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Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
This is for the November/December side read of Villette by Charlotte Brontë

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Janie (justjanie) | 8 comments What? You guys are killing me in this group. I have to read this one, too!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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Sary | 3 comments Good!!!!

Casceil | 93 comments I plan to read this, but I'm already reading too many books at once, so it may be a couple of weeks before I get to it. I've got to finish at lest a couple of the others first!

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Sary | 3 comments As long as you join in at some point it is fine :D

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Janie (justjanie) | 8 comments Who else is reading Villette? I'm nearly finished with Book I (I'm about 20 pages from the end).

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Sary | 3 comments I am.

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
I already read the book but will be checking out your discussion.

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Janie (justjanie) | 8 comments Now I've finished volume I and I'm ready to begin chapter 16.

Unfortunately I read a spoiler by mistake and know one big twist that's coming anytime, so if you're a little farther than me it's okay to discuss.

I'm getting used to the techniques Bronte used with her narrator. It's different. I don't like her yet, but I suppose I'm rooting for her.

I really enjoyed chapter fifteen. It was dark an certainly changed the trajectory of the rest of the plot.

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Janie (justjanie) | 8 comments Well, I mean, if EVERYONE is farther along than me... I hope that didn't sound self-centered!

Casceil | 93 comments Don't worry, Janie. Some of us are way behind you. I'm only about 25 pages in. So far, I'm finding Polly's obsession with Graham a little creepy. Our narrator, Lucy Snow, does not seem to be revealing much about herself at all.

message 12: by Casceil (last edited Nov 12, 2012 01:57PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Casceil | 93 comments I have progressed to Chapter V, I think. "Madame Beck."
I'm finding the author's approach to storytelling very interesting. She's shown us little bits of Lucy's life, but clearly has left out something major--what happened before she went to be Miss Marchmont's companion, and why is Lucy in mourning? We get detailed accounts of people Lucy meets, and her interactions with them, but at least so far, information about Lucy herself seems sparse. While she is traveling, she talks about the way porters and chambermaids and others who depend on tips all seems to be sizing her up, and trying to decide where she stands socially. We know she had uncles who are remembered well at a particular inn in London. But beyond that, so far nothing about her family, or what socioeconomic status she comes from. We know Mrs. Bretton is her godmother, and that, as a girl, she visited Bretton about twice a year. I assume some of the characters whom we have met briefly, but in great detail, are going to show up again later in the story. The book is holding my attention.

Casceil | 93 comments This book is full of lines I love.

From the end of Chapter IX:

"I now signified that it was imperatively necessary my apartment should be relieved of the honor of her presence: she went away laughing."

What a way to say, "I told her to get out."

On a more serious note, Chapter 10, discussing Dr. John in a room with Lucy:

"He laid himself open to my observation, according to my presence in the room just that degree of notice and consequence a person of my exterior habitually expects: that is to say,about what is given to unobtrusive articles of furniture, chairs of ordinary joiner's work, and carpets of no striking pattern."

Casceil | 93 comments I've finished Chapter XVI, and would like to discuss with others who have read this far, but I am leery of creating spoilers for others who have not gotten this far. Who else is reading Villette, and where are you in your reading?

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Janie (justjanie) | 8 comments I'm in Chapter XIX!

I'm reminding myself that Lucy is a sneaky narrator, and it occurred to me that perhaps Ginerva isn't as gross as Lucy describes her to be.

Casceil | 93 comments Lucy IS a sneaky narrator, and does not always play fair. I felt tricked when (view spoiler)

Casceil | 93 comments I still have not finished Villete. I got sidetracked by Infinite Jest, which is starting to seem infinite. It's over 1,000 pages, but I'm within striking distance of the end. Is anyone else still reading Villette?

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