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Nan Robkin (Polly_Mathe) | 10 comments I wrote this years ago for a new journal a friend was involved in--it was published, but the journal, alas, no longer exists. But I am really happy with the poem.

Being among the Lacedaimonians
I asked about the Spartan boy
who let the fox gnaw him apart
beneath his scarlet cloak
while he stood silent.
Was that right and good to do?
I wondered, and they said
even with his guts spilled out
and half chewed, even like that
he represented all they thought noble and fine.
But they couldn't explain why it wouldn't be better,
even for a Lacedaimonian,
to kill the fox.

message 2: by Nan (new)

Nan Robkin (Polly_Mathe) | 10 comments Here's one I wrote from Creon's point of view as he faced Antigone. Althoug everyone calls me Nan (and you can, too) I use my initials to sign my poems. I forgot to do that on the previous one--i should have put A.L.H. Robkin at the bottom. I will on this one--Nan

Generation Gap

God damn it, Antigone!
I'm not just your uncle, I'm your King!
Even to you, that ought to mean something!
Won't you please understand, by God! can't you see
that girls like you should listen
to wiser, grown-up folks like me?
I know what's best for you,
yes, by God! and for Thebes too!
And you come along like some queen bee
calling my laws a travesty!
He should damn well rot 'til his bare bones glisten
by God! he should! A carrion feast for dog and bird,
and then what's left, the least small curd
should be trampled on! It's damned absurd
to think of a decent grave for him! My word
was given, I mean to keep it! You'll die,
and it won't be pleasant! Alone you'll lie,
and who will mourn Antigone?
By God! Did you stick out your tongue at me?

---A.L.H. Robkin

Sam - Spines in a Line | 8 comments great poem, I especially loved the last line

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