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message 1: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Burket (kathleengigicompany) | 20125 comments Mod
Please post comments and discussion here for the February '09 Book of the Month:

Warlord by Angela Knight Warlord by Angela Knight

message 2: by Kathleen (last edited Feb 14, 2009 04:06PM) (new)

Kathleen Burket (kathleengigicompany) | 20125 comments Mod
I finished Warlord by Angela Knight this weekend and I have to give it a mixed review. It contained four stories, "Jane's Warlord," "Warfem," "The Warlord and the Fem," and "Baby, You've Changed." Enjoyed the first two, but had reservations about the last two. Knight warns her readers that the first two stories were written for mass market and the last two are a "little more hard-core" having been written for her Yahoo Group fans. Hard-core graphic sexual descriptions I could have taken, what turned me off was the domination aspect of the stories. Sorry, I do not enjoy reading about people who deprive sexual pleasure from being hurt, no matter if they are genetically programmed that way or not. I am not genetically programed that way. Nuff said on that.

"Jane's Warlord" and "Warfem," the first two stories in Warlord, I did enjoy. Riane from Warrior (the first book of the Time Hunters series), and the heroine of Guardian (the second book in Time Hunters, due out May 2009), is the daughter of Baran Arvid and Jane Colby from Jane's Warlord. There is a child, Galar, in Warfem who I am fairly convinced is the same Galar, who is Jessica Kelly's hero in Warrior. So, I enjoyed all the connections between the stories.

I thought that Knight did a credible job of developing a believable human society totally different from anything on modern Earth. Yet, human enough that they still have to be concerned about things like computer viruses. Also, loved Freika, a genetically enhanced timber wolf who is partnered with Baran Arvid. Freika is also partnered with Riane, Baran and Jane's daughter, in Warrior and Guardian. Really wish that Octopussy, Jane's cat, had received a few enhancements after they returned to the future in Jane's Warlord. Can only imagine Octopussy giving Freika a piece of her feline mind.

My advice to other fans of Knight who would like more background on the futuristic world of the Time Hunters from her earlier stories, Jane's Warlord and Warfem, is to try harder then I did for a used copy of those two, or to stop after reading Warfem unless graphic domination sex doesn't upset you. The last two stories, "The Warlord and the Fem" and "Baby, You've Changed," are pretty brutal.

message 3: by Shannah (new)

Shannah I really enjoyed the first two stories as well, Warlord and Warfem and would like to read more of this series. However I agree about the last 2 stories, story 3 was okay but I really did not like story 4. If I was a new reader to this author and read those stories first I proably wouldn't read her again.

However I loved Jane and Baran, and my fav character was Freika. I laughed alot due to that wolf while I was reading. Reading the first 2 stories has peaked my interest in this author whom I hadn't read before.

message 4: by Gina (new)

Gina (ginrobi) | 3325 comments Mod
Oh, Shannah, you're in for a ride. You'll have to check out her website and on Fantastic Fiction. She has a few series' going. I agree about her last two stories. The third was so-so, but I really didn't like the last. While I do happen to like kinky stuff, some of it dark, that was a bit too much for me. She explains those last two stories and why they were added in the book. I'm sure if I'd read it on the yahoo group, I wouldn't have liked them then, either.

And I agree, Shannah, about Freika. How that character popped into her head, we may never know, but he was one of the best parts of the story. I adored him, and hope to see him again.

message 5: by Colleen (new)

Colleen (colleenct1) | 1537 comments Hi All,

This is my review of "Warlord":

I have to be honest. I only picked up this book because it was a book of the month for one of the groups I belong to. I saw the cover and read the back and did not have high hopes for the book. I thought it would stink. Boy was I wrong.

Not only is the story line in Warlord (the first story) good, but I got sucked in to the story on the first few pages. Not only was the story set in the future but it also made mention of the past. One of the great "cold cases" is solved in this story.

The thing that got to me were the sexy scenes. I read on the bus on my way to work. These scenes were so steamy that I would blush and really think that people were looking over my shoulder. I was kind of embarrassed but I had to keep reading. It was a page turner and I gave it 4 stars. I would recommend this story to every woman expect my mother because I don't want her to know that I enjoy stories like this :)

I also liked Freika, his sarcasm was something I could identify with. There were times in the story that I forgot he was a wolf.

The only thing I did not like about this book was that I am single :) I think having a partner would have added to the enjoyment of this book :)

message 6: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Burket (kathleengigicompany) | 20125 comments Mod

The series continues in the novel Warrior: The Time Hunters by Angela Knight. It was released July 1, 2008. The next volume, Guardian: The Time Hunters, will be released May 5, 2009.

message 7: by Colleen (new)

Colleen (colleenct1) | 1537 comments I will put that on my list of books to acquire. I am still trying to get all of March's books. LOL

message 8: by Gina (new)

Gina (ginrobi) | 3325 comments Mod
Colleen wrote: "I will put that on my list of books to acquire. I am still trying to get all of March's books. LOL "

If you enjoy her Time Travelers series, I bet you'll enjoy her Mageverse series as well. Check it out HERE .

message 9: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Burket (kathleengigicompany) | 20125 comments Mod
I would concur with Gina. I loved the Mageverse books.

message 10: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Burket (kathleengigicompany) | 20125 comments Mod
I have completed Guardian (Time Hunters, #2) by Angela Knight Guardian (Time Hunters Trilogy, Book 2). Set in the same universe as Jane's Warlord and Warfem, and a sequel to Warrior, Guardian is excellent. My only regret is that this series concludes after the next volume.

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