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Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Aurora walked into the dorm room she was assigned to. She found it empty, her father walked behind her carrying her bags. She liked the looks of it so far but didn't tell her father so. He wanted her to be miserable about leaving home, though she was overjoyed. She turned down a hall and went to the door that had her name beside it. She walked into the plain but spacious room. She set her trunk down, and watched her father set her bags down, his face judging the room.
"We'll sweets I've gotta go. Behave yourself meet lots of new people. Love you." He kissed her on the forehead and left her to be alone in her new room. As soon as she hear the door to the main part of the dorm close she grabbed a book from one of her bags and sprawled on her bed to read.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven walked in carrying a small backpack and a suitcase. She sat on a bed that was empty. She leaned against the wall and stared at the wall. She looked to be in a bad mood.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) (Do you want them to share a room that has multiple beds or each have their own room?)

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Mia | 58 comments Mod
(The rooms are for one person you just share the main rooms and have a bathroom that guests can use if they are not in your room)

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) (Oh okay. Thanks :D)

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments After sitting in her room for a while Raven finally came out to the main room. She sat down and began to read a book in spanish.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Aurora thought she heard someone and set her book down and wandered off to go investigate, her socked feet padded softly on the floor. She opened her room and went down the hall, then out to the main room. She saw a girl sitting down reading a book.
"Hello. I'm Aurora." She introduced herself looking at the girl curiously.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments "Raven" She told the other girl simply.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Nice to meet you." She told Raven with a grin. "Can I ask what you're reading?" Aurora walked over to the couch and sat down, her eyes wandered over the fireplace, and shelves that had different knick knacks on it. There were fresh flowers on the coffee table in front of her, it was a cozy room, she liked it a lot and could see herself there cuddled up with a book in front of the fire on a cold day.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments "Its the spanish version of the hunger games" Raven said and set the book down to look at Aurora.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Oh nice. I don't read spanish unfortunately. I have read the book in English though. I liked Gale best." She replied looking at Raven with a friendly smile.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven didn't return the smile but her look did soften slightly. "I like learning other languages"She explained "I know german,Chinese,Spanish, and am learning Japanese"She added.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Aurora nodded impressed. "I've taken French but that's it. Wow that's a lot of languages. You must of been extremely busy before coming here."

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven shook her head "Not really I just had a lot of free time when I was a kid" She explained.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Oh I see. Do you enjoy learning new languages? It appears so, I just want to make sure my observations are correct. Hm this dorm is beautiful, I didn't expect it to look like this..." Aurora trailed off as she felt she was rambling. She curled her legs up underneath her and watched her roommate with interest.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven heard the door open before looking at Aurora "I have always liked knowing other languages" She smiled a little.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Aurora smiled at Raven then glance toward the door. She saw a girl and two guys entering the room, she gave a shy wave to the newcomers. "Hello."

