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Please follow the special format! Thanx!

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Lizz (elizebeth) Name: Elizebeth
Gender: f
Age: 15
Appearance:Tall,Golden Blonde hair,Green eyes,beautiful but deadly
Personality: Outgoing not afraid and flirts with al boys
Side in war: Union
Occupation: Nurse(not really)
Rank: Spy
Family: All died
Flaw: ??
Other info: has crush on...

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Lizzy Name:Red
Appearance:tall, well built, muscular, slender, short brown hair, bright green eyes, freckles,
Personality:bold,confident, outgoing, outrageous, funny, smart, quickwitted, sarcastic, tom-boy
Side in war:(this is revalutionary, right? if it is, then she of coarse is an American!)
Occupation:she becomes a soilder (disguises herself)
Flaw:she has a bad left leg- not very good at running, but an excelant horseman. she also tends to mouth off to the wrong people.
Other info:Doesn't really care what happens in her life as long as its fun, strong willed and firm, her leg got damaged when she was a kid but more on that later!!

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Name: Kalyna
Gender: female
Appearance: long blond hair, tall, slender, soft blue eyes, tanned
Personality: soft spoken, but tough, keeps her head
Side in War: patriot
Occupation: nurse
Rank: nurse.
Family: parents live in virginia, doesn't have any siblings, wants to make her father proud of her, her mothers dying.
Flaw: she trusts people too easily
Other info: she doesn't really want to be in the war, but her father wanted her to. his opinion really influences what she does.

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Lizzy ((tight! shes a loyalist! good, thomas needs a friend!!))

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Lizzy good!!i'll add that on thomas's character profile!!

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Name: lilian
Gender: female
Age: 17
Personality: Outgoing not afraid flirty
Side in war: yankee. doesn't like the british
Occupation: Nurse
Rank: nurse
Family: .....
Flaw: ??
Other info:

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Lizz (elizebeth) SARAH!!!!

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Lizz (elizebeth) SARAH!!!

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Lizz (elizebeth) LOLZZZ!!!

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Name: Annalie Sumter
Gender: Female
Appearance: 5'7, long wavy raven hair, brown eyes
Personality: out-going, courageous, kind, speaks her mind
Side in war: British, was American
Occupation: soldier
Rank: Captain
Family: thought Samuel Sumter(Thomas Sumter's brother) was her father but later found out it was lord Cornwallis
Family: Lord Cornwallis
Flaw: torn between continentals and british, forced to be british and held against her will by her father
Other info: She was known as the "red death" because she could kill any red coat she saw, she served directly under General Washington until she was captured when her house was burned down by british dragoon Col. Tarleton, she killed samuel sumter, she fights with muskets and french pistols from the french and indian war,she was taught to shoot by her uncle(thomas sumter) and she never fails to deliver the death blow, her horse is a freisian and his name is leviticus, he was taught to protect her, she serves directly under tarleton now and is still referred to as the red death because of the uniform she wears

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yes she'll be buds w/ sarah, and no masquerade, she won't kill you

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Lizzy lol

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Lizz (elizebeth) what do they need a flaw for? just out of courosity

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Lizz (elizebeth) Oh ok, sorry im blonde soo i just need some things explianed to me, lol, jk

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Lizz (elizebeth) Yeah im actually Blonde its a pretty blonde to but im actually smart

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Lizzy lol red hair is pretty tight. I just have brown hair- 'the color of golden brown wheat in the summer heat' as I said in the poetry class i had today. lol, I'm hopeless in there....

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Lizzy how old is Annalie?

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Lizzy k, jst wondering! thanks!

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Name: Jane
Gender: Female, duh!
Age: 20
Appearance: Black hair, green eyes
Personality: TBA
Side in war: England ((I have a good idea for her.))
Occupation: Solder
Rank: Idk.....
Family: None
Flaw: Indecision
Other info: Disguised herself to go to war

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 Araceli Name: Sophia
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Personality: Fierce, quiet, brave, loyal
Side in war: patriot
Occupation: Female gunsmith and doctor's assistant
Rank: IDK
Family: Little brother, Collin
Flaw: Temper
Other info: is working in the war only because her uncle is the doctor.

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 Araceli Thank you!

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hey,Collin could be her little brother,i have an idea,she could be captured already and used as leverage to get the others to go back to the fort so annalie can blow more retards up...jk

message 27: by Araceli (new)

 Araceli Lol, really?

Okay, Collin can be my dearest little brother :)

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lol and thanks...and yes she blew some person up that asked her to give up her weapons...

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sorry that I used anime
Personality:doesn't like people,smart,rude,is willing to help people in trouble (sometimes) never smiles
Side of War:none.he just kills people whenever it's convenient
occupation:doesn't really have one, but he paints
Family:has a little brother,Ramsey. no parents.
Flaw:his unwillingness to kill inocent
Other: he specializes with guns.

Personality:loves to flirt with girls,ignorant,likes to tease his brother,smart,likes to have fun
Side of War:(same as David)
Occupation: mechanic
Family:Older brother, David. No parents
Flaw:loves women way too much
Other:he and his brother are normally on the road. He's a perv (sometimes) and he is a master with a sword

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sorry! i forgot this was female! should I delete this?

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you sure?

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do we use these charas in the roleplay roleplay?

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hi pudding!

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Lizzy awh...

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Lizzy its s sad that her family died....

message 39: by [deleted user] (new) mean darlington...*chuckles*

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lol...couldn't help meself

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klutzygirl | 1 comments Name: Careen
Gender: f
Age: 17
Personality: rude, smart, caring but doesn't really show it, rebellious
Side in war: Patriot
Occupation: she is qualified to be a nurse but her parents wont let her
Rank: ...
Family: She hates her parents and doesn't think of them as family
Flaw: She doesn't always trust people
Other info: Her parents are loyalists. She is planning on running away to become a nurse.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 56 comments Name: Freya
Gender: F
Age: 17
Personality: rebellious keeps to her self so silent people think she mute.
Side in war: Union
Occupation: Nurse
Rank: Nurse
Family: only child parents never home so is like she dousn't have them Father is a general.
Flaw: give up anything for a friend
Other info: blind

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 56 comments patriots!

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 56 comments Name:Rose
Ocupation:Freyas dog.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 56 comments it a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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