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Prisoners at the Kitchen Table
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Melissa (ladybug) (LadybugsDoodles) I remember reading a book in the late 80s early 90s. There was a boy and girl playing together. The girl is rich and the boy is poor. Some kidnappers take them both to get money from the girls father. I remember that they were held in a forest and I remember that the boy was instrumental in getting them away and back with their families. The book isn't really all that long, probably about 250 or less pages. This is all I remember and it is really driving me nuts. :D

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It might be Prisoners at the Kitchen Table, published 1979.

The kids are Polly and Josh, kidnapped and taken to a shack in the wilderness by Bill and Verna, and Josh helps them escape.

Melissa (ladybug) (LadybugsDoodles) :D :D :D Thank you so much Andria!!!!!!!!!!! That is the book. I recognized the cover right away. I have been searching so long and had about stopped trying. :D

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Oh, Yay!! I'm happy to help. Remember to change the topic to "solved" so the mods can shelve the book. Oh, never mind, you just did. :)

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