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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (StephieJa) | 20 comments Mod
This is the tread for authors to help authors. If you have any writing tip, publishing tips, our promotional tips, please put it here.

message 2: by T.P. (new)

T.P. Grish | 8 comments I have a question here. A friend of mine who has looked at my book page on Amazon and purchased it received an email from Amazon recommending my book, along with a list of others. My book title was in the subject line. This definitely means that my book is linked to the other books through common customer views and purchases, which means that other people may get emails with the subject line of another similar fantasy book they purchased, and mine will be one of the suggestions for recommended books. This is great.

However, is there any chance that a large number of people who have not seen my book, were sent the recommendation email with my book on TOP OF THE LIST? Or is my book only on top for my friend, because he looked at it more than other books? It is probably the latter, but I was holding out hope.

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