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Willa Monday-Proud ((The Alphas come and Scent Mark here whenever Neccisary))

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Ariara ran here and put her scent. She scratched her back in the tree. She growled them headed back

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Ari walked here again to check if anything weird was going on. She laid down, and sighed. Looking at the border.

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 47 comments Mod
Matt was in werewolf form following her in the trees.

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She smelled the air, 'Safe' she thought. Then stretched her legs started to walk back and forth. 'Can't get tired' she said

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Matthew Peper (Seathethescaleless) | 47 comments Mod
He staid and kept guard.

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She shook her head, 'Leaders must never get tired'

Willa Monday-Proud Forest paced as well.

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'Forest, you alright?' she looked around, 'Matt?'

Willa Monday-Proud 'I'm Fine, just helping you keep an eye out' He said.

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'Thank. Appreciate it' she winked and laughed softly. Then leaned against a tree

Willa Monday-Proud Forest smiled. Then pricked his ears, He heard something.

Becca darted through the trees, almost silently. She looked like a large Fox.

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'Loner' she said. She changed and growled. 'Come out!'

Willa Monday-Proud Becca Leapt out of the trees, Over Ari and Forest, then landed in the middle of the clearing and spun around and looked at Ari, Forest and Matt.

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She growled. 'Get out of my territory' she snarled. She eased up a bit, 'What you want?'

Willa Monday-Proud Becca backed up against a tree and whimpered scared.

((She can't talk))

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Ari eased up, 'Its ok, I won't hurt you' she appraoched her slowly

Willa Monday-Proud Becca listened and calmed down a little.

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She stopped and held out her paw as a sign of trust.

Willa Monday-Proud Becca leaned towards her and sniffed it before mirroring her action.

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She sniffed it as well. Then she came closer and nuzzled her.

Willa Monday-Proud Becca let her Foxlike tail cover her small baby bump, Hiding it from sight and returned the Nuzzle.

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'She's pregnant. Oh my god, Forest, she's pregnant' she said. 'We..I..can't let her stay alone, the other pack could kill her' she said worriedly

Willa Monday-Proud Becca retreated to a safe distance,

Forest looked worried, 'I don't think we were supposed to notice' He said carefully looking at the Foxlike Were-Creature in front of them. 'I don't know if she's a Werewolf or a WereFox.' He said.

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She stepped forward and whimpered softly as if saying I'm sorry. She looked at Forest. 'What should we do?' she asked worriedly.

Willa Monday-Proud 'Get her to stay, It's the only thing we can do' Forest said.

Becca took a few steps towards Ari again.

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She nuzzles her, encouraging her to follow her. Saying that she will protect her.

Willa Monday-Proud Becca slowly follows Ari.

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She smiled and continued to walk. 'Lets go home Forest'

Willa Monday-Proud Forest nodded and walked next to her.

Becca followed.

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Onyx Sapphire comes to the border and sits she stares at the sky. She needed to think. She really liked Thomas. But she has never acted this way. She was usually flirt and confident

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