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message 1: by Lannister, Lady 'Popcorn' Marlowe (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 11249 comments Mod
Got anything you want to say about Lia the war mage from the short stories Rogue Elements, Vegas Odds and Skin Deep? Or perhaps you want to talk about any weres, half-weres or other wolfie types that (might) appear in the stories (cough *Fenrir* cough). Use this thread for any and all discussions!

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie (kathydavie) | 468 comments I love the Lia stories and wish KC would expand on them. I read them in odd fits and starts and intend to go back and read them in order and with purpose.

message 3: by Lannister, Lady 'Popcorn' Marlowe (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 11249 comments Mod
I'm a bit late with my response to this. Sorry!

We're going to do a reread of all the short stories starting early next year Kathy, so you could join in with that? I'm slightly ashamed to say there's a bunch of the short stories I haven't read yet, but I'll catch up when we do the readalong. :)

message 4: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie (kathydavie) | 468 comments Ooh, yes please! I'd love to. I think a Lia story was my first intro to KC and so I didn't pick up on the connections

message 5: by Lannister, Lady 'Popcorn' Marlowe (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 11249 comments Mod
Sarah's listed it in the group events here, but we'll probably send out a message a few days before we start just to remind everyone.

Put it in your calendar for the beginning of January, and have a Happy New Year! :D

message 6: by Anna (new)

Anna | 1699 comments Where is the first Lia story?

message 7: by Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥ , Mircea's Moderatrix (new)

Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥  (mylheage) | 5744 comments Mod
It's in an anthology called "Wolfsbane and Mistletoe".

message 8: by Enjee, Founder (new)

Enjee | 1199 comments Mod
Lia de Croissets (short stories in sequence in these anthologies):
Rogue Elements in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe by Charlaine Harris, Vegas Odds in Strange Brew (Cassandra Palmer; Jane Yellowrock, #0.5; Cin Craven, #1.5; Alpha & Omega, #1.5; Nocturne City, #3.5; Sookie Stackhouse, #9.1; The Dresden Files, #10.7; Vampire Files, #11.5) by P.N. Elrod, Skin Deep in Inked (World of the Lupi, #5.5) by Karen Chance

message 9: by Anna (last edited Nov 13, 2012 02:37PM) (new)

Anna | 1699 comments Ah thanks Enjee and Sarah: library/christmas list material!

message 10: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie (kathydavie) | 468 comments Oh...sigh...I had hoped I'd missed some of the Lia stories. I like her. I'll have to re-read to get my fix I guess...*sighs some more*...

message 11: by Enjee, Founder (new)

Enjee | 1199 comments Mod
I like Lia, too. I would rather read more Lia stories than Claire stories.

message 12: by Anna (new)

Anna | 1699 comments What are people thinking about Lia as a lead characer compared to Dory and Cassie? Does she work? Is she different enough?

message 13: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie (kathydavie) | 468 comments She works for me! I hadn't realized she was connected to the Cassandra series at all. And I do wish she'd show up with her own full-length novel!

message 14: by Nikki (last edited Oct 03, 2013 12:18AM) (new)

Nikki Shonoiki | 1 comments I LOOOOOVVVEEE Lia, after Skin Deep. Before that, I was still warming up to her, but she her kicked some major butt in Skin Deep and proved her heroine status in spades with that book. I really hope KC can get the okay to make her into a whole book series. I want her to be added to the Cassie and Dory series because honestly, those 3 together remind me of Charlie's Angels.

But as far as her series fitting in with Cassie's and Dory's, well, while Cassie and Dory have a strong connection to one another through Mircea, Lia is only loosely connected through the Silver Circle and although she's based in the same world she is telling it from a perspective that was barely mentioned in the other two book series. However, I think those three girls would bump heads either way, however with the power and skill sets all three of them have, they could take out the stupid Black Circle, the malevolent Gods, or any enemy and win.

I think all three of their perspectives paint a holistic picture of how the war is being fought on all fronts. Lia (once she has her own book series) is just what these book series needed, someone on the inside of the Silver Circle, just like we already have someone on the inside of the Fae Court (Claire), the Vampire Senate (Dory) and the Pythian/Witches Coven (Cassie). I'm excited to see more of Lia in the future, I love Sebastian and Cyrus too!!

message 15: by Lannister, Lady 'Popcorn' Marlowe (new)

Lannister (lannisteruk) | 11249 comments Mod
Hi Nikki, welcome to the group! I'm glad you liked the Lia stories, cos I know Karen Chance feels sometimes her short stories don't get the same love.

I like your comment about how the main women in the series have all the supernatural power centres covered. I'm not sure if KC has ever hinted at doing a book length Lia story, but maybe someone else might remember?

Do join in the group and share your thoughts on the other books. Have you read Tempt the Stars yet?

message 16: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat (zeekwon) | 6414 comments I am a HUGE fan of Cyrus... I think he may actually be my favorite KC hero, over LC, Mircea, and Pritkin... lol

message 17: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie (kathydavie) | 468 comments Anyone know how the Lia stories fit in, timewise, with Cassie and Dory??

message 18: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat (zeekwon) | 6414 comments Lia stories take place in winter following the cassie dory stories... jan/feb. The war is in high swing...

message 19: by Zeenat (new)

Zeenat (zeekwon) | 6414 comments There are no spoilers though, unless you count Caleb still being alive... lol who is the only character that shows up that's in the dory and/or cassie books.

message 20: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Davie (kathydavie) | 468 comments Thanks, Zeenat!

message 21: by Karen (new)

Karen (NZLKat) | 1718 comments So with the re-read going on, I was wondering what Lia might look like so took the description "Tall dark hair with grey eyes" added "badass" and "leather trench coat" (As what mage would be without one) into a google search and got ... well I'm not sure how to add in pictures but it is on this page Hero Hayden in Heros, don't be fooled by the first few images the one I'm looking at is down the bottom :). What do you think - any better ones?

message 22: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Gresham (KathleenGresham) | 2756 comments I picture her as looking more like a cover pic on one of the anthologies that contains one of her stories (will look up and provide title). So, a few years older and a bit more sophisticated than that 18-year-old actress and *much * more fit.

message 23: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Gresham (KathleenGresham) | 2756 comments Look at the woman on the cover of Inked and imagine a taller, fitter woman with a longer, more graceful neck and calm, gray eyes. That is the way I always see her in my mind. Lia seems like such a sane character in an insane world.

message 24: by Karen (new)

Karen (NZLKat) | 1718 comments Interesting how others see the characters - that one just doesn't do it for me at all - Lia is 25 (attacked just before her 25th birthday and then immediately transferred - which was 6 months ago according to Cyrus) so I don't see her as overly mature. Looking at the Inked cover Kate Daniels Hexed Kate Daniels 4.5 came up - which could do it for me (didn't think to just browse UF book covers - silly me).

Also the Dark and Stormy Knights Anthology came up which shows a more mature female but it's a bit too old for how I see Lia.

message 25: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Gresham (KathleenGresham) | 2756 comments I just see her as mid to late twenties, but to me those years between teens and twenties make a big difference. Even the posture is different, and to me Lia seems mature for her age. As a war mage she would have to be very strong and fit. And as a war mage instructor (as she soon is), she would have to have an air of command and strong presence.

Anyway, the pic I mentioned is the cover of the book with her first story in it, a book I bought in order to read her story. So naturally it would be likely to have an influence.

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