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message 1: by Big Nasty (new)

Big Nasty (zubek) | 1 comments global warming is a big hoax. the temps are very freezing.

message 2: by Omar (new)

Omar (olezky) | 94 comments NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this year was da warmest winter we ever had!!!

message 3: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Morgan (lace_ruflz) | 1 comments omar is right!!! and of course it is colder now than in summer! Did your ever pay attention when you were in science?!?!?!?!

message 4: by Sarahcorn (new)

Sarahcorn (the-meowing-unicorn) | 47 comments Knowing about temperature changes due to seasons isn't really's common sense

message 5: by Ghost (new)

Ghost (Loki) | 2 comments its winter...and its 53 pissed

message 6: by Sarahcorn (new)

Sarahcorn (the-meowing-unicorn) | 47 comments was super cold this winter here! It's ok now but it used to be reeaaallllyyyyy cold =(

message 7: by hypocrite clams... (last edited Feb 14, 2009 04:39PM) (new)

hypocrite clams... Omar wrote: "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this year was da warmest winter we ever had!!!"

Wrong. We had the coldest winter yet. IT SNOWED IN HOUSTON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWENTY YEARS! It even snowed in a few of the middle-eastern countries!
( )
I agree with Big Nasty. Global warming is a big hoax.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

wow, lili. don't worry, i won't comment....... =D

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Big Nasty wrote: "global warming is a big hoax. the temps are very freezing."

not true, actually. we might have an ice-free summer by 2010.

hypocrite clams... ♥☆~Lili H. M.~☆♥ wrote: "actually global warming is acurring because of 20-12 the sun is coming aligned with the middle of the milky way there are supposively gonna be more hurricanes, volcamic eruptions, and natural disas..."

That was a prophecy from the ancient Inca civilization. We have no way to know that the prophecy is true. And, blondes aren't dumb. I happen to be a blonde.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

I think that Global Warming is real.. The North Pole used to be like, - something degrees, and now its 1 degree F!

message 12: by hypocrite clams... (last edited Feb 22, 2009 04:41PM) (new)

hypocrite clams... Sovlatia wrote: "emily: can you explain why so much ice is melting so quickly? i disagree with you, but i havent decided my official answer on whether itz a hoax or not, so i just wanna know some information..."

message 13: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cstar12) Silver Stream wrote: "I think that Global Warming is real.. The North Pole used to be like, - something degrees, and now its 1 degree F!"

oh no! hi himi!

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 4 comments Yup. And the glaciers are melting... *nods wisely*

Emily ♥ monkeys | 253 comments yah...and theres gonna be so much water in the ocean its gonna fill up and come and fill up the earth...and then :( so yah, we have to help the earth

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

yeah, or learn how to swim.. j/k

Emily ♥ monkeys | 253 comments lol:D....i havent swimmed for a loonngg....time, i think i forgot how to swim x_x

Jessica ❀Sparky❀ | 4 comments Or, maybe we'll all rapidly evolve into water creatures! *hates Ice Age*

Emily ♥ monkeys | 253 comments ahhh....i hope not! *__* i hate the coldness x_x

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

me 2 =(

message 21: by Tirition (new)

Tirition | 13 comments I think that would be kinda cool...XD

Anyways my views of global warming are:

The earth has a natural cycle of ice age, then green age. Most of global warming is natural; when an ice age occurs everything resets. However I believe that the chemicals put in the atmosphere by humans, (mostly Co2), are enough to tip the natural balance and prevent the ice age which makes it so the green house gases coming from the earth aren't reset and we have more global warming. (I just wrote a three page paper on the subject, can you tell?)

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

THANK YOU!!!! That's what i think... but i didn't write a paper about it so.......


message 23: by Tirition (new)

Tirition | 13 comments :)

hypocrite clams... Did no one read my article? For those who didn't, here it is.

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

i half read it, i'll finish it in a min

message 26: by Tirition (new)

Tirition | 13 comments That's just one guy, though. There are tons of studies to back me up. And yes, there are cynics, but I read almost everything I could find for my paper, INCLUDING things like this.

hypocrite clams... I appreciate it when people have evidence to back up their beliefs. Will you post some of the links on here?

message 28: by Tirition (new)

Tirition | 13 comments It's been a while. I'll see if I can find any of the sites I used. Anyways:

hypocrite clams... I don't believe that. There were spelling and grammar errors too, which means that someone just up and wrote it. Kudos to you for actually posting a site to back up your words though.

message 30: by Tirition (new)

Tirition | 13 comments There are many other sites as well. Climate change is happening; the summers in the past ten years have been the hottest in recorded history. Plus there have been record-breaking amounts of melted glaciers in the past few years.

Emily ♥ monkeys | 253 comments wow.....

hypocrite clams... Well, it was the coldest winter in my opinion. IT SNOWED IN THE MIDDLE EAST! AND IN HOUSTON TEXAS!!! That's cold.

message 33: by Grace (new)

Grace | 12 comments i like cheese


message 35: by Tirition (new)

Tirition | 13 comments The snow line is moving south.

hypocrite clams... Good for it. It doesn't exist. Did anyone do something for the planet on Earth Day? (the 22nd, if you were able to ignore my incessant posts.)

Emily ♥ monkeys | 253 comments .....hi, havent been on here for ages

hypocrite clams... Hiiiiiiiiii!

Emily ♥ monkeys | 253 comments heyyyyyyy!!! Emily :p

hypocrite clams... 'SUP?! :D

Emily ♥ monkeys | 253 comments nothing much^_^...just been a bit busy with school stuff...(and pissed off-_- about my club)

hypocrite clams... Aaaaaaaaaaaaw! Poor Emily! What happened?

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