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The Lovely Bones
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Oct. 15 & 16 > Destany Hawkins

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Destany | 5 comments My favorite book i read in middle school was The Lovely Bones. This book was sad because this old guy that lived across the street from this little girl got her to go into an underground club house and wouldnt let her out. Her parents finally go looking for her after she didnt come home for several hours. But come to find out she that guy had murdered her. Something i liked about reading this book in class was that i focused a lot more on all the details than i would have if i would have read it at home.

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Alicia | 5 comments this is actually a good book i almost cried .

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Destany | 5 comments yeah it is and i did cry lol

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Alicia | 5 comments hahah yeah ( x

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