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Aurora grinned at the boys, they seemed like a lively bunch. She watched them follow her new roommate upstairs with curiosity. A few moments later the trio made their way back downstairs, she watched as they hugged the girl. Aurora grinned, they were obviously her brothers or some sort of relation. They looked at the girl with a lot of affection. She stood up and walked over to the girl after she closed the door. "I'm Aurora." She introduced herself with a smile. "You both can call me Rori though if you want." She looked back at Raven as she said this.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments "Raven" She said simply with a small wave of her hand. "IWill not answer to anything but Raven so no Rae,Rave or Rae-Rae" She added as she hated when people shortened her name.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Rae-rae? Who would use that? Weird. Raven it is. I like Raven, it makes me think of an intelligent, wild being." Aurora murmured, looking thoughtful.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Nice to meet you Amy. Ugh I have so much unpacking to do." Rori rolled her eyes and scrunched up her nose. "I don't want to unpack a thing, I'd rather curl up with a good book and forget about all responsibilities. But obviously that isn't an option, so I'm off to unpack." Rori gave a small wave and made her way back to her own room, dread washing over her as she thought of everything she needed to pull out and set up.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven leaned back against the chair she was sitting in. She had already done her unpacking so she could now enjoy her book. After a few minutes she realized she couldn't focus on her book. Raven sighed quietly and got up to make herself a cup of herbal tea.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Rori entered her room and began taking things out of her trunks and bags. Her books were the first things she decided to put away. There were built in shelves right next to her bed, which was perfect. They could be easily accessed in the middle of the night if she woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Once she was finished filliing all but one shelf with books she decided to unpack her clothes and hang them up in her closet, and put away the folded clothes in her dresser. She stopped after that and stared out the floor to ceiling windows. There were students below milling around the courtyard of the school. Rori was looking forward to being a part of that hustle and bustle, getting lost in the crowd. She knew that her father sent her there to become more socialized, but she wasn't sure if that was going to happen. How do you change a person's entire personality? It made no sense to her. She sighed, her previous excitement with her new roommates gone, forgotten as thoughts of her father's approval and disapproval weighed down on her. She sat on the edge of her bed and blinked back tears.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven looked up as Amy came in "Would you like some tea Amy?" She asked.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Rori finished putting a few stuffed animals on her bed and left her one remaining bag to unpack later. She had her iPod and Kindle unpacked. Both a necessity to her, so she wasn't worried about the few remaining things. She left her room and walked to the kitchen where the other two seemed to be hanging out.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments "Herbal" Raven told Amy. She looked over at Rori "Would you like some herbal tea"She asked.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Pretty much, one bag of odds and ends to finish but it can wait until later. Yes that would be wonderful, do you have Earl Grey?" She asked smiling at Raven.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven went into her bag and pulled out some earl gray. "I have some money from myolder sister" Raven smiled.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Ooo shopping! I have a credit card." Rori had never used the credit card but she figured now was a good a time as any if they needed it.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments "About 40 bucks" Raven answered. She looked at Rori "We should save it so you don't have a huge bill" She said.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Okay cool." Rori told them with a smile. "I'll try and get some cash tomorrow so I can help out."

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven nodded in agreement "So we have a hundred dollars to get food with so that's lots" She said.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Yeah, that sounds good! I'll pull out a hundred or so. Then we can get a bunch of snacks too if we want." She shrugged and then started walking toward the door.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Oh I didn't know she found some. Sorry!" Rori skipped back over to them with an apologetic grin.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven waved of the apoligy. Raven hopped on the counter and drank her tea " we can leave after the tea" She stated.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Sky grabbed up her cup and leaned against the counter. She put the cup to her lips and took a sip of the hot liquid, humming happily at the wonderful taste.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Rori sipped her hot tea, she started making a mental list of things they would definitely need to get while at the store. Tea, sugar, honey, bread, snacks.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven finished her tea and washed her cup. "I'll be right back" She told them and ran up to her room. Once in her room Raven grabbed her sweater and black purse. She hurried back down stairs "I'm ready" She said.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Ready." Rori rinsed her cup and put it in the drying rack. She grabbed a hoodie and walked up to them ready to go.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Rori followed close behind, her eyes looking around the grounds of the school curious like.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Rori noticed some cute guys and smiled a little at them, they started whistling at the girls so she hurried to walk next to Amy, her cheeks pink.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Um yeah, just not really used to being around ya know guys." Her cheeks were still pink, she stared at the ground as they walked.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven walked with them her headphones in her ears.

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) "Guys make me nervous. Maybe that will go away now that I'm here though." She replied looking around them.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments "Guys are idiots" Raven said in a monotone voice.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments Raven shrugged "Every guy i've met is an idiot" She replied and thought about her birth brother.

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 36 comments "No just most of them"

Leena (semi-hiatus) (Leena23) Rori watched in silence, she really couldn't give her opinion considering she'd never even held a guys hand.

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