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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 49 comments Mod
What advice would you give to your protagonist about a problem he/she is having?

Make sure you follow the reading response checklist:

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide context of what is happening in the text, so my reader understands what I’m talking about?
• Find a direct quote from the text that proves my idea?
• Thoroughly explain the significance of my quote/how it proves my idea?
• Check for correct punctuation and spelling?

message 2: by Ilijah (new)

Ilijah A | 40 comments In the fantasy book City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, a problem she is having is that her and Simon broke up because she did not feel the same way Simon felt about her. The advice i would give her is that if she did not have the same feelings for him as he did for her than she should not have went out with him. Even though she does not have the same feelings for him, they can still be friends. “And now I’m looking at you,” he said, “and you’re asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dared give much of myself to anyone before – bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it – but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me.” This quote that Simon said to Clary explains that Simon loves Clary and she does not love him back so that jeopardized there friendship. Clary said she did not feel the same way about Simon, that made him feel like a loser. Therefore, Clary made Simon upset so now he is upset and sad.

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Gaby | 7 comments In my realistic fiction book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher , My protagonist Clay received a package full with audio tapes from Hannah Baker , a girl who was already dead . She took some pills to kill herself but she had made some suicidal notes . He had a choice to listen to them or just leave them . But once he started listening to the first tape he realized that he had to listen to all the 13 tapes or they would be publicly released by the second set of tapes she had made or copied. "people are watching you " The advise I would've given Clay would be to never have opened the box and or never listen to the tapes anyway. If i were to give her advice after all this happened , I would have told him to listen to the tapes fast and just forget about them because he just wants all this off his shoulders. For him its really hard to hear her voice .

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Karen (allergic2haters) | 37 comments Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) by Suzanne Collins
In Suzanne Collins' dystopian novel, MockingJay, the protagonist, Katniss is upset and confused. She is upset and confused because she is in District 13 talking with President Snow and the Capitol about the Hunger Games and the conflict that she has now. They are talking and debating who she can be with and why. It's either Gale and Peeta. During the Hunger Games, she was acting to be in love with Peeta. In Catching Fire, Gale kissed her somewhere private. She is very upset that the Capitol and President Snow is choosing her lover. "I'm rattled by the turn in the conversation. The implications that I could so readily dispose of Peeta, that I'm in love with Gale, that the whole thing has been an act." My advice for Katniss is to speak up and choose who is your love because if don't choose and your people choose who to be with...your life is going to be screwed up. Therefore, Katniss is furious and confused why the Capitol and President Snow is choosing her love life.

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Andy Chen | 44 comments In Rick Riordan's fantasy novel, The Sea of Monsters, the protagonist, Percy Jackson, is having anger issues. Whenever immortals or mortals talked about Percy's family in a negative way or teased about him, Percy would become very furious with just a little talk or joke, takes it very seriously. He would always fight and attack the person who does say things Percy hates, and he will destroy them strongly. Ares, enemies with Percy, once humuliated Percy, "You weakling, you can't never defeat a warrior God like me. You can't even stand a chance." Percy was so offended by this saying by Ares, that he fought him and even tried killing him. The advice I would Percy is to CALM down. It's not like the first time anyone ever said something unecessary to
you. Try to be more of a positive person by taking what a person said and talk back, but don't fight. It means you don't have the confidence to talk back. Fighting when someone said something bad to you means you undoubtly have anger issues don't know how to take revenge by saying something even more disgraceful to the person. Next time, just speak up and know how to use words, and less fighting

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Jamilah B | 37 comments A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

In the non fiction memoir, A long way gone by Ishmael Beah, The advice I would give to Ishmael is to be appreciative because when he would be brought to the hospital faint or punch windows and get glass in his hand, he would push the nurse away every time he would try to help him. He even walked out before she could say anything else to him. " She began to rub my forehead but i pushed her hand away and walked out" (141). Therefore I would tell Ishmael to be grateful that he has someone to take care of him when he needs help.

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Sydney Mok (SydneyMok) | 43 comments In the book The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, the protagonist Salmon was murdered by a man in her neighborhood. She misses her family even though she can see them in heaven. The advice I would give her is that she should be glad she can see them because when your alive, you don't know you can see the world and your family until you die. Salmon shouldn't be sad because she can't help that she was murdered. I also think she should just get over it."I missed him in a way I hadn't let myself miss my mother and father, my sister and brother." (27). This quote shows that she misses her family but I think she should eventually get over it. Therefore, the advice I give to Salmon is that she should get over missing her family and the people that were important in her life because she won't be able to come back to life.

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Aaron | 22 comments In the fiction novel Genius squad by Catherine Jinks, the protagonist Cadel is a very smart thirteen year-old who has finished high school already and is trying to get to college but he can't for two reasons. The first is that he is an illegal emigrant from Argentina, and the second reason is that he is to young to enroll in college, so he has to wait at least 4-5 years. The advice I would give him is to keep on trying to find different colleges or maybe when he turns fourteen he can volunteer at a college. "You think your so smart because you finished high school early, but your not the smartest person ever" Said Fiona. I also think that he should focus a little bit more on being a kid instead of a very high leveled IQ tester. I would infer that he is the nerdy kid who is lonely and doesn't have any or a lot of friends.

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Zoe | 25 comments In the fictional book Poppy's Return by AVI, the protagonist Poppy is upset. Poppy is a deer mouse that lives in a log in Dimwood forest. One day her sister, Lilly, came to her log to tell her that humans were going to destroy Gray House, Poppy's old home. After that Lilly tells her to go back to Gray House because her father Lungwort wants to talk to her. Lungwort tells Poppy to find a way to get rid of the bulldozer, and makes her in charge of Gray House. Meanwhile, Ereth the porcupine and Mephitis the skunk talk about how Lilly doesn't like them, and they decide to go to Gray House to find Poppy. Poppy starts to talk to her cousin Basil, and then Lilly runs in to tell them that a human was heading for the bulldozer. The whole family peeks out of a window to watch what's happening, and Poppy doesn't know what to do to save Gray House and the whole family. Poppy states, "I don't know what to do. Come on, lets get back to the house." The quote proves that Poppy is upset, because she doesn't know how to save her family. The advice I would give Poppy is to keep calm, even if the whole family is in danger. I would also suggest that she can bring Ereth and Mephitis to Gray House, even if Lungwort doesn't like them because they might be able to scare or force the humans to leave.

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Sami Blakaj | 5 comments In Pitticuss Lore's fiction novel I Am Number Four the protagonist John Smith is from a different planet that these other aliens, called Mogadorians destroyed. There is only 9 of his kind left and he is the fourth one. Now, the Mogadorians are looking for him as he tries to live a normal life on earth. "What can I do? What could anyone do?" That shows that there is not many choices for him to save himself, or even the whole world. The advice that I would give to John is to fight the Mogadorians because it is either he stays and fights them while being prepared or they find him when he's most vulnerable so they could have a better chance at killing him.

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Elizabeth Sanchez | 14 comments In an Anonymous Diary, Go Ask Alice is having problems getting friends in her new hometown. "Oh Diary it was miserable! It was the loneliest, coldest place in the word. Not one single person spoke to me during the whole endlessly long day." This quote shows the amount of frustration she is dealing with at this point. She also seems to be not really trying to talk to people, she expects people to go on and talk to her. My advice to her would be to try and be friendly and talk to people herself. If she wants friends she can't expect them to come all the time and then be upset with the fact that she's an out cast. She needs to put herself out there more and try not being so negative about situations like these.

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