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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz entered her dorm room, closing the door behind her quietly. She looked around realising the person she was sharing with still hadnt arrived yet and then continued to stretch her arms out in front of her, nose scrunching up.
"Hello Mabel.." The voice was a sly one, belonging to a middle aged man. She instantly froze, hesitantly turning around to face her foster carer. Peter.
Her stomach instantly dropped.
"H-how a-are you h-here." She stuttered, already beginning to back up against the door.
"Stupid girl, I can get in anywhere. I think its time i taught you a lesson. Much like yesterdays hmm?" His voice was sharp and cold. Unloving as his black eyes trailed down her body before back up to her face.
She fumbled around for the door knob only to be roughly pulled to the ground. She heard the distict sound of the door locking and felt herself be pulled from the ground only to be socked across the jaw.
Maz's small hands clenched into fists as she thrashed around, desperatly trying to escape him hold. He threw her against the door and then to the floor again and set to work on beating her. First it began with the kicks, then the punches and finally the dreaded belt. She had learnt long ago to keep quiet, although a shrill yelp leapt from her mouth as the first lash of the leather touched her back, spliting open previous wounds.
He pushed her agains the wall and she prayed to god to make it quick. To end this horror soon.

He left after about an hour, leaving her sobbing uncontrollably in the corner of the room, blood seeping onto the wooden floor.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((Hey, are you on Sydney?))

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((Yea sorry I was at a horse show xD))

Sera walks in and blinks in surprise. She looks around at the mess and looks back at Maz. Walking over to the room she start cleaning up everything and sticking the dirty things in the trash before walking into the bathroom and pulling out the pain killers from her bag. Walking into the room she smoothly sits down and sets the pills in front of her before sitting back and pulling a water bottle out of her suit case.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((OOO Was it good?))

Maz shakily grasps for the pain killers and water, almost dropping both as she held them in her trembling hands. She swallowed the tablets quickly, tipping her head back and washing them down with water, wincing as she did so. She made no move to get up from the floor, seeing as she would just fall anyway. Instead she looked up at the girl with wary eyes.
"Thank you.." She said quietly.

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((Yushhh it was soo fun!!!))

Sera shrugs and lays down on the floor. She reaches behind her and grabs another watcher bottle before smiling slightly. "No problem, I'm Serendipity by the way." She says taking a sip of water. She then flips onto her stomach watching her. "What happened?"

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((I bet! :3))

"Maz." She said, to tired to bother with her full name for once. She was sub conciously checking out her injures. Nothing she hadnt danced with before. She realised, a small sense of relief coursing through her. At least she would be able to dance. Thats all what mattered.
"I..I'd rather not talk about what happened." She said, averting her gaze.

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Sera shrugs and standing up looks at her. "Can you stand?" She asks and hops on her bed pulling a guitar out of a case along with a camera.

((I think I'm going to make Sera and David bro and sis :P))

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((Yea that would be good :3 Maybe Maz could confide in Sera what happens to her but not David and he could bug his sister for a while :3))

"I..I dont know.." Maz whispered quietly, body shaking uncontrollably. She attempted to push herself up, the palms of her hands laid firmly on the floor, but instead of rising her wrists buckled beneath her.

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Sera raises an eyebrow and reaching down slowly flicks her gaze to her. "You need help?" She asks curiously and sighs when her phone starts ringing. Sitting up she picks it up and answers. "What?" She asks slightly annoyed. Rolling her eyes and starts biting on her lip. "Yes David I did get my schedule and found my dorm." She smirks slightly and laughs at what he says. Looking down at Maz she smiles and holds her hand out again.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "David?" Maz piped up, Sera now had her full attention, she seemed to snap out of her depressive daze. Life goes on. She told herself sternly. She managed to lift her arm, which seemed to weigh a tonne at that precise moment and took Sera's hand greatfully, managing to smile weakly at her.

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Sera pulls her up easily continuing to talk. "Yes I did. No, I don't want to talk to her." She says abruptly and scowls. "No I won't and you won't either. You might go back." She murmurs and sighing Sera nods even though he can't see her. "Ok Fine. I love you too. Later."

Sera looks at Maz and nods. "Yea David you know him. "

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "Yea, we uh..met a few hours ago. He taught me how to play the guitar a little and then I showed him some dance steps" She admitted, unable to prevent the small smile that had formed on her lips.

