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Karla Rades (Karlosalis) any Horror/Thriller/SCARY stories

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Karla Rades (Karlosalis) Here is a story I made up-actually the idea was from a night mare- but when i wrote it the night i did i was REALLY scared about it so i will put it in adult-if any one finds it should go in young-Adult i will move it any way here it is (please comment)

The Voices Inside my head

“Stop” Cried a young man named Henry to his younger brother who was tearing of the wall paper ‘Stop, Stop, STOP” he cried helplessly “No” said his younger brother Brent “the voices told me to” he carried on, his eyes bulging, flecks of spit around his mouth “Told you what?” said Henry on the verge of a breakdown “Stuff” replies Brent “WHAT STUFF” yelled Henry desperately. “Every thing,” Brent replied in a deep tone-unlike his normal high pitched voice. Henry had to find out what was inside Brent’s head, “the voices in your head, tell you what?” Henry asked in a tone like one that you would talk to a hurt animal with. “They tell me to tear the place down and to kill you” Brent replied climbing up the walls like a spider “and to say it was mummy who did it” Replies Brent, eyeballs rolling around and starting to pant like a dog.
Henry tried to run of but Brent stuck out his hand-which grew to a astonishing 3 meters and grabbed his throat and pulled Henry back, flying in the air and crashing in to the wall. “no, no, no thats not what’s meant to happen’ said Brent climbing back down the wall “I get you and cut of your head and put it in mummy’s room-you just sit right there while i get the knife, now there’s a good boy” said Brent and he when to the draw at the end of the room and got out a knife. Henry got up slowly then made a dash for the door but one of Brent’s alien like hands reached out and slammed the door shut “No, no, noooo I KILL YOU, YOU DON’T SURVIVE” Brent yelled and leaped with the knife towards Henry...

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