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Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Anothr great place to cheer you team on friday nights in the winter.

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ashleymarie Miles was at the basketball court letting out some steam. He picked up a rough orange basketball he dripped it down to the basket and took a few shots; he got the all in. He sighed and turned around going to half court and thew the ball. It slammed against the back bored. The gym was a gig place and it was empty. All Miles could hear at the moment was the echo of his basketball hitting the ground and bouncing. After a brief second the ball's bounce turned into a roll. It rolled to hi and tapped his toes. Miles looked down at the ball and sighed. He picked up up and spun it around in his hands before walked over to the bleachers and sitting down. He wrapped the ball around his left arm and speed out his legs as he sat down. He rested his other elbow on the bench behind him. He sat the ball down next to him and did the same with his left elbow. He thew hos head back looking at the lights on and the small fans move around on the ceiling.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Lita entered the basketball courts hesitantly. The place reminded her of home. The smell of sweat mingled with the excitment of soon-to-be matches. Her old school had been this way. She had hoped vainly that the courts would be empty, so she would have time to reflect on the past events of the year. But her wishes were brushed aside when she realised that there was somebody was sitting in the bleachers, and her stomach dropped when she realised it was a boy of about her age. She glanced down at her armless shoulder. The sleeve to her jacket was empty and it wasnt overly obvious that she only had one arm. But this didnt diminish any fears she had of anybody noticing. She attempted to quietly exit the place, only to have her converse all stars scuff against the polished floor. She mentally cursed herself, glancing back at him to make sure he hadnt noticed.

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ashleymarie Miles opened his eyes from hearing someone walk into the court. He jumped up and glared before looking at we he begain to yell "leave me alone!" He said and squeezed his mouth shut when he raised it was a girl standing there. "Oh shit..." He said to himself. He got up and swipped off his pants and picked up the basketball "sorry about that." He said in a nice and calm tone. He noticed the empty sleeve hanging off her shoulder. He starred for a brief moment before liking back at her face.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments She shrunk away slightly, averting her gaze as he glanced at her shoulder, her cheeks reddening.
Christ, could he make it even more obvious that he was staring.
"If your gonna look, at least try to do it discreatly." She said dryly, still blushing furiously. When it came to her 'Handicap' she was very sensitive. It probably didnt help matters that it had only been a mere month and a half ago when the incident had happened. Her face softened slightly after she paused for a few moments, replaying what she had said in her mind.
"Sorry, I was being rude." She murmured, contining to look away, not meeting his eyes.

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ashleymarie Miles dissent realize he was starring so he Abruptly looked at her and started stuttering. "!" He managed to pull out his mouth he felt Utterly Humiliated by his Actions. He face turned a light red. "I'm really sorry..." He said trying to keep his cool. He looked at her and sighed.

ohh so this is the girl my sience teacher was talking about, she's going to be in our sience class this Semester... Man I should really pay attencion more in class..

Miles started drifting off in his own thoughts. Realizing they both haven't Spoken to each other in a while. Miles Decided to break the silence and say someting. "You must be Lita... I'm really sorry about starring at your arm and yelling at you to leave me alone. I'm Miles." He said and reached his right hand out to shake her hand. Accidentally his hand went to her no-arm-sleeve as a force of habit. "Uhh.." He switched over to his other hand for her to shake it.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments She smiled at his awkwardness toward the situation. Sure it was inconvinient that her arm was gone, but watching him stumble over his sentences was quite amusing.
"Yea, Im Lita, and dont worry about the arm stuff. It just gets to me. Im sorry about snapping at you. Im just stressed out at the minute." She replied, now looking up at him with her rich, coffee black eyes, a grin hinting at her lips.
"Its good to meet you Miles." She said, shaking his hand politely.
"So how'd you know who I was?" She questioned, her curiosity shining through.

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ashleymarie Miles pulled his hand back in his pocked and did the same with his other hand. "Science teacher told us about getting a new student." He sad and walked over to the bench and sat down. "So? How are you liking Maryland Arts?" He asked. By this time he was use to her arm and barely even noticed it. He looked down at his basketball an picked it up and sat it in his lap.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Lita smiled.
"Its nice here, much more fancy than home. I feel a bit bad leaving my family behind but knowing my bad luck I'll probably be back home in a few weeks anyways." She replied, brow furrowing and biting her lip as she sunk into her thoughts. Figure skaters needed good balance. Would she be able to pull off good balance with only one arm?

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Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Bored from the libray Beck found his way around the school and into the basketball court. He entered and saw two people play already. He walked around near the wall.