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Sera snorts and then shrugs. "I'm surprised." She says and leans back on the bed. "What did you do?" She asks curiously.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "Me? I didnt do much." She said with a shrug.
"My locker would open so he opened it for me. And then we went to our science class but decided to skip instead and went to the dance studio instead. I danced and he played the guitar. He taught me how to play a few of the chords, and I taught him how to do some ballroom dancing steps."
That basically summed it up. She thought absenmindedly.

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Sera wrinkles her nose and shakes her head. "Crazy boy." She mutters and sighs. "Well just be careful ok?" She asks slowly and looks away. "He's not who you actually think he is." Sera sits up and looks at Maz, "So what happened?" She asked again.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz looked down at her battered and broken body. Telling one person wouldnt hurt. Maybe it would even help her.
"My foster carer." She said, her eyes now completley filling with sorrow and sadness, their usual hollowness being replaced by pure grief tinged with anger.

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Sera nods, "Lifes a bitch." She says simply and looks at Maz. "I must say though, you seem to have it worse." Sera says thinking about her parents.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz nodded, agreeing with her.
"You learn to deal with it after a while. I've been in worse states before. As long as I can still dance with my injures then they arent my top prority, dancing is."
Her mind travelled back to all of the foster homes she had bounced to. She shook the thoughts off though. Her body ached. She could feel her eyes swelling up and they no doubt had black circles around them. Bruises basically covered the skin on her body and she could feel at least 4 bleeding whip marks on her back, not to mention gashes that had been in the middle of healing, but had reopned due to the beating.

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Sera nods and pulls out a first aid kit out of her backpack. She hands it to Maz before watching her. "Does anyone know?" She asks curiously.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "Only you." She said quietly, rummaging through the first aid kit. It was more than she usually got. Normally after a beating pain killers were her best friends and that was about it. She hesitantly pulled out an antiseptic wipe, looking at it catiously. She carefully placed it on her back, attempting to clean up one of the whip lashes but she only got 5 seconds into clearing it up before letting out a string of curses and dropping the wipe in disgust.

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Sera smirks slightly. "Well at least you won't get an infection." She says shrugging.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "I think I already have a mild one and thats why this is hurting so damn much." She muttered through gritted teeth.
"But to be honest, pain is pain and if you've had it as long as I have eventually it just rolls into one." She sighed throwing down the wipe.
"I cant do that, not by myself."

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Sera shrugs before raising an eyebrow. Standing up she stretches like a cat before bending down and picking up the camera she had. Turning it on she starts flipping through pictures aimlessly.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz sighed slightly, feeling her eyes begin to become heavy.
"You..You dont mind if I have a nap do you..I mean, im awfully tired." She didnt have the energy to drag herself to the shower and clean herself, despite feeling dirty and unclean. She peaked over Sera's shoulder as she spoke, looking down at the pictures.
"Your really good." Maz commented.

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Sear smiles slightly. "Thanks, oh and yea you can." She says and stands up. "I need to go see my brother anyways." She mutters and rolls her eyes. "I'll be back in a little bit."

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz nodded.
"Thank you..For the pain killers and helping me out. You wont tell David or anybody what happens to me, will you?" There was an innocence in her eyes and a complete look of trust masking her face and she gently lay down on her stomach, to avoid any more pain on her blood ridden back.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((Those pics are awesome :3))

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((Right? I love them! :P))

Sera watches her for a moment and sighs, "Why can't I tell David?" She asks after a moment. "He's gonna want to know."

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((:3))

"Its not worth the hassle. The way David comes across he would probably want to go to the police. And that cant happen. I tried to escape Peter, my foster carer, once when I was about 14. It ended up with me being strapped to a wooden chair and being tortured and starved." She said it as if it were normal, a part of everyday life.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((Hey are you on?))

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Sera shrugs like it was no big deal. She looks at her for a moment before sighing. "Well he will still want to know." She mutters, "nothing's gonna stop him from knowing one way or another. Either I tell him or he makes his own conclusions and acts on them. David is...complicated." She says simply before playing with the camera some more.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments "Well..I guess he'll just have to make conclusions and be wrong.." Maz's voice was steadily getting fainter, as she began to drift off into blackness. She managed to make another inquiry though.
"What..What do you mean by complicated?" She asked amidst another yawn, now curling up into the fetal postion and wincing slightly as she felt a few more of her old injuries crack open.

