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message 1: by Hannah :3 (new)

Hannah :3 (hammycope) Here we go

Little Miss Crazy(LinkinPark4Ever) (rockingfromanearlyage) | 415 comments Sorry didn't see this!!! So what did we wanna do again???

message 3: by Hannah :3 (last edited Oct 21, 2012 10:49PM) (new)

Hannah :3 (hammycope) Uhhh I dunno

Little Miss Crazy(LinkinPark4Ever) (rockingfromanearlyage) | 415 comments Do you wanna do a......ummm......what There are these two girls; Completely nerdy, and socially awkward, but they're best friends. On the other end, the captain of the soccer team, and the captain of the football team are best friends who have always made fun of these girls, and they're out for revenge. They have completely transformed themselves the summer before their senior year, then they come back, and the 'games' begin.
whatcha think??

message 5: by Hannah :3 (new)

Hannah :3 (hammycope) Cool! We could do one girl and one boy each?

Little Miss Crazy(LinkinPark4Ever) (rockingfromanearlyage) | 415 comments yeh!!! doyou want to make yours first??

message 7: by Hannah :3 (new)

Hannah :3 (hammycope) No you can

Little Miss Crazy(LinkinPark4Ever) (rockingfromanearlyage) | 415 comments I can't I'm at school atm.

message 9: by Hannah :3 (new)

Hannah :3 (hammycope) Ok here's mine

Name: Zack Trevor
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/41037817/v...
Personality: funny, rude, sick, stubborn, brave, tough, show off


Name: Mia Richard
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/41041344/v...
Personality: kind, caring, sweet, brave, out going, silly, loud

message 10: by Little Miss Crazy(LinkinPark4Ever) (last edited Oct 28, 2012 11:24AM) (new)

Little Miss Crazy(LinkinPark4Ever) (rockingfromanearlyage) | 415 comments Okay.

Name: Toni Smith
Age: 18
Gender: F
Appearance: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?um=1&a...
Personality: A bubbly character is kind of a geek, when it comes to science and art.
Other: has a tattoo on her right arm saying ‘what goes around comes around’ in Arabic, and a tattoo on her chest : http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?start=...

Name: Daniel Brownlow
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=alex...

message 11: by Hannah :3 (new)

Hannah :3 (hammycope) cool! you start

Little Miss Crazy(LinkinPark4Ever) (rockingfromanearlyage) | 415 comments ((OKAY!! BTW I changed her name))

Toni walked into school with people stairing at her.

Daniel sat at the back of his english class with all the jocks.

message 13: by Hannah :3 (new)

Hannah :3 (hammycope) Mia smiled when she saw Toni. She walked up to her. "hey Toni!" she said. The other girls stared at Mia like she was a freak.


Zack sat by Daniel, laughing at his friends joke.

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