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message 1: by Neena (last edited Oct 17, 2012 06:05PM) (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
From my own experience I know one thing; getting a good recommendation for books is such a laborious job. I have wasted so much time reading reviews, surfing websites, looking at other readers’ book shelves. So I thought about starting this thread where you can post your 5 star books.

Remember books you gave 4/5 stars only!!
And also write a line about to whom you would recommend this book.

And also number the book so it's easy for everyone to go through the list.

message 2: by Satish (new)

Satish Jha | 162 comments 1.The Guide-for those who want to live for a few pages with a common man in rural india.A common man's philosophy of life
2.Five point someone-A common person in todays generation his hopes and plight . how to ruin oneself, friendship ,incongruity of real world with reasonable hope
3. Pride and prejudice-A man hopelessly in love unable to nurture it not due to lack of means but due to his assumption of superior social standing. A girl who couldnt detest a guy more but learns of his softer side
4. Bachelor of Arts- Educated young rural bachelor's story

message 3: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
5. "Say You Are One of Them" by Uwem Akpan

Recommend to: who like to read sad, brilliant, thought provoking tales that do not come out of Russian Literaure.

message 4: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
6. "Lost in the Forest" by Sue Miller

Recommend to: Those who like to read tightly written family and relationship plots with shifting view points.

Warning: if you love Jodi Picoult then Sue Miller might be bit too literary for you.

message 5: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
" The Weight of Silence" by Heather Gudenkauf

Recommend to: Those who like to read psychological family drama with bit of mystery.

message 6: by Satish (new)

Satish Jha | 162 comments Midnights children by Rushdie for those who are not averse to imagination however streched. Got heck of a headache while reading the book but just couldnt put put it down.

message 7: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
"The Hero's Walk" by Anita Rao Badami

This book is shelved with classics in my local public library. Now that's something for a contemporary fiction to be shelved with classics.

Reccomend to: who wants to read real Indian books about Indian values, family system, the way relationships works.

message 8: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
"The Hungry Ghosts: by Anne Berry

Reccomend to: those who like to read story told in very vivid and imaginary way and also where basic human psychology plays important part in the story.

message 9: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
The Senator's wife by Sue Miller.

Recommend to: Those who love to read about family, relationships, how different women view and react to wifehood and infidelity differently.

message 10: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
"We Need to Talk about Kevin" by Lionel Shriver

Recommend to: Those who like to read psychological fiction about parenting, motherhood gone wrong, family issues, role of parenting and sociopaths. A brilliant book to read, a keeper for sure!

message 11: by Anoop (new)

Anoop Pai B (anooppai) The Day of The Jackal by Frederick Forsyth- all thriller lovers should read this book. It is the Wimbledon of thrillers..

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