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Not the same book

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Ratiocination This is not an edition of _The Gunslinger_, to which it's currently linked. It's a graphic novel adaptation of parts of the Dark Tower series-- related, but not at all the same thing.

Thomas Gaffney Ratiocination, I also noticed this and opened a topic on it for the librarians to fix. Here.

Andrew Smith I got it, I wrote my review pretty late at night, so maybe it was a little confusing. At any rate, what I was getting at is that I am currently reading the first dark tower book. I only pointed this out to give a frame of reference to my review of the super glossy comic book that I read just prior to starting on book one of the series. After spending a year and a half working in a comic book warehouse I am completely aware of the fact that the graphic novel is a separate entity from the series that it is based upon. My first clues were the fancy drawings and the little caption bubbles that accompanied them. Worry not though, because I called Stephen to discuss the misunderstanding and he insured me that he couldn't care less because when it really came down to it the only thing that really matters is the craft of penning bullshit articles to be displayed on the last page of Entertainment Weekly.

Jason Lilly WARNING! If you haven't read The Dark Tower novels and plan to, this graphic novel series will spoil a lot of surprises for you!

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A lot of what's in these first few graphic novels are from Roland telling tales of his early days, right after winning the right to become a gunslinger. Chronologically, these events happened before "The Gunslinger" timeline.

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