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Mike walks into his dorm. He gets on the top bunk like he always does. He started whistling Forget You while grabbing the television remote. He turned to The Twilight Zone. "My mom said that she used to watch this every evening as a kid," Mike said to David.

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David looks up from slipping his dorm keys back into his pocket and raises an eyebrow. He nods and then smirks before hopping onto a bed and grabbing his guitar. David aimlessly starts strumming chords deep in thought.

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Mike looks at David, playing the guitar. He turns the TV volume up higher.

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David sneers at Mike slightly before standing up and walking out the door without a backwards glance. He heads down the hallway grumbling about pain in the ass children who can't get enough tv.

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"You know I can hear your mumbling!" Mike said to David.

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David walks into the dorm again and sits on the bed talking to his sister. Rolling his eyes he grabs a water and sits on his bed thumbing through a sports magazine.

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Sera walks into David's dorm and crawls onto the bed next to him. He was strumming aimlessly on his guitar. Sera snuggles up into his side and he smiles slightly wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Whats up Sers?" He asks and smirks. Sera rolls her eyes and sighs. "So I heard you met someone today." She says vaguely.

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David scowls slightly and shakes his head. "Yea kind of why?" he asks flatly. Sera raises an eyebrow and shakes her head. "No reason I was just wondering, did you like her?" She asks and he shakes his head. "No, I was just trying to make friends. For you." He says and Sera smiles. Kissing his cheek she pulls back. "It's fine ok? She's my room mate." She says and David tenses slightly. He frowns before shaking his head. "ok." he says before smirking.

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Sera smirks before standing up and kissing his cheek goes to leave. He watches her a moment before shaking his head and turning back to the guitar.

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"God, I am so embarrassed," Mike said to himself.

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David looks up and blinks, "uh..why?" He asks and stops strumming. Sitting up he grabs a can of soda before watching him again.

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