The Girl Next Door The Girl Next Door question

What was your favourite part of the book?
Julia Mcleod Julia Oct 16, 2012 12:48PM
My favourite parts of the book where some of the saddest parts of the book. First when they have the fight about being boyfriend and girlfriend, Sam runs home and Jess follows which leads to him needing his oxygen mask and Jess never lets go of Sam while he is suffering. I also love it Sam walks into Jess and Cindy kiss, then runs out and then Jess proposes to Sam. I really like those parts because you can feel the drama and her writing is so amazing you can tell exactly how Sam feels during these moments. I really enjoyed this book but these parts are my favourite and i remember them the best.

my favorite parts of this book was from the first to the last page. it was a heart stopping and interesting book.

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