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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 43 comments Mod
hat advice would you give to your protagonist about a problem he/she is having?

Make sure you follow the reading response checklist:

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide context of what is happening in the text, so my reader understands what I’m talking about?
• Find a direct quote from the text that proves my idea?
• Thoroughly explain the significance of my quote/how it proves my idea?
• Check for correct punctuation and spelling?

message 2: by Monica (new)

Monica | 43 comments In the realistic fiction book, Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen, my protagonist, Annabel has just been facing lots of problems. I would have given her lots of advice on how to face and destroy her obstacles. One obstacle she's having in her life is based on Sophie. Ever since an summer incident, she has been blaming Annabel on something she thought she did. She believes that Annabel slept with her boyfriend. Every day in the high school hallway, every time Sophie sees Annabel, she calls her one-word insults. Annabel feels widely affected by this. Another obstacle she's facing is that she is willing to quit modeling. But she literally can't do that since her mom has a great interest on modeling and she wouldn't want her to give up. Ever since her grandmother died, her mom has been very miserable and had never even uttered a word to everyone. Only modeling had brung her back to her usual self. Annabel had been very sad when her mom suddenly grew very silent, but when she grew happy again, Annabel felt very relieved. "For the very first week of school, Sophie ignored me completely. Which was hard. But when she did begin to speak to me, I quickly realized I much preferred the silence.""Whore."" "It was always just one word. One word, said clearly and with enough spite to sting....." (64.) Another quote in the book is this: ""And anyway,"" I said,""its complicated, because my mom's really into it, and if I quit, then she'll be upset."" (139.) These quotes really symbolizes the two problems she's trying to face. The quote represents the problems she's dealing with Sophie. THe second quote represents the problem she's dealing with modeling and her mom's dealing problems with it. If I were one of Annabel's friends, for her issue with Sophie, I would tell her that the past is the past, don't think about it for too long. Just move on. This is the best solution to a problem like this. For her second issue, she should just talk with her mom privately about modeling and why she wants to quit. These two solutions are very valid for her obstacles.

message 3: by Jack (new)

Jack Brill | 41 comments In the fiction book Holes by Louis Sachar the main character Stanley Yelnats is in a jail where everyday he has to dig a whole a whole five feet deep and five feet wide in the boiling hot desert and the main character Stanley is having a problem with another character nick named zig-zag and the reason why I say that Stanley has a problem with zig zag is because when Stanley was digging his whole he found an item that had gold on it and if you find an item that could be worth something you bring it to the warden and you can get the whole day off and zig zag saw Stanley dig up an item and rushed over to his whole and said " you should give that item to me because i have been here for two years and have never gotten the day off and you have only been here for a few weeks." and suprisingly Stanley gave it to him and he was mad that he gave it to him. This quote shows that Stanley and zig zag's relationship is not good because he stole from Stanley.

message 4: by Elva (new)

Elva C. | 40 comments In the fantasy book, Incarceron, by Catherine Fisher, the protagonist is Keiro. Keiro is one of Finn, the main protagonist in the book. Finn and Keiro are both prisoners, in a prison called, Incarceron, which is a prison where no one escapes, and inside the prison, there are cities, forests, and cells. No one is brought from the outside. Sapphique, a legendary man which people believes that he had escaped from Incarceron before. Now, Finn wants to escape from the prison, because he believes he had another life before he came to Incarceron. Finn also wants Keiro to come with him so that they can both escape too. Keiro however will help, but he tells Finn that he doesn't have a life before Incarceron, because all prisoners are born in there. "You were born in Incarceron, Finn. Accept it. No one comes in from Outside. No one Escapes! Incarceron is sealed. We were all born here and we'll all die here..." This quote shows that Keiro is doubting on Finn that he has a life in before Incarceron. One advice that I would give to Keiro is, not to doubt on people. Even though that you think what someone said is totally wrong, I suggest that he should at least support it a little. That way, he won't hurt anyone's feelings. Later on in the book, Keiro hurt Finn's feelings that he doesn't have a life before he has come to Incarceron.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

