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message 1: by Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (last edited Oct 23, 2012 12:38AM) (new)

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
Okay, This is you're place for all the character information. If you have any questions regarding the charries, fire away.

It's really boring when people creating small, goody two shoes character. Example: Martha is very friendly and sweet. She's an outgoing girl with a good and loyal heart.

I swear I'm NOT going to accept ^^ such charries!

Another mistake people make is:- Martha is dark and depressed but sometimes she's very sweet and friendly.

What the hell^^?? Such charries are also not going to be accepted. As you can see the personality is contradicting and is not possible unless she has Multiple Personality Disorder, in which case you should seriously mention it.

Also, please. Please, pleas make your character interesting. Please try not to write two liners. It's Verrrry boring and your charrie comes across as shallow, so please write in detail about the personality and history. Be as wild as you can.

With that done, let's move on to species. I see that sometimes people have trouble with breeds so I'm listing a couple just off the top of my head.
Were-anything (were-wolf, were-fox, were-horse, were-spider, were-whale etc.)
Shapeshifter (try to limit your shifting abilities to one or two animals)
Vampires (not the sparkly kind.)
Hell-Hounds (you'll probably be on four legs all the while...))
Demons...now this needs a little explanation. Please do state what kind/ species of demons...or just be really specific with the power it possess.
Demon Hunters

Okay now you get the idea. Go crazy with your character.

As for the power, I think you can do that on your own but please limit the amount of power you give it.
I think that covers it...if you have any doubts, ask them!

Now, now! We have some new ranks open!!
The Chief of Flagella
His wife The Lady
Two Sons.

The Chief of Cilia
His daughter.

Fill em up soon as possible!! Whoohooo!

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) wow •_• nice

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) no prob

message 5: by †Devil's Archangel§, † §tained ¢rimson §oul† (new)

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 192 comments Mod
YOu are a life saver dude I love you...not really but whatever...

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) haaaa

message 7: by †Devil's Archangel§, † §tained ¢rimson §oul† (new)

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 192 comments Mod
I love you too lana...well I do not really know you so I guess I should say I like you but yet again I still do not know you very well...

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) dawww love ya too Reaper.....even though i don't know you well either

message 9: by †Devil's Archangel§, † §tained ¢rimson §oul† (new)

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 192 comments Mod

message 10: by Meenu (new)

Meenu how many charries r we allowed to make?

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) hmm good question

message 12: by Meenu (new)

Meenu does anyone have the answer though? :)

message 13: by †Devil's Archangel§, † §tained ¢rimson §oul† (new)

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 192 comments Mod
You can make as many as you want but it is your job to take trace of all of them.

message 14: by Meenu (new)

Meenu okies:D

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
uuh....what did I miss??? oh, oh! did someone just say they love me??

message 16: by Meenu (new)

Meenu idk apps :D

message 18: by Meenu (new)

Meenu really apps!! :)
but i love you, ur an amazing mod!! :D

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) reaper and i both love you Apps

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
*swoon* Three confessions in one day! I think I might pass out!

message 21: by Meenu (new)

Meenu Lolz :D

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) *gets a bat*I'll give you something to pass out from!!

message 23: by Meenu (new)

Meenu APPS RUN!!

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
*dazed smile* waffles! Green waffles!!

message 25: by Meenu (new)

Meenu APPS SNAP OUT OF IT!! * starts freaking out*

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) *hits Apps in the head* AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
*points* Your hair's on fire.

message 28: by Meenu (new)

Meenu *gets bucket full o ice cold water an dumps it on lana*

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) *gets an idea* ...........FLAME ON!!! *bursts into flames* I'm the human torch!!!!!

message 30: by Meenu (new)

Meenu MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *sprays water out of hands*

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
*smiles like crazy* The flames of Satan!! yay!

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) SAAAAAATAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
O_o!! The water from hell!!! neat! *sprouts broccoli* the power of tastelessness !!!

message 34: by Meenu (new)

Meenu i like broccoli....

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) I like broccoli and cheese

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
I like cheese!! *becomes a huge ball of cheese covered cheetos*

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Yummy *begins to eat Apps* NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
*noooooo* *can't scream cuz you ate my head*

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) Haha!

message 40: by Meenu (new)

Meenu hahahaha!
i am mint chocolate ice cream!

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) ew i hate mint chocolate its disgusting.

message 42: by Meenu (new)

Meenu i love it!!
its amazing!!1
u should try it then judge! :P

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) i did,and its disgusting

message 44: by Meenu (new)

Meenu its awesome :(

message 46: by Meenu (new)

Meenu :(
so good...

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
sorry, I'm back now!

Yo, lana-chan! you watch Higurashi???

message 48: by Meenu (new)

Meenu do u guys watch holic or fruba????

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) higurashi? whats it about

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (Appsl) | 82 comments Mod
Um...no I don't watch either....

Go watch it!!!!!! There's psycho-ness, blood, murder, suspense, awesomeness!!!
'Higurashi no naku koro ni'
When cicadas cry.
Watch it.

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