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message 1: by Elaina (new)

Elaina I'm Elaina and I'm from Louisiana. I love to read and always have, but just recently due to a fiction class at my university I started reading a broader range of genres. All I used to read was Fantasy in YA :( didn't know how much I was missing. Right now I have seemed to fallen in love with metafiction and experimental genres. If anyone has suggestions let me know!

message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (TNBBC) | 9625 comments Mod
Elaina, welcome to the world of reading beyond YA :)
Happy to have you here!

message 3: by Jane (new)

Jane | 221 comments Hi Elaina - I hardly ever read YA until I joined up here. I'm sure you'll find many recommendations here ---

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