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message 1: by Earthbound(Alec A.) (last edited Feb 15, 2009 04:16PM) (new)

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 279 comments ((Ok so this is what me and my bro thought of, You get to be a pokemon Ranger, but you can catch pokemon too (Like Kenny already does) We all start out on a train then get transferred to a boat where you get your first 2 pokemon))


message 2: by Earthbound(Alec A.) (last edited Feb 19, 2009 09:35PM) (new)

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 279 comments Name: Cody
Personality: Nice, Strong, Brave, Loyal to friends,and is pokemon ranger Leader
Appearance: [image error]
Friends: All
Other: has been throgh alo

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Kenny
Personality: Nice, Caring, Strong, Powerful, Strong bond with Pokemon, Loyal to friends, and cheerful
Crush: None yet
Friends: All

message 4: by Austin (last edited Mar 07, 2009 01:21AM) (new)

Austin | 560 comments Name: Kathanis (Nickname is Kath)
Geneder: Male
Personality: Caring, Courages, Kind, Determined, Strong, Friendly, and Tender
Appearence: Kath His face, but he has the ranger clothes but pants instead of shorts
Crush: Nope
Friends: Kenny, Cody, Komaki

Name: Pichu
Species: Pichu
Gender: Male
Level: 35
Moves: Thunderbolt, Reversal, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail

Name: Squirtle
Species: Squirtle
Gender: Male
Level: 30
Moves: Hydro Pump, Protect, Mirror Coat, Muddy Water

*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 274 comments name: shimakage
gender: male
personality: firm, tough, but tender
appearance: all black, pale skin
crush: none
friends: everyone

message 6: by Austin (new)

Austin | 560 comments Yeah..you have to look at the OTHER people's pictures first.

message 7: by Soon-yiHearto (last edited Feb 19, 2009 01:57PM) (new)

Soon-yiHearto | 647 comments ((i know that she's not a pokemon ranger, but lets just say she is))

name: yuki
age: 16
gender: female
personality: friendly, caring, nice, kind, outgoing, smart
crush: open
other: loves 2 cook and sing and play her flute that her grandmother gave her

message 8: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random | 38 comments ((What are Pokemon Rangers?))

Earthbound(Alec A.) | 279 comments ((there people who help pokemon who may be trapped,stuck,hurt,and sometimes they help people they also have things called styaler where they can catch pokemon and have them for awhile then you can set them free))

message 10: by Ichiru (new)

Ichiru | 2 comments Name: Ichiru
age: 17
gender: male
personality: cheerful, kind, brave, outgoing, smart (but not too smart)
appearance: Ichiru as a Pokemon Ranger
crush: May (from Hoenn)
other: Loves pokemon and doubles as a trainer.

message 11: by Ichiru (new)

Ichiru | 2 comments Also Ichiru has
Pokemon 1
Name: Yasuna
Species: Glaceon
Gender: Female
Appearance:Yasuna the Glaceon
Personality: Protective, kind, brave

Pokemon 2
Name: Kurochi
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kurochi the Umbreon
Personality: Quirky, protective, brave

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