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Should i bother?

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Chloe Goodall I am on chapter 6, but i am not sure if i can be bothered to read the rest of the book, so far i am quite bored. But my friend told me it gets better, should I bother????

Jordan yes

Chace yes. it gets better. The first book was actually kinda lame for me too. But the reward's always in the end :)

Sara Harris Yes you should, this series was great!

Gloria Yes!!!!

Leta Ashebo Yeah definitely!

YA_pagemaster Yes, I wasn't so sure at first either, but trust me when I say it's worth it. You learn to really love the characters once you get to the second book.

Macie Spivey yes. The rest of the series is amazing. Well, it was for me anyways.

Amber Yes!!! I didnt really like the first one but I hate giving up on a series after only reading the first one and I am sooo glad i stuck with it.

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...Uh.. Kinda lost interest on page 13..

YourFriendlyNeighborhoodSpidey You know, I read this book, and USUALLY when I read book 1 in a series, I 'm gonna read til at least book 3 if not further (depending on if there's more to the series) but, to be honest, while this book had an interesting premise, when I opened it up and read it, it was just boring. (I NEVER say that about books. Like, ANY. EVER.) I'd probably be more inspired to read the sequel if it had ended in a cliffhanger, but it didn't.

Jennifer I read it because I read my soul to lose but after reading the second book, my soul to save, I didn't feel like reading the other books, however I eventually will read it because I hate not finishing series.

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