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What did you think of the message behind "The Martyr's Song"?

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message 1: by Merry (new)

Merry Lisa Hat (godzgirl91) | 1 comments Mod
"The Martyr's Song" by Ted Dekker has a strong message behind it. What do you think of it?

message 2: by Tia (new)

Tia | 10 comments I did not finish this book, however, what I read, it was a telling of how inner beauty is much more important than outer beauty. The story the woman tells the teenager is about how you can become a greater person without the outer beauty. Its what you can do with the character that you have.

message 3: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Taylor (tobstaylor) | 26 comments Are we talking about the series or just the one book?

message 4: by Christine (new)

Christine (missfitz496) | 12 comments i dont think this book is really about inner beauty because eve or whatever the old lady's name is keeps saying its not. i think this book is a lot like Skin in it's message that even outer beauty is just how you perceive certain things to be beautiful, but some characteristics are ugly. It's not really that they are either ugly or beautiful its your own mindset and culture and background that shape these ideas.

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