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ashleymarie Miles smiled and nodded "yeah I guess this place is pretty fancy." He said and looked over at Beck and rolled his eyes. This place was getting to crowded for him. He bounced his basketball onto the ground an the stood up and looked at Lita and smiled "you can shoot right?" He asked not wanting to treat her any different from any other girl in the world. "If so let's play a game" he grinned and looked over at Beck again before glaring at him.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "I guess i could try..Just make sure you dont knock my shoulder though." She reminded him. She winced even at the thought of it being touched. The doctor had said that whilst it was healing that she should avoid coming into contact with it as much as possible, but once it was fully healed it would be fine to touch.
She smiled. He was the first person to treat her relativley normally. Everybody else acted as if she was made of glass and it had been driving her up the walls. She glanced over at Beck before looking at her shoulder and then back at Miles, eager to begin playing.

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ashleymarie Miles bounced the ball around her feet he looked at at her and smiled. The echo of the ball priced through his ears. "Ready?" He asked looking at her shoulder. He sopped the ball and put it under his armpit making his arm go into a arc around the ball "lets play O-U-T" he said and walked over to the basket. "Know how to play?" He asked.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "You shoot into the basket right? thats all I got." Lita said with a shrug. Her brother had taught her once, but she hadnt really been paying attention at the time. She had been to busy piecing together a new figure skating routine.

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ashleymarie Miles handed her the ball. "You start" he wicked and backed away giving her some space. "Let's see what you got." He teased and crouched down putting his arms on his legs and watched her.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "I..Ok." She said with a nod. SHe wasnt going to let her 'situation' get in the way. She had relativly good aim. In her opinion anyway. She dribbled the ball up to the basket, pausing momentariy before throwing it. The ball hit the back board before bouncing off in her direction and she instantly turned her armless shoulder away to avoid being hit.

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ashleymarie Miles blinked "man I really thought you would make it, oh well next time." He smiled and walked up to the ball and picked it up he threw it up in the air with a spinning motion and back into his hands. He placed on hand on the top of the basketball and the other on the side. He jumped up and let go on the ball. He watched it hit the side of the back bored and watched it bounce off the rim of the basket and back onto the ground. "Looks like we're both on a rusty start." He said.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "Im gonna get it the next time." She replied stubbornly, marching over the the ball. She attempted to scoop it up with her hand but it continued to roll away from her. It took her a few moments to get a hold of it, but as she did so a look of pride fell upon her face. She manourved it under her good arm, holding it there firmly before returning back to where Miles was standing.
"Ok, I'll do it this time." She dribbled it up, and threw the ball but yet again it bounced off of the back board.

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ashleymarie Miles smiled "I like your spirt" he said and walked over to the ball and picked it up he walked over to half court trying to show off. He threw the ball and it swished right into basket. His eyes widened. Shocks that he got that in the basket. The ball bounced 4 times under the net then it came to a stop and rolled around a bit before stopping.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Lita collected the ball again. She was getting quiker at picking it up, learning the technique she needed for her not to drop it. She took a few more shots, each one missing before she finally watched the ball bounce back towards her feet for a sixth time. She sighed slightly, dissapointment in herself now shining in her eyes. Lita looked at her arm that was intact and then the place where her other arm should have been before looking down at the ball again.

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ashleymarie Miles noticed she was having trouble he sighed and walked behind her. He took the ball out of her hand and put it in his hand. Alright this is the form you need." He said bad put his hand on her hand and moved it up he then placed the ball on top of her hand. "Okay now look at the basket and shoot. "He said.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Lita nodded, complying with what he had said and following his actions. She took a shot and watched as the ball soared through the air and into the basket. She stood there for a few moments, a pure look of shock on her face before a large grin spread across her face. She had done it! She thought happily, turning around and hugging him. Before pulling away.
"Thank you!" She said happily, almost jumping for joy.

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ashleymarie Miles eyes opened wide as she Suddenly hugged he smiled a bit and took a few steps back. "Why don't we get out of the gym it's a Friday night. What do you want to do?" He asked. This was a strange feeling.. Why was he being so nice to her l? He's never nice to people. Why made her different then the rest? He thought to himself.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "I think the movie shop is open, we could rent one and watch it in the senior room?" She suggested.
Quite handsome.. she thought to herself before shaking the thought off.
Your a one armed freak, he would never go for you. A part of her mind whispered. She continued to smile away happily.

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ashleymarie Miles smiled "alright, sounds good." He said and picked up the basketball and put in in the basketball rack. "What kind of movie?" He asked. Starting to walk out the door of the gym.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "Your really gonna let me decide?" She asked somehwat excitedly. She loved watching movies, it was one of her favourite pastimes back home when her mother and brother were working and her little sister was asleep.

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ashleymarie "Why not?" He said and walked out of the gym.

((RP in movie store))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((Sure :3))

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