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Sear smirks and her eyes darken slightly. "Not my secrets to tell." She says before standing up and walking out. Stopping at the door she looks back before silently shutting the door and walking out.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz managed a small nod at her answer, bringing her knees up even closer to her chest. Her hands curled into small fists as she clenched on to the duvet, desperatly trying to ignore the pain that was plaguing through her body. Eventually she did manage to drop off into a light sleep, breathing shallow and slightly uneven.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz's sleep was unsettled. Her muscles would bunch together on the occasion of an image of one of her many brutal beatings flashing through her mind. After a short time she awoke with a start, her breathing now ragged and her eyes alight with terror. She checked her alarm, reading the number that blared out of the screen and groaned, her head hitting the pillow again as she tried for the second time to drop off to sleep.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Unable to return to the restless slumber she had awakened from Maz heaved herself from the bed. Her small feet made contact with the ground and she sat there momentarily, as if building herself up to just stand. She braced herself and she pushed off of the bed, staggering slightly as she stood upright. Maz managed to make her way around the room, clining on to anything and everything to prevent her from falling. She finally reached the bathroom, thankful that she had already put her PJ's in there ready for later.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz reached for the shower, grabbing for the way to turn it on before finding it and listening as the gentle hum of water pounding against the floor of the shower cubical filled her ears. She peeled of her bloodied clothing, grinding her teeth when she was forced to rip off her top, since it had stuck to her skin where thblood had clotted. She stumbled blindly into the cubical, groaning slightly as the jets of water pounded against her back and shot sparks of pain througout her body. Regardless of what she was feeling she knew that afterwards she would feel more refreshed and happier.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments After what seemed like an age, Maz lazily switched off the shower and stumbled out of the cubical, hitting her hip against the corner of the bath in the process. She continued to dry herself, wrapping a towel around her head and slipping into her oversized batman top and some blue cotton shorts, not bothering that the pyjamas werent matching. She then realised that the front office had given her some forms to complete, and had a sinking feeling in her stomach when it dawned on her that the paperwork was in her locker. She sighed angrily, pulling on a baggy jumper.
Who cares if I look a state, Im only in my Pj's and my legs arent beat up that bad. She thought, looking down at her mildly battered legs. If anybody asks she would just say that she had a fall. Of course that wouldnt be right since to be a dancer she needed good balance. But hopefully nobody would go into further detail.
Maz slipped on some slippers, not bothering to hide the fact that she was in her bed clothes and then ran a hand through her hair, pulling her hood up to hide the injures on her face.
Sighing she stepped out of the room, arms wrapped around her beaten body, and made her way towards her locker.

(((view spoiler)

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz made it through the door, angrily slamming it behind her. She let out a fustrated shout before throwing herself onto the bed, instantly regretting it when pain radiated through her body. She groaned, rolling onto her back and sitting up, contemplating what to do and finally coming to the conclusion that she would draw. She was becoming more used to the pain now and was only a little stiff with her movments. She collected her drawing pad and pencil, settling amongst the brightly coloured pillows on her bed and began to draw.

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Sera walks back into the dorm breezily. She stops looking at Maz for a moment before shrugging and grabbing the remote turns on the t.v.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz looks up regarding Sera momentarily. She looks around eyes scanning for something to fraw before her gaze returned back to her doormate.
"Can I draw you?"She asks in a bored tone.

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Sera shrugs before flipping around and laying her hands along the back of the couch. "Well I am pretty gorgeous aren't I?" She says teasingly.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz grinned at her.
"As am I?" She said in a regal tone mockingly, before smiling, one of her smiles that were few and far between.
"So is that a yes?" She asked, one eyebrow arched.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments ((You on Sydney?))

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Sera shrugs. "Yea sure why not? I don't have anything better to do," She says and sits up. "What do I do?"

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz bit her lip for a moment.
"Ok, well, you'll have to pose so um.." She thought for a moment before pointing to the bed.
"Just lay on there." She said with a distict nod. She only planned on doing Sera's face, but wanted to try get the texture of the quilt into the picture to stregthen her artistic skills.

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Sear does as she's told and lays down on the bed lazily. Smiling slightly she runs a hand through her hair making her look like a model. Grinning she watches Maz.

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wanderer (ChloeMai) | 520 comments Maz smirks slightly.
"Ok, well, you might be there a while so i suggest that you try to stay in a relativly comfortable position, but still like that." She says with a nod, unsure of whether or not the statement made sense. Her pencil was poised over her drawing book, ready to begin.

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