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message 1: by Jorge (new)

Jorge | 7 comments I've just come across a group that frankly seems like an attempt of shameless self-promotion of a business without any relationship or mention with books at all and without any activity whatsoever. It has just one member (the creator I presume).

Are there any means to report this kind of groups?

The groups in question is this one:

message 2: by Jorge (last edited Oct 15, 2012 03:51PM) (new)

Jorge | 7 comments Add to the list another one from the same person and the 7 "people" that joined that group, they are generating chatter, nothing to do with books of course. The 8 accounts where created this month along with accounts in other sites like slideshare, most of them are common names or names of famous people, but "Fritzy Eignman" yield some results that go back to this BP Holdings thing. I might be wrong and they could very well be perfectly valid accounts within Goodreads terms but somebody should take a look at them and delete them if they end up being spam.

The second group in question:

message 3: by Jorge (new)

Jorge | 7 comments You guys are eerily fast :) Thank you

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