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This is the front of the Castle and the Entrance. You can come in and out of the castle's front Garden easily but not so much as the Castle it's self. You May enter as you please, But you must have permeation to leave the Castle after words. Only the king(s) can give you that Promising.

Castle's look

Front Garden:

HiddenInForests Clarisa was on her hands and knees in the Entrance hall, scrubbing the floor. That was all she seemed to do these days, clean the damn castle until it was spotless. She sighed softly, tucking her hair behind her ear as she worked.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) Alex walked over"hi there"

HiddenInForests Clarisa looked at Alex in mild shock, wondering if he was talking to her, but there was no one else around, "hello sir."

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Meenu Alexander walked with Elizabeth. "Clary?"

HiddenInForests Clarisa's gaze shifted to Alexander then she quickly looked down at the floor, not saying a word. She hated it when he saw her working, she was always dressed in rags that barely fitted her and showed way to much skin for her liking.

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Meenu "Hallo Clarisa. Oh i see my idoitly amazing boyfriends here too." She raised an eyebrow at Alex and smiled at Clary.

Alexander kept his eyes on Clary. "here." He gave her the package he was holding. Inside it was a beautiful plain black dress. It was knee length and had a corset.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "You know her Alexander"Alex said

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "Well that's one way you can say it"Alex smiled at Elizabeth

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HiddenInForests Clarisa smiled back at Elizabeth then stood up and gently took the package, the opened it and stared at the dress, "oh gosh..." she breathed, not sure what to say.

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Meenu Elizabeth wrapped her arm around Alex.

"yeah i know Clary." He turned and looked at Clary. "Do you like it?"

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HiddenInForests "It's beautiful, but why?" She asked, looking up into Alexander's eyes.

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Meenu "I thought you would like it, thats why." He smiled at her.

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HiddenInForests Clary suddenly threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, standing on tip-toe to make up for the height difference, "thank you so much."

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Meenu He hugged her back. "Glad you lke it."

"And he was telling us to stop the PDA." Eluzabeth rolled her eyes and looked at Alex.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "Yup"he laughed a bit

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Meenu "Ummm. Maybe we should add some too." She winked at Alex

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HiddenInForests Clary pulled away and placed a small kiss on his lips, "of course I like it."

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Meenu Alexander looked at her in surprise.
"Uh...try it on. I need to see if it fits."

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HiddenInForests Clary nodded and slipped into another room, she came out a moment later wearing the dress it complimented her pale skin and ginger hair perfectly, and it accented her curves.

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Meenu Alexander couldnt take his eyes off her. "You look...beautiful." Eluzabeth smiled and nodded."Looking sexy Clarisa."

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HiddenInForests Clary blushed a little and smiled to them both, "thank you."

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Alex smith (Kosho1) Alex just smiled and nodded in approval

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Meenu "You should get me presents like that too." Eliabeth glared at Alex, her arms folded across her chest.

Alexander laughed. "Need help Clary?"

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HiddenInForests "With what?" Clary asked innocently.

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Meenu Alexander actually blushed. Eluzabeth gasped in surprise.
"With cleaning.Not anything else."

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HiddenInForests Clary giggled softly, "don't worry, I've finished anyway."

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "Maybe when I get the chance I will get you something"he grins

message 29: by Meenu (new)

Meenu "You get it now. You have the chance." She smiled at him.

Alexander nodded at Clary. "Okay. So, you're free now?"

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "Fine"he runs off

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Meenu Elizabeth starts laughing."I'm getting a present! Oh yah!" She starts dancing.

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HiddenInForests Clary nodded, "as free as I'll ever be."

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Meenu "Cool. What do you wanna do?" He ignored Elizabeth's dancing.

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HiddenInForests "I don't mind, it's up to you," she replied.

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Meenu "I dont know either." He was trying to think of where they could go.

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HiddenInForests "The gardens maybe?" She suggested.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) Alex came back panting his cloths looked a but burnt "well here got you this"he smiled giving Elizabeth a diamond necklace

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Meenu Alexander nodded and they left.
"Really? A diamond necklace! Alex you didnt have to." She hugged him."Are you okay? You look fried."

message 39: by Alex (new)

Alex smith (Kosho1) "Dragons really love necklaces but not as much as I love eating dragons"he grinned evily "ANYWHO I'm glad you like it"he smiled

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Meenu "You ate a dragon? Impressive but just a tad bit disgusting. Please brush before you kiss me." She smiled and hugged him again.

message 41: by Alex (new)

Alex smith (Kosho1) "Ok"he laughed and hugged her too

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Meenu Elizabeth loved every minute she spent with Alex. He was just right. "You're amazing." She poked him in his side, laughing slightly as he yelped.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) He laughed poking her back

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Meenu "I see you wanna play." She had a mischievous glint in her eyes.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "Maybe"he smiled

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Meenu Elizabeth winked at him. " Catch me if you can."

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Alex smith (Kosho1) He grabs her by the waist and pulls her to him"got ya"he grinned

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Meenu "Cheater." She smiles and lets him hold hr.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) He smiles "well where do you wanna go"

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Meenu "Nowhere with you thats for sure." She pulled away smirking and sprinted to ghe garden.

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