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Author Spotlight - book excerpts > John Goode - October 14, 2012

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Kaje Harper | 14461 comments This week our featured author is John Goode.

John's bio reads:

"John Goode was found in the back of a garden shed originally, and lured out by candy, he was raised on Elm Street before moving due to a rare sleep disorder. After taking off with a few friends to find a dead body, he attended Sherman High School majoring in absenteeism. Dropping out of college to work at the Gap, he struggled on perfecting his karaoke version of "Conjunction Junction" before moving on. He worked several odd jobs, first as a clerk at a record store that was open till midnight, moving to garbage collector with his brother, and then he finally decided on being a convenience store clerk who complained a lot that he wasn't even supposed to be there that particular day. He lives with a talking cartoon dog or cat or three squirrels and has possibly ingested far too much pop culture over the years.

Or he is this guy who lives in this place and writes stuff he hopes you read."

His Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/TalesFromFost...
He has a Goodreads blog : http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/...

Book info: Eye of the Storm

Blurb: Kane Vess thought his life in rural Iowa was mind-numbingly boring. Then Hawk, a prince from another world, appeared and turned Kane’s life upside-down. At first Kane welcomed the adventure and the chance to be with Hawk—but then a shapeshifter named Puck kidnapped Hawk and dragged him back home.

Now Kane is caught up in another planet’s magical civil war, searching for the boy he loves in a place he knows nothing about. With the help of a gem elemental, an ice barbarian, and a clockwork woman, Kane has to find Hawk and stop Puck before he can destroy the nine realms.

Published by Harmony Ink Press
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Kaje Harper | 14461 comments Excerpt:

THE gaggle of smelly old men was freaking me out.

One, the place reeked like I imagined a hippie’s graveyard would. I mean, I had dealt with some serious incense blowback before, having lived in Athens my whole life, but this was too much. From what I could tell, Valkyrie Smurf wasn’t into the smell either, so that was something. Two, all five of the old coots were glaring at me like I was gonna boost something from the candy aisle or something. I had seen that never-blinking gaze of Mordor before from the elderly, but these guys were rocking it to a whole new level. And three, I had the sinking feeling in my stomach that this whole meeting with the old guys was not going to end well for me. I don’t know why; maybe it was the way my giant Smurf guard wouldn’t look me directly in the eye. She looked like someone who didn’t want to name the sick puppy because she knew he was just going to die.

I so did not want to be the sick puppy in this story.

After about five minutes of them chattering like old women who’ve been inhaling helium, they looked at me. I ignored the insane desire to check my pockets to see if any candy had fallen in by mistake. The one in the middle proclaimed, “Tiedämme kyllä can’t ymmärtää meitä. Mutta meidän täytyy pyytää sinua kuitenkin.”

I don’t know if it was lack of sleep, nervousness, or just plain idiocy, but I giggled at the fact the guy sounded like the Swedish chef from the Muppets. From the glares, it was obvious they didn’t think my reaction was appropriate. “Voitteko selittää mitä olit tekemässä tämän?”

The words made no sense. Then Crusty Old Man pulled Hawk’s sword out from behind him and I freaked.

“Hey! Give that back!” I yelled as I tried to wriggle away from Red Sonya Smurf. No luck. She kept me in place with one hand like I was an infant. I struggled as hard as I could, but there was no way I could get free of her. My hands were outstretched as I kept trying to grab Truheart. I know I went from shouting to roaring words, and the old men gaped at me like I was a rabid dog tied to the porch while they stared from the sidewalk.

“That’s not yours!” I screamed, every thought on getting Hawk’s sword back. My vision blurred for a moment, and I blinked hard to clear the fuzzy and wavering images. I heard one of the old men gasp, surprised when the sword began to glow. The blue deepened until I could see it clearly, and I raised my right hand to catch it, knowing all the while that I looked like an idiot.

And then Truheart thudded onto my palm, hilt first. That seemed to grab their attention real fast.

“NOW we’re in it,” Ferra muttered, taking a step away from the boy and his glowing sword.

“He raises arms against us!” one of the Elders cried, conveniently forgetting he and his partners had just threatened the boy mere seconds before. Two more Elders came to their feet as well.

“Strike him down!” the one on the far right called out as the middle one began chanting in the tongue of The Arts.

“Quod cumque facitis amet tortor!” the boy shouted above the din. “Hunc gladium demens questus!”

Again Ferra didn’t understand the boy’s words, but he sounded more concerned than threatening. As the glow around the Elders’ hands intensified, the sword’s own light matched it. She didn’t know much about The Arcane, but she knew that magic begot magic and that was never a good thing. A bolt of energy flashed from one of the Elders’ hands, directed at the head of the youth, who obviously had no way to counter the attack. The blade’s color turned blue instantly as the bolt changed direction and went hurtling into the sword’s edge.

And did absolutely nothing.

Another three arcane bolts flew and were drawn into the glowing blue metal. Ferra watched the five men grasp hands together and join their energies into one blinding light. The old men’s eyes closed in concentration, repeating the simple chant until five voices merged into one, they pooled their strength. The air around her began to crackle as they drew more and more energy from ether and brought it to bear on the target of their attack.

Before they could complete their spell, the sword’s hue shifted from grayish-blue to a blood-red and released four bolts from its point. The boy screamed in shock as the light daggers struck four out of the five old men, dropping them to the ground as one. The only standing Elder stopped his chanting and looked in panic at the strange boy holding the enchanted blade. From what Ferra could tell, the boy was in just about the same amount of fear and shock as well.

After a few ragged breaths, the boy called out. “Non me!”

“Non me indeed,” Ferra muttered under her breath. In a louder voice she spoke to the Elder. “Maybe we should try a different approach than to kill the outsider?” The old man nodded quickly, never taking his eyes off of the sword.

She moved past the boy, keeping her hands out where he could see them. She was pretty sure he had no control over the sword’s actions, but obviously it was reacting to hostile intent. She moved around the Elders’ table and pulled the pack they had found with the boy from under one of the now-empty chairs. The Frigus held up the pack and showed it to him. “This is yours, correct?”

“Meum!” he declared, seeing the pack, taking a half step toward her.

“I hope that means ‘Please give that to me’ instead of ‘I am going to strike you down with my sword of doom’,” Ferra said, more to herself, edging closer to the young stranger with the pack out. With great deliberation, she reached into the bag and pulled out the only other thing they had found with him. “And this was already like this when we found it.”

She handed him the cracked and blackened form of Ruber.

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