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The Call of the Wild
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Oct. 15 & 16 > Isaiah Perales

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Isaiah Perales | 2 comments The best book that I read in middle school was Jack London's "Call of the Wild". It is a book about a dog named Buck that is kidnapped and forced to pull sleds until he gets free and lives in the wild. I really liked the book because it was well written although some say the book was plagerized.I also liked it because of the accuracy it was written with. You felt like you where inside the book. Really good details. WE got to read the book on our own which i like because I can go at my own pace.

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Zachary Anderson | 6 comments I've never read this book, but it sounds like a good book. Good review.

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Josiah Chillon | 3 comments ive always wanted to read the book but i never have the time.

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