In the realistic fiction book Checkered Flag Cheater by Will Weaver, the protagonist Trace has some problems with his racing that I have some advices for. Trace is a 17 year old racecar driver and is having some troubles with his team lately. Trace’s team has hit a time where they travel all over the place for tracks and racing. Trace is a good driver and gets tons of wins, but the audience is the problem. The people watching Trace’s car always say he is a cheater and don’t deserve the rewards. Trace has been passing the tests, but people still say he cheats. It is Trace’s biggest fear right now. One piece of evidence from the story is on page 142, “His gravelly voice came through the screen window of his motor home. “If we win every night, people will think we’re cheating.”” From that quote, you can see Trace was having some trouble with winning nicely with no complains of cheating. Trace does not know much about his car and so he does not really know if his teammates did anything to the car. He couldn’t believe the car’s speed himself. The fans thinking he cheat should not mess up Trace’s mind of not winning so much. My advice to Trace is that you shouldn’t care what the fans think because trying to lose will ruin your career and make you feel differently. Trace is just a driver and wins often. Trace would only be cheating if he won the race and didn’t pass the inspection of his car. Still, Trace’s car passes the test so it proves he does not cheat and shouldn’t interfere with him winning.

message 6: by Steven (new)

Steven Lin | 27 comments In the realistic fiction book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, the protagonist Tally is having problems with her friend. Tally is having problems with her friend because on the day of her surgery Shay runs a way and goes to the rebel group. She has to make a chose to betray her friend and turn her in or to not obay the orders and never become a prettie. An advice that I should give her is that, to never betray your only friend because when you lose your only friend you will have nothing left. If you do it and become a prettie then you won’t have anything left at the new prettie town. Tally chose to help her friend and did not tell the, about where she was, because they were trying to catch her. After doing that she did not have any regrets of not betraying the friend. If she had turned in her only friend she would have ended up living a useless pretty. She was happy that she made the right choice to save her friend over for her own good.

message 7: by Ben (new)

Ben Friedman | 25 comments In the non-fiction novel We Beat the Streets by Dr Sampson Davis, George Jenkins and Raeck Hunt. The three boys grew up in the tough and drug filled streets of Newark New Jersey. Each boy struggles in school until one day the boys ditch school to go to the park and play basketball. Little did the boys know their little ditch day would become the day they make a pact to better them selves and really apply themselves to school and everything that they do. One piece of advice that I would relay to my protagonists is to stick to their pact and always try there hardest. Although this may sound very generic I want to elaborate on the subject. I want to tell them that no matter how hard things may become for them to always have faith in your self and give it you all. Always apply your self no matter what you are doing. One last piece of evince I would give my protagonist is. Always steer away from the negative things going on around you. Newark is really not the best place to live it is filled with junkies and drug dealers and to top it off other types of criminals. So my advice would be to always stay on the correct path and never give up.

message 8: by Ivan (new)

Ivan (ivanski711) | 30 comments in the science fictionn book "life as we new it" by Susan Beth my character grew up in Ohio, She is a 14 year old girl that curently is living with her mom. i would give her alot of advice. Ever sence the moon got hit with an astrode created a chain reaction of bad things for her. My characters problem is her having to face all the weather changes. Her older brother comes home and the they started to bring Mrs. Nesbitt for dinner and stuff because she is old. And ever sence her mom and dad got seperated it always felt like they wher missing sume thing. AT one point in the book my protagonist mom stoped eating so that every body else in the house can have more food, my character was quick nto realise this and she put an end to it rite away. Only swiming brought her back to her usall selfe because when she went swimming in millers pond it feels like nothing is happening and that means alot to her so she goes ther very often. "" Yes mom does think the world is going to end, but she dosent want any of use to worry about it."" This quote sibolizes my protagonist problem. The advise that i would give to my main character is to just keep swimming and enjoy life while she still can, or try to take the bad thing out of your my and focuse on all the good thing thats happening rite now, and move on. This solution could be very helpful to her and some of the other characters in her book.

message 9: by Melanie (new)

