it.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri immediately took offense. She opened her mouth to respond, but was quickly cut off by whistling. She glared at him, "Bye?!" She demanded over his tune. "You..." She hissed,stopping herself short of calling him an idiot. She was starting to believe this night had been a mistake. What was Tray thinking?! He was in pain, may or may not need a doctor, and now he was pushing away the only person around to help? That idiot! "Now stand up and walk back to your dorm or tell me that you need a doctor." She ordered, keeping the anger out of her voice as best as she could.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "Umm, yes... Bye?" Tray nodded, only managing to take one breath before she dictated to him what she proposed he do; to him at least, it sounded outrageous. If that was her response, his plan showed no sign of coming back from the back-fire. Confusion hit him, but he gave her a rueful smile & said, "This is my dorm." Quite obviously a lie, but everybody knew you needed a Plan B- Tray hadn't believed it before now so he made it up on the spot. There were people who caught butterflies, and then there was Tray- whose only aim at this moment in time was to catch Demetri unaware. Of course, some part of him thought that would have benefits to him. She had no way of knowing if he had paid for room in the dorms, and if he would have used that kitchen alone.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri blinked in surprise, the action taking away some of her anger, and then glanced over to the dorms, to the log Tray was laying on, and back again. "I don't know if you can walk that far, let alone navigate back to your room." She pointed out, trying to judge the distance between Tray and the doors. "Like I said, you'll need to stand up and walk back to your dorm, or get medical attention."

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "This is my dorm," Tray repeated, giving her a hint of an angelic smile. "I have no idea why you're talking about rooms that belong to every Tom, Ehlee & Harry. And as for 'medical' attention, how different is being a professor of biology than a medical extraordinaire? Let me bet, you know more on medicine than some of those trainee medical students. But if you need one, I'm sure Tom, Ehlee or Harry could help you out."

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments "It may be your dorm, but we are currently outside your dorm, next to a log." She said, motioning towards the remains of the tree. "There's a huge difference, for example, a medical trainee is learning to take care of people. As a biology professor, my job is to teach and learn about how all sorts of creatures work. I don't focus entirely on how humans work or how to make Tourniquet, like medical students do." She pointed out, pacing as she did so. She wondered if she really could act the part of a 'medical extraordinaire'. She quickly came to a conclusion; probably not.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "The dorm building isn't my dorm- this log isn't either, specifically, but I'm definitely authorized to remain here." Tray's began trying to remember what a tourniquet was, did it control your pulse? He thought that was it. Tray whipped out his phone & began texting, or rather- faking it. If Shae thought he was texting every Tom, Ehlee & Harry she was wrong, and anyway only one of them was probably a medical student... Images of other students floated in his head, which ones looked 'medical'?

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri rolled her eyes, "Yes, because I'm sure sitting out in the cold is a great way to stay healthy." She muttered under her breath. She watched him play with his phone for a moment or two and assumed that he was texting a friend or someone to help him out. "Bye, remember to bring a notebook for biology." She declared before beginning to walk away back towards the main gates.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "Farewell," Tray sighed, and waited for someone to find him. Now, credit on his phone would be really helpful... But it was either phone credit, or dorm. Now he had a dorm, but wasn't gonna get to it... "Tick, tock on the clock... DJ's got," Tray found his Youtube app & connected to the internet. The plan? Loud music to wake people up of course... In the meantime, doing biology homework during the din. He signed into his google drive, to create a document he could finish on a campus computer. What do I think Biology is?
I think Biology is more than just knowledge on human, it's every part of every organism. The organisms, called cells, are what we study. We like to study minute objects. Microscopic building blocks.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri didn't glance backwards, simply raised her hand in a response to his farewell as she continued walking. She couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh as she steadily made her way home on foot, once again feeling somewhat frustrated.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments ((Should we time skip forward to something... If so, what should we time skip forward to?))

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments ((We probably should skip forward, but I'm not sure to what time. Perhaps a few minutes before first classes begin? Or after the school day?

