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ARC that never came?

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taylor Hey, I won an ARC for this book on here a few months ago and the book still hasn't come.

Goodreads said to contact the person who started it if it hasn't arrived in four to six weeks. Well, it's been four to six weeks but I have no idea who to contact.

The giveaway had 30 books, if that helps?

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Gabby Well, i usually get mine in 4-6 weeks, but if you don't. Go to the give away and it should say 'Have you received your copy?' answer is easy, 'no'.
OR (And the way i prefer.) Go onto the person who gave away the copys' profile and click 'send message' you can tell them personally that you have not received your copy.
-Hope you get the book! And have fun reading it!

taylor The problem is: I don't have a link to the giveaway!

taylor Yup! Still haven't gotten it. I contacted the creator of the giveaway a while ago but still no response. :c

message 6: by Gabby (new)

Gabby Awww, that's happened to me before, although it wasn't a 'goodreads giveaway' The moderator of the group i was in left, and didn't send it.

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