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SEASON 4!!!!!!!!!

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Celeste Biersack SPOLIERS!
Is it just me or are you guys just excited to see what happens in season 4 of the vampire diaries. It's said to be the last season of the vampire diaries and i think there wrong. Anyways, did you guys see the episode 1, well here what is was all about.... Last season we saw Elena drowning in the same river as her parents. Stefan (play the hero music XD) came to her need. Elena wanted him to save Matt first, so he did, and Elena got bad injuries. Doctor fell "Helped her" by giving her(Damon's)vampire blood. She had Damon's blood in her system, so she went into transition.

Season 4. If you have not watched it yet, you may want to stop reading.

Start of the episode. Please do not over gasp yourself.
Stefan: Mystic falls....I was born here. This is my home.
Damon: And mine...
Elena: And mine
Stefan: For centuries supernatural creatures have lived among us.
Caroline: There are vampires... werewolf, doppelgangers...
Bonnie: witches...
klaus (OH MY GOD!): and even hybrids.
Bonnie: There are those who protect them.
Alaric: The sheriff has a vampire as a daughter. And our lovely mayor has a son who is have vampire, half werewolf.
Jeremy: And those who want them dead.
Elena: There are friends...
Stefan:Our enemies...
Elena: The ones we love.....
Stefan: And the ones we have lost.
(Going back to the car accident)
Elena: and then there is me...I'm least i was...

Here is the link to watch the first episode...And to watch the beginning. I typed it up for people that can't get on to watch it. It's much better watching it.

As you would guess, Elena did feed, and did you see the day light ring he gave Elena? Are you thinking what i"m thinking. Engagement! That ring had like shiny on it, and he put in on her ring finger. I really do.

Anyway, I am excited to see the next one tonight. (Where i live it's thursday XD) So no one tell me if you have already seen it.

What are your favorite quotes from season 4? even thought there is only one episode. XD

Elena-"Well we will come to that bridge when we come to it.....Oh my god did i just say cross that bridge?" Elena starts laughing.
Stefan-"Your laughing....please tell me you don't actually think that funny."

Funniest thing every. I started to laugh with her, then i got it..... O.O Then i was like oh.....

Sweekruti yeah same kinda reaction and gud bonnie was not able to change elena it will give some better twwists to the plot I Hope

Sweekruti yeah its worldwide release is only thursday so no chance that no one would have seen it before you

Celeste Biersack I know but in some country it's a day ahead.

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