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments ((sure, I don't mind... Do you wanna go even though it should be my turn, lol))

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments ((Sure, let's go to the few minutes before class starts))

Demetri sat at her place in the class room, suppressing the urge to drum her fingers on the table as students slowly began to stream in. She glanced around at the large amount of unknown faces, refusing to allow herself to be intimidated. She mentally went over today's material, speeches to be said, and a few detailed images to be shown on the screen above her head. She pushed up her dark rimmed glasses as they slid down the bridge of her nose as she watched the clock, counting down the minutes before class began.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments "Bang." Tray didn't know why he choose that word of the millions in the dictionary, it was random really. He didn't know why he said a word. Once his step-father had told him that the more he talked, the quicker he'd die. Now Tray thought he might die really soon... His step-father wasn't here to kill him for saying more (you have this many words til' you die, Tray. Choose them wisely), but those looks people were giving him could kill too. He'd said bang because on the second, class was about to begin...

"You know maybe Seth meant that's what God thinks. Maybe you can only say so much before you've said enough. It's a good motto, Seth's very wise. He means you need to think before you say something because it could mean another thing you'll really want to say it will be too late too. You need to understand sarcasm, you wait til' you think you know more than me, you'll be sarcastic all the time. 'I'll kill you', it's never, very serious is it?" His mother had said. With Seth, it was serious.

And this was what Tray was remembering as he tuned out the looks... Blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes & brown eyes merged into one sea of eyes. And one pair of eyes. The hitchhiker's eyes. Oh, Tim.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri felt the familiar feeling of nervousness eating at her gut. Irritation quickly followed; what kind of teacher got anxious about teaching!? She held in a sigh, putting an expressionless face, gazing at all of her students evenly. People, old and young, glanced back. Some were so old that she could have easily been their daughter, there were some so young that they made her feel ancient in comparison. Somehow, it made her feel sort of excited, she was in charge of them all, she could give them something that a few would use for the rest of their lives: biology.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments She was late to begin, seconds late I mean. That's how sharp Tray's senses on everything were. Pain kept your reflexes sharp & your reactions sharper. When she began talking he breathed in deeply, bracing himself for when she would turn the interactive whiteboard screen on.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri glanced over at the clock, noticing that it was about time to begin, and stood, grabbing her tablet an its pen. She began to speak, starting the lesson, and did her best to ignore the fact that a large mass of people were watching her every move. She clicked a button on the tablet, turning on the 'whiteboard' on. She scribbled notes onto it, important points to remember as she continued the lecture. She had a good enough memory that she rarely had to look back towards the whiteboard to ensure that her letters hadn't overlapped. She forced herself to look upwards, keeping her gaze up towards her students, making sure that no disruptions were taking place. It was a tough job, but became steadily easier as time went on.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments Tray decided something in the lecture could be used in his essay... So he took notes in the notebook. He knew other kids were probably writing more than him, but he knew he was the only exception to the standards the school usually expected of students. It wasn't Tray was dumb, just most other scholarship kids were education or music excelling- and Tray didn't have oodles of money or skills. Oh well, the school needed well rounded people to add diversity & give the teachers excitement. Teachers needed to be made to feel special... Uh-huh?

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments Demetri kept an eye on the clock, glancing over every few minutes. How much time did she have left? Was she going to be able to finish the teaching within the amount of time left? Apparently yes, It seemed there was a reasonable time left to finish. The first class was always the most nerve racking one, and often one that helped sort everything out for the later classes. Like a test group to ensure that nothing was missing, power-points were working, and that everything could be taught within the time available. She glanced at the clock, seven minutes left.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments The worst lesson was always the one where people realized missing breakfast had its downfalls. Yeah, elevenses. And some people just needed snacks or were chewing gum to give themselves the illusion of having their appetite fulfilled. Tray couldn't help but hum 'all I want for Christmas' to tune out a girl's loud smacking of the lips & chewing. 'All I want for Christmas is a quiet class so I can focus,' In his head, the parody was a sparkling, beautiful melody.

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Shae (Tesalong) | 22 comments ((sorry for taking so long to respond, I got busy again and didn't have a chance to reply. :( ))

You could always tell when the kids were loosing patience. People started fidgeting, talking, passing notes, or yes, even hum. Demetri's head turned towards the faint sound of gum smacking and Christmas music, very out of place in early autumn. "No humming in class." She spoke aloud, a slight edge to her voice to bring their focus back onto her. She quietly observed the clock, "Class is dismissed." She declared with a wave of her hand, making a brief shooing motion.

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Amy (Amy_Bookworm) | 504 comments Being in the middle row meant that he wasn't the first to go, but also he had to stand & collect his papers from the desk that could barely fit an A4 sheet of paper on. Someone accidentally shoved him in the back, and he automatically elbowed them. Someone caught near this, shoved them both on. Only when the whole row had cleared could he go back to pick up his work.

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