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Red Hook

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Willa Monday-Proud ((The street where Diana's Apartment Building is located))

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Nora was looking for business. She show many people unaware of their belongings. She took the chance and grabbed the wallet. 'Take out the money, leave the wallet' she told herself

Willa Monday-Proud Leon and Vince stood on a corner in Red Hook talking about their cars.

"You know you really should upgrade that car of yours Vince." Leon said.

"You know I like my car the way it is Le" Vince said.

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Nora saw Vince and Leon, she walked up to the and did her thing, she reached into their pocket and silently pulled out the wallet

Willa Monday-Proud Vince grabbed her hand and looked at her. "Hello, If you want some money all you had to do was ask" He said.

"Yeah, we could spare some money" Leon agreed looking her over.

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She stammered, 'I..I' she sighed 'I'm sorry' she reached in her pocket and fished the money out, 'Please don't tell the police!' she said worriedly

Willa Monday-Proud "We won't, You can keep the money, we can always make more." Leon said.

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Her eyes widened, 'Really? Thank you so much! You don't know how much food I can buy for the orpha-' she stopped short. Nodded her head and turned away running

Willa Monday-Proud "She reminds me of my cousin" Vince said.

"Speaking of Diana, she should be at the Gym, How about we go see her?" Leon said.

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