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message 1: by NewtStein, Symmetry is key. Everything must be aesthetically pleasing. (new)

NewtStein (einsteinlikesdog) | 540 comments Mod
The War Lands are grounds in which the destruction of the continent came. Where it ended, and where it started. Weapons and bones scatter this large crater where the bomb were set off.
Yet it is unnaturally peaceful to roam, as spirits call and protect the hunted, and spirits plague the merciless hunters.

message 2: by Gangsta Kyubey (new)

Gangsta Kyubey (Epicdude) | 570 comments (Now i will roleplay with a charrrie i forget existed)

Titus roamed the warzones,trying to find food and stuff to survive,his life has been hard living alone in Ashwood.

message 3: by The Last Falanga, Nyahanyahanyahanyaha (new)

The Last Falanga (LeniSylar) | 1140 comments Mod
((You created a seeker?Since when?))

message 4: by Gangsta Kyubey (new)

Gangsta Kyubey (Epicdude) | 570 comments (Hes a supernatural)

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