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A Child Called "It" (Dave Pelzer, #1)
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Oct. 15 & 16 > Alicia

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Alicia | 5 comments This is a story about how this litle kid is getting abused and hurt by his own mother. This was a very intersting story to read about because you read all the things this little kid goes through and its really sad on how much the kid goes through. So yeah read it its a really reallly good book.

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Susy | 2 comments it is a really good book because like lisha said you will see what this little kid has to deal with and you will be happy that isnt you..

Alicia | 5 comments Yes susie is right.

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Destany | 5 comments I really want to read that book i heard it was really good but sad.

Alicia | 5 comments yeah you should cause its like really sad but like once you read it your just like :o and want to keep reading.

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Destany | 5 comments haha yeah. everyone said that, that book makes you cry

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