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message 1: by Jonathan, Reader of the fantastic (new)

Jonathan Terrington (thewritestuff) | 525 comments Post links to reviews you've written in general or reviews you've read and liked to do with fantasy. Let people know what fantasy and sci-fi books you have liked!

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Brookes (Technohippy) | 237 comments I've posted my review for The Cleansing (Earth Haven, #1) by Sam Kates, it's an excellent post apocalyptic read:

message 5: by Tim (new)

Tim Craire | 15 comments I've reviewed a fantasy novel, Bloodstone: Deep Water. The author has a good prose style, something I value:

message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael Brookes (Technohippy) | 237 comments The Inevitable by Daniel Hope

I've posted my review Daniel Hope's rather excellent novel 'The Inevitable', you can read my review here:

message 8: by Richard (new)

Richard Saar | 6 comments Hi there, I just joined the group and wanted to share my little blog... so far only a few reviews (always looking for reviewers right now), but it's work in progress!

message 10: by Eli (new)

Eli Adelholm (eliadelholm) | 9 comments Dragonsworn Books
High quality spoiler-free fantasy reviews

Joe Abercrombie: The First Law Trilogy - Read review
Joe Abercrombie: Best Served Cold - Read review

Peter S. Beagle: The Last Unicorn - Read review
Peter V. Brett: The Painted Man- Read review

Sebastien de Castell: Traitor's Blade - Read review

Patrick Rothfuss: The Name of the Wind- Read review
Patrick Rothfuss: The Wise Man's Fear - Read review

Mazarkis Williams: The Emperor's Knife - Read review
Mazarkis Williams: Knife Sworn - Read review

These are just the highlights. The entirety of my contents can be found in my Archive ;)

message 11: by K. (new)

Caffee K. (KCaffee) Jamie Maltman - Brush with Darkness - my Review on Pukah Works

Brian Rathbone - Call of the Herald - my Review on Pukah Works

Elizabeth Moon - The Deed of Paksenarrion - my Review on Pukah Works

Larry Itejere - The Silver Arrow - my Review on Pukah Works

Turhan Halil - Silverblood Demons - my Review on Pukah Works

2 more coming soon: Blood of the Water and Inherited Danger

message 12: by John (new)

John Autero Hello everybody -

Just wondering if you might be interested to review my work. I can provide you with a pdf or mobi copy. message me.

You watch the TV news every night and think you know what’s going on… think again.
The Scorpion

A story that twists you around and around and deposits you in the most unexpected place.

Thank you
John A. Autero

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