Melanie M. (MissMello) | 21 comments In my Realistic fiction book "Blood is thicker" by Paul langan my character grew up in Chicago and his father has Kidney Cancer. His family can not no longer afford the house the live in so they have to move in with his uncle. The advice i would give to Hakeem is to Help his mom and be the man of the house since his father is being diagnosed with Cancer. Hakeem could get a job and pay for the house with his mom to help out so he wont have to move to Detriot and move in with his Moody and secrective Cousin,Savon. I would also say to Hakeem to take care of his mom also and sisters because His mom wants him to stand up and be the man of the house now so i suggest he does that. He shows Simpathy towards his mom and other people I think if Hakeem moves to Detroit it will change him mostly because of his cousin and maybe uncle. Savon is the protangonist is this book he is the enemy to Hakeem.

message 10: by Keary (new)

Keary Fulgencio | 3 comments In the Autobiography book The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer, the protagonist is David. NIne year old David is having ruff times with his mother right now because she abuses him since he was seven years old, David was raised in Day City, California. I would've gave David lots of advice like how to become a braver person. Another thing i would've told him was to always tell the truth when someone ask him something. I would also tell David that he needs to talk to his mom about her abusing him, letting him starve so much, and telling her how he feels about all of the hitting and starvation. Another thing i would tell David is to tell his mother how badly he wants to be loved by her not hated by her. I would also tell David to stop being so scared of her. " She began to speak, but i raised my hand, cutting her off. I then retracted as many statements as i could claiming that I had lied about everything. I had caused all of the household problems. I told her that i had fallen down the stairs. i had run into doorknobs. I had beaten myself. I then cried to Ms. Gold (His Child Protective Service Agency) that mommy was a beautiful, kind woman, with the perfect flower garden, the perfect home, the perfect family. "(55.) This shows that he needs to tell the truth about things because he is lying to everyone to keep his mother safe because if he doesn't then she will hurt him real badly or treat him badly.

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Kimora Irby | 25 comments In the fiction book Baby by Joseph Monninger the protagonist in my story is Baby is a teenager and the only thing she has left is a foster home with a husband and wife, if she get's in trouble again she have to serve juvenile detention center. Advice i would give to my character is to try and follow in the right path and don't let your boyfriend get you in trouble. Another thing i would tell Baby is to stay with your new foster parents and don't runaway all the time from your family,it seems like you really like them because you enjoy their snow dogs and you had your very first snow race. This shows that she needs a positive role model in her life to guide her to success.

message 12: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 34 comments In the fiction book, The Gun, by Paul Langan, the protagonist is Tyray. Tyray is being picked on in school because he used to be the most feared kid in school but he got beat up so everyone thinks he's weak. Tyray is desperate to buy a gun and scare all the kids that are picking on him. The advise I would give Tyray is to NOT buy the gun. The reason is because if he were to get caught with a gun he could get arrested. Also, if the gun were to go off accidentally he could hurt someone.
A quote that explains my advice is - "I need a gun," Tyray said bluntly. "Need one bad." The shows that Tyray is desperate to get a gun for revenge.

message 13: by Trinity (new)

Trinity Burgos | 31 comments In the Autobiography novel, A Child Called It, by Dave Pelzer, the protagonist Dave has been going threw many difficulties in his life including the abuse of his mother which had made him an unhappy child. Also, having to make up lies to save his mother from getting caught or letting people find out of the abuse. My advice to dave would be to instead of telling lies to protect his mother, he should always get advice from either somebosy who went through the same experience or just somebody who would take their time out and listen to what he's going through to help him with the situation he's going through. ''without hesitation,I tell them it was an accident; which it was-mother never ment to stab me. I cry as I spill my guts, telling them mother punishes me because I'm bad. I wish they would leave me alone. I feel so slimy inside. I know after all these years there is nothing anyone can do''. This quote shows that he told one truth about his mother and himhe knew deep insid enobody would be able to do anthing about what was going on in his life. ''again he smiles, and gently squeezes my shoulder. ''no, David. you have nothing to worry about, honest. Your mother is never going to hurt you again.'' i lean back against the seat. A reflection of the sun hits my eyes. I turn away from the rays as a single tear runs down from my cheek. ''Im free?'' This second qoute shows that even though he told the truth about his mother he still was able to e happy and finally go away from the life of abuse he spent with his mother.

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