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message 1: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 14478 comments So today it "Spirit Day" - it is intended to draw attention to and take a stand against bullying of LGBTQ youth in the US. One description is here: http://www.glaad.org/spiritday

Did you wear purple? Did anyone around you? Do you think this is an effective way to raise awareness?

I'm at GayRomLit, the gay romance authors and readers event in New Mexico. I'm about to put on my purple shirt and go to breakfast. We'll see how many people here participate.

message 2: by Anna (new)

Anna | 134 comments I want to believe it helps, but I wonder if it isn't one of those things that make participants feel better about themselves without actually making any difference in the lives of the victims.

I even worry that any kid who wears purple at school today, whether or not they knew about Spirit Day, is making himself/herself a target. "You're wearing purple! You're gay!"

message 3: by Gavin (last edited Oct 19, 2012 06:00PM) (new)

Gavin Stephenson-Jackman | 41 comments This is the third year I have participated in Spirit Day and the third day my school has participated. My principal read the poem I wrote last year prior to a moment of silence to remember those who are no longer with us as a result of bullying. The moment of silence was observed across the the entire Toronto District School Board this year. That is approximately 500 elementary and middle schools and 100 secondary schools. It definitely makes a difference. Here is the poem:

Why I wear purple today

I wear purple to remember those who spirits were broken by bullying
I wear purple to remember those who could no longer endure the teasing, the tormenting, and the abuse of those who would not tolerate other’s differences
I wear purple to celebrate the spirit of those who did endure and who continue to suffer the effects of the verbal put downs which de-valued their lives
I wear purple to celebrate the spirit of change, change that we can make when we take a stand and say that bullying has no place in our lives, no place in our homes, no place in our schools, no place in our country, no place in our world
I wear purple because it gets better, it gets better.

G. Stephenson-Jackman

message 4: by Kaje (last edited Oct 19, 2012 09:13PM) (new)

Kaje Harper | 14478 comments Thanks, Gavin - that's very cool to hear about.

Here at GRL the purple attire was about four times what it was the day before (This is GayRomLit so there are always some folks wearing purple.) A few other folks wore "It gets better" shirts. Still a minority of the attendees at the retreat, but noticeable, and we did take it into Old Town Albuquerque along with a host of Love-is-love wristbands.

I don't know if the reason for the color was noticed much outside our own group. I had to take a brief taxi ride and so I chatted up the middle-aged driver about being a writer and segued into this group and gay teens and bullying. By the end of the ride the guy said, "Yeah. That kind of stuff just isn't fair to those kids." So Spirit Day did get me to speak up more than I otherwise might have. I guess if it adds incentive to discuss the issue that's a positive result.

message 5: by Gavin (new)

Gavin Stephenson-Jackman | 41 comments Here is an article from the Toronto Star about the day. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/artic...

message 6: by Sammy Goode (new)

Sammy Goode | 5316 comments YES!! Wore purple and discussed the significance of the day in my advanced guitar class!

I say we do it more often!!!

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