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message 1: by Pierce Withers, Master of Fairy Tail Guild (new)

Pierce Withers (SpottedBloodyHyena) | 1311 comments Mod
durr on other guild sheets

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Type of wizard:(Holder,Kinetic)

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Name: Darren
Age: 17
Rank: master
magic used:body restriction, crash, heavenly body magic, telekenesis, chain magic
Type of wizard:kinetic
Looks:: Personality:will undertake lots of challenges, kind to friends
Hostory: n/a maybe he'll tell you
Hobbys:Card games
Other: whats there to say?

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 18, 2012 04:01PM) (new)

Name:William Aurora
Age: 16
Gender: Male
magic that he/she uses: Arc of embodiment
Type of wizard:Kinetic
Looks: [image error]
Personality:Kind and helping
Hostory: Quite normal
Hobbys: art
Other: hates to be asked where he learned his magic

message 5: by Pierce Withers, Master of Fairy Tail Guild (new)

Pierce Withers (SpottedBloodyHyena) | 1311 comments Mod
Name:Kishan Ishtar
Age:13(3000 years old really)
Rank:S rank mage
Magic Used:He uses A Uniqui magic he calls Star Light
Type of wizard:Kinetic)
Looks: Photobucket
Personality:Hes a pain if you get on his bad side,bold,agressive,violent,cold,sacrcastic.
Hostory:Unknown he woke up in a tomb

Name:Numbers Ishtar
Age:13 (same as brother)
Rank:s rank mage
Type of magic:Same as twin
Type of wizard:,Kinetic)
Looks: Photobucket
Personality:Same as brother
Other: durr

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

maybe u should say he cant talk in the other part

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Oh yeah I forgot swallow blade mark looks like this

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minus the words xD

message 9: by Ayo (last edited Jan 07, 2013 08:55AM) (new)

Ayo Tunde | 4 comments Name: Jordan Fernandes
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Rank: S Class Mage
Magic: Heavenly Body Magic
Fire Magic
Abyss Break
Magic Staves
Type of wizard: Holder
Gender: Male
Age:20(or older)
Looks: black marking/tattoo under and above his right eye(same as Jellal's)Also ginger looking hair (Jellal Fernandez hair style and little spiky) and brown eyes.
Personality: Serious, Smart, Funny, Ultimate Boss, Cool, Charming, Kind, Friendly and strong.
Crush: Mirajane strauss
Other: Has a exceed partner and trained 8 years

message 10: by Ayo (last edited Dec 27, 2012 11:30AM) (new)

Ayo Tunde | 4 comments I will put a picture on that later

message 11: by Pierce Withers, Master of Fairy Tail Guild (new)

Pierce Withers (SpottedBloodyHyena) | 1311 comments Mod
oi hello

message 12: by Ayo (new)

Ayo Tunde | 4 comments hello

message 13: by Pierce Withers, Master of Fairy Tail Guild (new)

Pierce Withers (SpottedBloodyHyena) | 1311 comments Mod

message 14: by Ayo (new)

Ayo Tunde | 4 comments ????

message 15: by Pierce Withers, Master of Fairy Tail Guild (new)

Pierce Withers (SpottedBloodyHyena) | 1311 comments Mod
idk let s try not spam this

message 16: by Alaster (new)

Alaster (AquarionRed) | 5 comments Amora Asahina
guild:Fairy Tail
gender: female(I can act the part(don't judge me)
skill: magic user
Magic type: Seductivness, fire, darkness, and blade
Personality: Sweet, shy, smart, ominous, and random
Loves: the Ishtar twins(both)
other: loved by many guys and likes to play video games(a lot)

message 17: by Shadowmage (new)

Shadowmage | 1 comments Name: Ashiro Koga
Gender: Female
Age: 10 yrs old
Looks: She is medium sized with slight scruffy blonde, boyish hair, with two hair strands sticking out at the top. She has lively, lime green eyes. There was a scar running across her left cheek. She wore a red, baggy tank top, a black, long, short sleeved jacket that ended to her thighs, her collar always sticking up, black, finger-less gloves, black and red, boy's shorts and black hiking boots. On her head, she wore a pair of Steampunk goggles and she wore a red scarf around her neck with a pair of black headphones resting there too.
Guild mark color/position: Neon green, on her right palm.
Occupation: Mage
Guild: Fairy Tail
Rank: Rookie
Magic type: The power to control and create shadows and darkness
Other skills: Expert in hand to hand combat, martial arts, telepathy, monster strength and weapons expert.

Personality: Arrogant, tomboyish, loud, carefree, kind, intelligent (doesn't show it), serious (in battle), hotheaded ,noble, brave and a bit stupid.

Likes: Playing cards, gambling, stealing.
Dislikes: Pervyness, bad-guys, cheating.
Loves: Food, friends, fun, and herself.
Hates: Evil, her brother, spoiled brats, snobs and bright lights.

History: Ashiro was born in a small town in the south of Fiore, in a small town called Saboady, at the age of 5, her whole family was murdered, by her own brother. She lived on the streets most of her life, stealing valuables to survive, now leaving her with a habit of stealing things from shops, or houses. She joined the Fairy Tail guild when she had mastered her Shadow Demon magic.

Goals: To defeat her brother, become one of the most powerful mages whoever lived, to become rich, and to be recognized by many.

Hobbies: Stealing, playing cards or chess, training non-stop, taking strolls through the forest and spending time with her friends.

message 18: by Themudkipfry (new)

Themudkipfry | 8 comments Name: Jack Stormbend


rank:newbie wizard of the guild, norse star

element:knows a little bit of everything but specializes in his own little magic called soul force.

Type of wizard: caster

looks:prefers not to wear a shirt but wears a trench coat that is black, and a black pair of pants, he also prefers to wear light armor

Personality:he likes to crack jokes at moments but when you need him hes there, he will never leave a friend behind and will disobey a direct order if it puts a friend in danger.

history: one day after his final magic lesson from his father a robber broke in and killed both his parents, leaving only him and his sister, who left soon after becoming an adult.

hobbys: loves to mess around with the guys from fairy tail, just to be friendly with other guilds of course. Hangs out with natsu or one of the others while they arent on jobs.

crush:he kinda has a bit of a crush on erza

other: soul force uses the strength of his mind to power itself in turn making him a force to be reckoned with. very few have challenged him but only one person has beaten him if they have.

message 19: by Themudkipfry (new)

Themudkipfry | 8 comments norse star disbanded i forgot to add that

message 20: by Themudkipfry (new)

Themudkipfry | 8 comments so he joined fairy tail

message 21: by Themudkipfry (new)

Themudkipfry | 8 comments guild mark color: dark red

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