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Katie fun book w/ fun ideas. sort of got me thinking about sock creatures and i took some of his ideas such as how to stitch a smile! yes, i'm a very very green sewer, textile artist! the one thing i was a bit bummed on was that he didn't include the "pattern" of the little guy on the back page, the striped guy i just loved! would have liked more patterns and less of the creatures in action first half of the book. my first sock creature book. any more out there?

Inder There are two other sock creature books that I would recommend. One is "Sock and Glove" by Miyako Kanamori, and the other is "Stupid Sock Creatures" by John Murphy. I have both (although Krishna is currently in possession of the latter), so you can borrow them from me if you'd like. Having seen all three, I actually think "Stray Sock Sewing" is the best basic beginner guide - those step by step photographic instructions rock! But all three are great in their own way. "Stupid Sock Creatures" is even more wild than "Stray Sock Sewing"; "Sock and Glove" features more "standard" softies that look like actual animals, including one that I think looks a bit like a pit bull! Fun fun fun!

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Debra I also like the book but the one sock doll I like the most doesn't have instructions. Pg 62 Sock Doll Tweens. The little guy with his hands in his pockets. Anybody know where I can get this information?

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